It’s my Birthday, here’s a gift.

Well, today I turned 26. 

And it’s June 26th.

So that makes it my golden birthday.

And I really was hoping I could give away some gold today, but. . .well. . .thats kind of extreme.

No but seriously, I’m so impressed by hearing how many of you are able to style your hair, and try new things. I get so excited when I see a photo of a successful “kate” style. I love it. I’m so glad. My whole point was to show you all how to do it, so I love seeing that you are.

So as a way to thank you all:
I compiled my “ideal birthday gift” to give away to YOU! There is a grand prize, and a smaller prize, but they are both pretty awesome.

The grand prize includes: My FAVORITE Target watch (that is always confused for a Michael Kors), The Zoya Blogger Collection nail polish, some of my favorite and best-selling earrings from my sister & my jewelry shop, a lovely solid fragrance from Anthropologie, and a YEAR subscription to Birchbox! 


The second prize includes: The Zoya Blogger Collection nail polish, a set of 3 journals from Target, and some of my favorite and best-selling earrings from my sister & my jewelry shop

Enter this giveaway using the tool below! The winner will be chosen Friday! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Winners are. . .

Grand Prize: Diane Erickson & Second Prize: Cynthia Barton! (I’ve sent you both an e-mail!)


  1. Emiko says

    Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day and a blessed year ahead! Thanks for sharing your gift with us.

  2. Anonymous says

    Happy 26th Birthday Kate!
    My daughter is a huge fan of celebrating Golden birthdays, she is only 9!! I am so thankful to have come across your blog many months ago, i have tried all of your hair styles and they are so easy and flattering…and i love my birchbox, its my little piece of heaven in a box each month..thank you for all your tips and tutorials…wishing you a very blessed day…dana gilbreath…

  3. Anonymous says

    Happy Birthday! I recently cut 12 inches off my hair and love looking at all your amazing hair styles :)

  4. says

    Happy Birthday! I too turned 26 on June 5. It’s weird to be past the first quarter of my life, but it can only get better! I am too stoked about these prizes, as they are things I would LOVE to have.

    Best birthday wishes to you!

    Melissa from Grin and Barrett

  5. says

    Happy birthday, Kate!!! What a great giveaway! Thanks for being such a positive person with so many helpful tips for looking cute! Have a super day!

  6. Anonymous says

    Happy Birthday!! Love your blog – wish my hair was a little longer so I could try all your hairstyles!

  7. says

    Happy birthday Kate! It’s been wonderful following your blog for quite some time now… You are incredibly talented! I truly hope you have a wonderful day… Thanks for all you do, and especially for answering my silly questions from time to time :) God bless! xoxo

  8. says

    You’re so generous to give US the chance to win of YOUR birthday. I love your blog and wish you nothing but happiness today! :) Happy Birthday!

  9. says

    Oh my, what a fabulous gift! all my favorite ‘Kate’ things :) Love your blog, you’ve been such an inspiration in ‘finding’ myself again in relation to style/hair and make-up :) Wishing you a fabulous birthday!!!!

  10. says

    Happy Birthday Kate! My 26th was just two days ago, we’re almost birthday twins! Love both the grand prize and the second prize – *fingers crossed*

  11. says

    Happy Birthday! I just wanted to say that even though I lost my hair to chemotherapy for Lymphoma last year I still watch all of your videos and hope one day I can play around with my hair again and try out your styles!

  12. Emily says

    Happy Birthday! Just wanted to say I LOVE your blog. I’ve been trying out new hairstyles made easy and am being reintroduced to Target, which is letting me shop fun styles for less!

  13. says

    Hi Kate! Happy Birthday!!!!! I love your blog and I love trying the styles you have posted! One of these days I am going to post a photo!

  14. Anonymous says

    Happy Golden Birthday!!! Thanks for making even an engineer feel comfortable styling my own hair :o)

  15. says

    Happy Birthday!!!! I hope you have a wonderful rest of the year. I’ve really enjoyed seeing your posts and reading about your life. Now that my hair is getting long enough, hopefully I’ll be able to do some of the curl posts you’ve been showing.


  16. Anonymous says

    Happy Birthday Kate! I hope you have a wonderful day!
    Thank you so much for your blog and giving us all an insight into your life and your career and passing along all of those hair tips to help make us feel just a little bit prettier! Cheers to more wonderful birthdays to come! :)

    (I tried to publish this using my own URL from blogspot, but it won’t let me, so I am not really anynymous! lol!!!)

