A few home details

Just to carry on from yesterdays small peek into my office, I thought I’d share some of my favorite features about the main floor of our house. 
I’ve mentioned before that my mom is an incredible decorator. She can walk into a room and completely visualize a new look. She can also make a room like like it’s straight out of a pottery barn catalog for about 1/4 of the price. 
It takes skills.
And I don’t have really any of those. My sister got them all.
But thankfully my mom comes to visit quite often and will help me with decorating whenever I ask.

Here are a few instances where she helped me pull areas of the downstairs together. Almost everything was found at either Ikea, HomeGoods or Target. 

The yellow piece at the bottom of this photo used to be at my parent’s home in South Carolina. But they sold it, so it made it’s way north and settled into our foyer. I’m grateful. It’s a beautiful piece and I’ve filled it with dishes and a few boxes from Ikea.
I love those white candlesticks. The candles came from Target. I’m also trying really hard to find a new print for the easel. The one in there right now is too light. It needs to have a bit more color. 

Speaking of prints, I’m so excited to fill my Ikea gallery wall. Every frame and the two shelves are from ikea. You can see I have the Kitchen Conversion print, from SweetFineDay on Etsy. My sister bought this for me for Christmas and I am so excited that I finally get to display it. And to the left of that is the print of Biscuit, from Diesel + Juice. I may move her up to the office since most of the other prints are going to be kitchen and home related. We’ll see.
(since this photo I’ve found some awesome prints that I can’t wait to share with you!)
Finally, we’ve come to the kitchen. I bought this little thing from Ikea. I need a few flowers to go in the center vase and maybe something a little taller to sit next to my salt and pepper cellars. 

The searching never really ends, does it?

I hope you enjoyed seeing a few little moments of my house. I’ll show you more soon! 


  1. says

    Thanks for sharing! I love your style! Do you think you could let me know the color of your walls? We are looking at paint colors now for the house we are about to close on. Thanks!! Your blog is so inspiring!!

  2. says

    love the prints on the wall – my Mom has a table like that, move antique in style, but hanging prints like that above it would do just the trick! Thanks for sharing!

  3. says

    Umm…I’m pretty much in LOVE with everything shown above! ESPECIALLY the candle sticks, furniture from your parents, and wall art! Heck, I just love it ALL! :)

  4. says

    The holder item from IKEA that is in your kitchen in the last picture – do you know what it was called? I don’t have an IKEA near me (super sad face) but sometimes searches on the good ol’ internet will get my what I want! 😉 And I love that!! Any ideas?

  5. Anonymous says

    Hi Kate…what about an herb plant for the middle? Thyme…or maybe some mint to make mojitos this summer?? Or it would be a good holder for sea salt, with a little wooden spoon in it…

  6. says

    I love the salt & pepper shakers! Orange and yellow are two of our favorite colors – which is why they were the main colors at our wedding last month! :)


  7. says

    Love the gray and yellow prints! That is my new favorite color combo. I’m thinking of doing a room in my house in those colors, but just cannot decide which!

  8. says

    I love all of the home decor choices. I agree with the other ladies that I definitely have an Ikea trip in my future. The new house is really looking great. Good job to your mom and you!!

  9. says

    I have seen wall art similar to the ones in the first photo at Target for $15 a piece. I bet you got an awesome deal at HomeGoods!

    Love seeing your home, Kate!


  10. Anonymous says

    Are the pictures metal, canvas or wood? I absolutely love them and just stopped by our Home Goods to see if I could get lucky enough to find them. They’d be perfect in my dinning room! Any manufacture info on the back?

    Love your blog…

  11. says

    Oh my gosh.. i love your (or your moms!) skills… seriously. you guys are talented. Can you come to jacksonville to help me with my beach house? lol :) your gallery wall is awesome!!

  12. says

    I love the Ikea storage boxes! The handles on them are sweet.
    Also, I’m going to have to sneak over to Steinmart and see if they have an easel like yours. Love it!

