30×30, Week Two

Here are the next three outfits from the 30×30 challenge. My sister Lauren & I are embarking on this challenge to switch up our wardrobe a bit. We got the idea from Kendi, Kendi Everyday, and hope that you’ll join us too!

I usually try to choose a nice location for my photos, but these had to be taken in my bedroom. 

It’s just too dang hot outside. And 3 outfit changes? Forget it.

Plus, the cats really enjoy being on camera. You’ll see what I mean. . .

necklace: Francesca’s

This look is casual and comfortable. The shirt is quite bright in real life, and makes for a pretty girly outfit. I thought the grey necklace would add some more neutral in there to balance it out.

Next, I threw on this Banana Republic skirt and some grey pumps. Super plain (in a way) but a very “easy” look. The brightness of the shirt is enough. And it isn’t overly dressy, but a step up from the cropped jeans and sandals. 

oh, hey grits. 

Necklace: Target

Then I thought, “Let’s finish with a dressier look Kate!” And so, we did. I simply buttoned this Banana Republic Outlet sweater, tucked it in, added jewels and peep toes and there ya go. 

oh, hey gravy.

Are you joining us? If so, be sure to link up over at From My Grey Desk! We’ll choose our favorite outfit the monday after the link up, and feature it during the next link up! 


  1. says

    I love that your cats are named Grits and Gravy! My daughter is sitting here with me and she is now obsessed with you and your cats. She said, “you should dress more like that Mama, and buy me some cats. I like cats.”

  2. says

    those colors look fantastic on you!

    how are you feeling about the challenge so far? for lack of a better term, is it challenging? Are you ready to start using ALL your clothes again?

    the cat in the background is hilarious


  3. Anonymous says


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  4. says

    I love the last look! Never thought to button up a cardigan and tuck it in..(I’m behind in this tucking in thing, please excuse me).

    Lindsay @

  5. says

    Love, love the blue cardigan and skirt look. I just purchased Kendi’s fashion remix book a couple days ago, and I love it! I purged my closet last March and haven’t had the time yet to start my spreadsheet and start mixing….but, SOON! My new remixes will go so well with my new hair (btw, thanks for my new hair!);-)

  6. says

    That’s really funny about the cats “photobombing” your pic, because mine do too! Like, every single time. I’ve given up totally on leaving them out… they’re part of my life, after all!


  7. Kristin says

    Ok, I know we’re supposed to be focused on the cute outfits, but I’ve got my eye on the furniture! LOL Exactly what I’m looking for!! Care to share where you found the set?

  8. says

    Just found out about your blog – one of my readers sent me your link. I love your style! Just wanted to say hello from a fellow NC blogger!

    I haven’t tried the 30 for 30 challenge yet, but I think it’s a great idea. I’d definitely like to work more with playing with what I already have instead of just using new things. :)

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