    Lyn Sopala

  17. says

    Wishing you the happiest of birthdays! I “ooh” and “ahh” over your hair photos on a regular basis. Keep up the great blogging and enjoy your special day! – Ashley

  18. says

    Happy Birthday Kate! I hope you have an awesome day! What a fun ‘gift’ knowing you have thousands of women walking around with your hairstyles! Me being one of them! :) You are changing the way we think about our hair and wardrobe!! You are a huge blessing to us!

  19. says

    Happy Birthday, Kate! I am also a Kate, born on the 26th! (but of a different month)Hope you have a great day and thanks for hosting such a fun giveaway!

  20. Anonymous says

    Kate, someone actually said that I style my hair just like you today. I thought that was a HUGE compliment. Thank you so much for taking the time to share with others your talents.
    Happy Birthday to the BEST hair stylist, EVER!

  21. says

    Happy Birthday Kate!!! I love your blog!! Thanks for teaching me how to make my hair always look awesome. Have a wonderful day!

  22. Anonymous says

    Pick me! Pick me! I love everything you are offering. I drool every time you post about what you get in the mail each month from birchbox!

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!


  23. says

    Kate- I am a 25 year old school counselor from Iowa. Most of the time, I read professional literature or am focusing on my school counseling program. Sometimes, I like to read fiction or biographies for enjoyment, but I rarely read blogs. Until I was introduced to your’s… What I admire most about you is that you are a young professional who wants to share your strengths with others so unselfishly. I’ve styled multiple friends’ hair with styles from your blog and they love it too. It’s great to see someone our age who is so giving and kind. Thank you so much for being so gracious with your time & I hope you have a wonderful 26th year! :)

  24. says

    I’m so glad I stumbled across your site…such great information…and you share a birthday with my Mama who we are celebrating today :) Happy birthday!

  25. Jina E says

    Happy Birthday!!! LOVE your blog – everyone always asks me how I fixed my hair and I refer them to your site! Totally changed my hair life!

  26. Michea says

    Happy Birthday! Thank you so much for all of the useful tips and tricks, as well as all of the wonderful giveaways!

  27. Marie says

    Hi! Have a very happy birthday Kate! Thank you for all you do, you have sure helped me put some style into my life with everything you do here on your blog.

    • Anonymous says

      Happy birthday! I love your hair tutorials, I’ve used the styles on myself and my daughters! Thank you!

  28. Kimberly J says

    Happy Birthday Kate!! I love your blog!! I am growing my hair out for my wedding and so excited to start trying some of your tutorials. They are great!!

  29. says

    I had my golden birthday last year on August 26th! It wasn’t nearly as exciting as I hoped it would be…didn’t help that my husband was deployed! I wish you a very very happy and wonderful birthday!

  30. Mandy S says

    Happy Birthday to you! I really enjoy reading your blog and…although my hair is naturally curly…trying your styles!

  31. says

    Happy birthday Kate! I’ve been following your blog for a few months and have fallen in love with it, so much in fact that it gave me the push to finally make the decision to become a stylist myself!! Thank you for giving me that push and for all of the great tutorials!

  32. Stacy Kozina says


    I am 26 as well, but my birthday was a couple months ago. However, 7 months from today I am getting married and will just so happen be walking down the aisle with my hair in the “Elegant Half Up”!

    Hope you have a fabulous day :]

  33. Ryan says

    I’m new to your blog, but I’m totally addicted. Happy Birthday, and here’s hoping to a very stylish year ahead! :)

  34. says

    hope you have a blessed birthday! love all those things!!! i was 3 when i had my golden birthday, totally misssed the boat on that one.

  35. says

    Happy Birthday from one North Carolina girl to another. I don’t live there right now, but it will always be “home” to me. Love your blog.

  36. says

    Happy Birthday Kate! I cut my hair like yours a few months ago and i’ve loved doing all your hair tutorials! you have the best hair and the cutest style:)

  37. says

    Hi Kate. Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a golden one filled with lots of love surrounded by all the people that love you! Thank you for sharing your birthday with us!