  13. says

    Kate, glad I saw this post – love the decor – it inspires me! One suggestion for your print that you think is too light…could you put it in a frame, on the easel?? What about a yellow frame to give it more color? (and to match the box on the shelf underneath) Spray paint baby! I love the print so if the colored frame doesn’t work, maybe you could just use a black frame and hang it somewhere else?!?! Happy for you and your new home!

  14. Anonymous says

    You didn’t happen to get the yellow/gray squares from HomeGoods recently, did you? Those are my new living/dining colors…LOVE!!!

    • says

      I just read your comment and thought I’d jump in. They have almost those exact same yellow and gray prints at Target! I picked some up for myself last night! Enjoy and good luck :)

  15. Kellie says

    Everything looks so great…and clean! You are SO lucky you live by an Ikea. The nearest one to me is 2 states away! :(

  16. says

    Love, love, love your decor, especially the Ikea basket rack in the kitchen. Very classy! I wish we had a HomeGoods and Ikea nearby…

  17. says

    Hey Kate! I love, love your kitchen holder thing you got form Ikea. I was wondering did you get it online or in a store. I live in Missouri and there isn’t a Ikea store here. I would love to have one and was wondering the name of it to maybe see if I could find it online! I’ve been looking for something like that! It’s PERFECT!


  18. Paulina says

    Hi, i have the ikea kicthen holder on the bottom picture, in my baby room above the change table, with the diapers and wipes. It looks faboulous in there as well!!!

  19. says

    Well, I went to Steinmart looking for the easel. (I hadn’t been in that store for a LONG time). No easel, but wow, what a lot of great decor items!!

  20. Anonymous says

    I can tell we have similar taste in home decor, I just bought the same green bench from home goods 2 weeks ago!! love all of the other things as well!

  21. Janine says

    Hi Kate,

    I’m not sure if you take requests for hair tutorials but I thought I’d ask just in case! I love the top knot look but whenever I try, the bun always turns out so small and looks weird. I have similar hair to yours – length and I think thickness and so I was wondering if you had a technique for this hairstyle.

    I also love your blog – I first discovered it when searching for hair tutorials for shorter hair and yours popped up and I have been consistently checking it ever since!

    Thank you!!

  22. Kristal says

    Hi Kate,

    Love everything! How tall is the wall with the ledges? I have high ceiling and I am looking for ideas for a very large wall.



  23. Anonymous says

    Gorgeous! Love the grey and yellow. I am curious too about the wall paint color and brand. Would you share which one it is, Kate? Thanks!!

  24. says

    Kate- how lucky you are to have such a sweet mother- and a mother with a great eye for decorating. You had me at PotteryBarn;) if she ever runs out of things to decorate your way…you could share her:) lol! We remodeled and I would LOVE to redo my new livingroom.sigh

  25. Laurel says

    I’m wondering if the white dishes in your yellow cabinet on the upper shelves is a particular pattern? I love it and am wanting to start some white dishes for myself. Thanks! love the blog.

  26. Alexis says

    Hi Kate –

    I was wondering if you remember the paint color and brand you used for the walls in the first pic? I am gearing up for a painting session at my own house…and this is EXACTLY the color I want to use!

    Thanks in advance :)

  27. Anonymous says

    I also read another bloggers request for the paint color on the gallary wall. It is absolutely beautiful! Would love to paint my dining room with this color. Thanks!

  28. Anonymous says

    Wht a lovely space! I too would love to know the paint color is on the gallary wall? Please advise, I am looking to painting my kitchen and bathrooms this color. Thank you!

  29. says

    I have one (in yellow!) and we use it as a sodbeiard in the dining area. As a dining table or even a card table, it’s not the best because when the top is extended, it’s not really sturdy enough to lounge on with elbows. But we end up using it all the time as a side table to hold dishes and drinks when we entertain. I definitely like it!

  30. says

    I actually ralely enjoyed my first day at the standing desk! I moved around a lot more, and never got that foggy headed feeling one can get from too much computer work

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