  38. says

    Happy Birthday from the California Coast. Thank you for your insight and wisdom with hair and makeup. Your blog posts always “pick me up” when I need a umph with my daily look.
    dawn in sac

  39. Carly Cockley says

    Happy Birthday Lady! Thank you for your little nudges toward a fashion and beauty friendly world :) Enjoy

  40. Stephanie says

    You are my hair inspiration!! Love your blog, keep up the great work! Have a wonderful birthday!!

  41. says

    Happy Happy Birthday Kate! I hope that 26 is an amazing year…I know it was for me :) Enjoy celebrating your “golden” birthday with your family and friends – hopefully you will receive tons of love, cute things, and hair products for more amazing blog posts!

  42. says

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kate! I hope you had an awesome day :-) I love your blog! You have taught me so many different ways to style my hair. I really enjoy your style and have loved following your 30×30. Thank you for the time that you dedicate to your blog!

  43. Jeanne says

    I hope you had a great birthday.
    I love your blog and reference it often with my own stylist! (I think that she gets a bit jealous when I say: on that blog that I love…)

  44. says

    Happy Birthday! What great items you have picked to give away on your special day. It’s always nice when someone thinks about others on a day that should be all about them. Love your hair styling tutorials and just your overall style. Being a fellow Raleigh girl it makes it pretty easy for me to find some of the same items you buy. Would LOVE to win the grand prize, but both are awesome! I’m trying to ‘re-invent’ myself right now by finding a new job, saving up for a new house and supporting my hubby with his brand new company that he started. Hope 26 brings you all the love and support that you deserve!

  45. Anonymous says

    Happy Birthday Kate! Today is also my mother’s birthday and my daughter’s 2nd wedding anniversary. I love your blog and often use it to determine my “hair day”! Thanks for your generosity…Have a blessed day! ~Amanda

  46. Anonymous says

    HaPpY GoldeN BiRtHdAy, Kate!! Your giveaway looks Amazing! I’d be happy with simply one thing .. love them all :)

    ~Angie H

  47. Anonymous says

    OMG I happy birthday I hope I win my birthday is next wednesday 😉
    calisurfbrat at yahoo dot com

  48. says

    My sister found your blog a while ago and loved your hairstyles and passed on the new found knowledge to me:) We love your blog! And our hair has never looked cuter:) Thanks for doing such an awesome giveaway! Happy Birthday!

  49. says

    Hope you have a wonderful GOLDEN birthday! Many blessings on you and your husband in the years to come! :) (Tristan Carls)

  50. says

    Happy Birthday Kate!! I love birthdays around mine…tomorrow is my big day…although, I’m not 26 anymore…not even 27…yikes…add 11 years to my golden!! Bah!! Would love to win your birthday giveaway! Love the blog!!

  51. Heidi says

    Happy Birthday! Love the style advice, and have become so much better with a curling iron and product than I ever was. Thank you so much!

  52. Anonymous says

    Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderfully blessed year ahead of you! I’ll do my hair in “Kate” style for you today! <3

  53. Katie says

    Happy birthday, Kate! Thanks so much for sharing all your expertise! You have been a god send as I have grown my hair out and had to learn all new skills!

  54. Jessica S. says

    Happy birthday, Kate! I get so much inspiration from your blog! I hope you have a wonderful day!

  55. says

    Happy Birthday! What a generous giveaway. I just want to let you know that I have learned so much from your hair tutorials. I used to think I could do nothing with my hair but you have shown me that I can!

  56. says

    Happy, Happy Birthday, Kate! I love reading your blog and getting all of the great tips you offer your readers! I wish you good health and happiness!

  57. says

    Hi! I absolutely love your blog! I am definitely hair challenged and you have helped tremendously with that :) Happy Birthday Kate! Hope this golden birthday is the best yet.

  58. says

    Happy birthday! Today is my birthday too, actually. Isn’t it the best bday? My golden bday was a few years back (I am turning 28 today) but I can attest, it was one of my best years ever. Enjoy it! :)

  59. says

    Happy Birthday!! I truly enjoy your blog. Everytime I try a hairstyle…I get TONS of complements! Hope you have a GREAT birthday!

  60. says

    Happy Birthday Kate! I always love waking up in the morning because I know a new post will be waiting for me! It’s one of the highlights of my mornings :) Feliz dia!!

  61. says

    Happy Birthday Kate! I always love waking up in the morning because I know a new post will be waiting for me! It’s one of the highlights of my mornings :) Feliz dia!!

  62. Hannah M says

    Hi! Hope you have a wonderful birthday! Thanks for the great giveaway! I would loveeee it! :)and you’re awesome kate!

  63. Tiffany says

    Happy Birthday, Kate! Thanks for all of your tips and tutorials, they have changed my (hairs) life…..well, hair is so important, I guess you’ve changed my life! lol

    Have a great day!

  64. says

    Feliz Cumpleaños! Happy Birthday to you Kate! aahh, the joys of being 26 if only I could be 26 again .lol. Oh wait this makes you a Cancer baby, right? I’m a Cancer baby my bday is Monday July 2nd woot woot!

  65. says

    Happy birthday! And I just had to say, you change my life (and my sister’s) when I discovered how to actually use bobby pins. Can’t believe I’ve used them the wrong way most of my life.

  66. says

    Happy Birthday Kate! i love waking up in the morning because i know a new post will be waiting for me to read! It’s one of the highlights of my morning! Feliz dia!!

  67. says

    Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a fabulous day! I was at Target last week and looked high and low for that watch (love it) but couldn’t find it :(

  68. says

    Happy Birthday! Hope your Golden Birthday is everything you hoped it’d be and more!!! PS Thank you for the new hairstyle yesterday! I totally used it today and have gotten tons of complements!

  69. Nadia says

    Happy Birthday! I hope you have a blessed year ahead. I cannot wait for my hair to grow to try all of your hairstyles! I come to your website even before I get out of bed!!

  70. says

    Happy Birthday Kate! I discovered your blog a couple of weeks ago and have read it everyday since! Love how you partner up with your sister to do jewelry and different challenges like the 30×30 outfits… you remind me so much of me and my big sister :) Hope you have a wonderful day!

  71. says

    Happy birthday Kate! You are too sweet to give out a gift on YOUR birthday. I hope I win!! Love all of those things.

    Have a wonderful day celebrating!!

  72. says

    Happy Birthday Kate! What a wonderful person you are to share gifts with us on YOUR birthday! Thank you for bringing your blog to us!

  73. Mindy Kral says

    Happy Birthday Kate!! I hope you have a wonderful day :) Thank you for being so giving on your special day <3

  74. says

    Hi and Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a great day! I have always loved your blog and hair styling tutorials. Thank you for your help! Hope you have a wonderful day celebrating! Thanks for a kind and generous giveaway!

  75. Brandie says

    Happy Birthday! I am a busy mom and your blog has inspired me to actually do my hair! Plus, I’ve been motivated to learn how to french braid, dutch braid and do a fishtail braid- they all look so cute on my daughter!

  76. says

    Happy Birthday Kate! I discovered your blog a couple of weeks ago and have read it everyday since! Love how you partner up with your sister to do jewelry and different challenges like the 30×30 outfits… you remind me so much of me and my big sister :) Hope you have a wonderful day!

  77. Kelly says

    Kate – HaPpY bIrThDaY tO yOu! I love following your blog. I am currently growing my hair out and my beautician knows that I’m going for the “Kate look”. Enjoy your special day!

  78. Anonymous says

    Happy Birthday! Just found your website! LOVE all your hairstyles, I just did the Chic Updo today! It turned out super cute! :)

  79. says

    Happy Birthday Kate! Love your blog. You have taught me that you are never too old (or young) to learn how to properly curl your hair!!

  80. Anonymous says

    I would LOVE to win this gift, what an awesome little collection of your favorite things! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
    Jen M.
    mccluskeyja at yahoo dot com

  81. Elizabeth says

    Happy Golden birthday!!!!!! What a sweet time of your life to have this special.time:) Enjoy! Hope we get to see pics of your birthday hair

  82. jamie says

    I just wanted to tell you happy birthday! I just started following you and you are the best. Love all of your hair ideas. Happy birthday and thanks for habving your blog!

  83. says

    hi!! Happy and blessed birthday !!! MY and my lil one love your sweet blogs and tutorials :0) you are an amazing blogger, teacher and stylist!! love watching you …hugelove

  84. says

    Happy Birthday Kate! It’s a celebratory day for me as well. Today is my 8 year wedding anniversary! The prizes look awesome!

  85. says

    Hi! I love your blog! I can finally handle this mess of a thing on the top of my head! You’ve made me feel like a prettier, more put together 25 year old! I hope that your golden birthday is the best yet!

    Thanks for all your tips and blog posts- I check it everyday!

  86. Anonymous says

    Happy Birthday! It is my daughter’s birthday today too…she’s 2! Thanks for this blog, I love it!

  87. says

    Happy Birthday!! I have to tell you how inspired I am by you (even though you are a million years younger than me :) I have become excited about my closet again, I’ve been able to incorporate your style – hair, clothes, jewelry- into my 40 something self and I feel so much better!! Have a fantabulous day and THANK YOU!!!

  88. says

    Hey Kate,
    Happy Birthday!!! Have a fabulous day and make sure you take time for yourself to celebrate! :) I love trying the hairdo’s you post!! I’m not perfect at it yet, but practice makes perfect! 😉 Thanks for all of your help!!

  89. says

    Happy happy Birthday!! Love your blog so much and thank you for sharing awesome hairstyles that are easy for even the most elementary hair person :) I’ve always had trouble with putting my hair up in any way, but I’ve used two of your tutorials recently and they worked fabulously!

  90. says

    I recently found your blog on pinterest and I love reading your posts! Your hair tutorials have helped me change up my normal boring styles. Thank you and happy birthday!!!

  91. Jennifer Mole says

    Happy Birthday, Kate!

    I’m one of those people who can now do their own hair thanks to you! In fact, even my siblings know that you have helped me out a ton. They will walk in the kitchen and say, “Hey, Jennifer’s on that lady’s blog. Now she’ll get a new hairstyle!” Haha. So thanks! :)

  92. says

    Loving your blog Kate! I can’t tell you how much I NEEDED your hair tutorials…….wow, you are a lifesaver!

    Happy happy 26th Golden Bithday!!

  93. Kayla says

    Happy Birthday Kate! I hope you have a wonderful day. I always look forward to what your blog has from day to day.

  94. Krystal S says

    What a super fun giveaway:) you have taught me so many wonderful tips on applying makeup and styling hair. I absolutely love your blog! I have never been able to curl my own hair or style it myself, until I started watching your tutorials:) they are the best!!! I now get so many compliments on my hair:) Thank you:) Happy Birthday!!!

  95. says

    Happy Birthday Kate!! I hope you have a beautiful day and I have to thank you for inspiring me each day! Even though you are a million times younger than me… ahem…. I have been able to be re-energized by my closet, my hair, my jewelry thanks to your fun fun blog. I love the hair tutorials, love the clothing ideas, and have found so many fun products thanks to you. You make 42 not so horrible :)) May you have a fantabulous birthday and enjoy you!!

  96. Karisa Carlos says

    Happy Birthday Kate! I just turned 30 & I can tell you that it only gets better as you get older :)

  97. says

    Happy birthday! What an amazing gift. Its my birthday too, but I still have one more year until my golden birthday. Hope you have an amazing day!

  98. says

    Happy Birthday! I love your blog and have been experimenting more with my hair than ever! I’ve been growing it out and was about to cut it again because I never knew what to do with it until I found your blog. You make your tutorials so easy to understand, thank you for that. I have been telling everyone I know to check them out. Thank you for all that you do and thanks for the chance at the giveaway :)

  99. says

    happy birthday dear! thanks for all your sweet & helpful hair and lifestyle tips 😉 you taught me how to do the side braid and i am sooo grateful!

  100. says

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope it’s the best ever! I am so thankful for you and your blog. I discovered it last August when I got married and decided to chop my hair off. I shudder to think of what it would look like without you! You + aquage + kenra 25, have done wonders for me! You are a blessing! Thank you so much!

  101. says

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATE! I am 1 year and 20 days older than you =) Your blog has been a daily read for me this year- your hair styles are great but I FREAKING LOVE your recipes! i have made your potato soup recipe about 10 times! I’ve brought it to a number of friends for a get well meal and everyone raves about it! Hope this is a GREAT year for you! Have a wonderful day!

  102. says

    What an awesome giveaway. I love how it is all of your favorite things. It’s my birthday tomorrow. I passed my golden birthday up a couple of years ago…..enjoy your special day :)