What’s in Maggie’s Purse?

Hello, Small Things Blog friends! This is Gussy of Gussy Sews and I’m here to share with you a few necessities to WHAT’S IN MY BAG.

 My husband and I live in Minneapolis, and even though it’s May it’s still a little chilly in the mornings. I walk our dog every day, usually in the morning but sometimes in the afternoon ~ so having a cowl handy is key! I crocheted this oatmeal-colored one one wintery evening, and while I suppose I should be surprised I’m still wearing it on occasion, I’m not :) We’re in Minneapolis, remember?! I also have essentials like my keys + wallet with me at all times, along with my iPhone and a small Bible. When I’m out + about working I’ll have my MacBook with me {shown with our Gray Rose Macbook case}. I can get over three hours of battery life so having my computer with me makes it super easy to work because I don’t need much else. OK — maybe also a caramel latte… Next up in my bag? Two medium zip pouches. One holds pens + my large collection of lip gloss, lipstick and chap stick. The other holds two pairs of sunglasses {both from Forever 21}. I LOVE SUNGLASSES and have trained my blue eyes to need them at all times when outside since I wear them so much. Since I can fit two pairs of sunglasses in one medium zip pouch I just carry both. ♥ And lastly, everything fits inside one my Gussy tote bag {bag shown is the tote/diaper bag style}. We have a few different sizes of bags — tote/diaper [largest], glam tote + market tote [smallest]. All are super lightweight and very in how much they can hold, all show off a Gussy ruffle! Not shown is my secret stash of chocolate or sweet/sour candy! I loooove sweets, thank goodness my husband knows this so I no longer have to keep it a secret from him. Just from everyone else. Except now YOU know… tee hehe…

 P.S. Every week the shop is updated with new products. Thanks to the sweet + wonderful Kate for letting me share WHAT’S IN MY BAG!


  1. Anonymous says

    No offense, Kate, but this is getting pretty monotonous and boring. Can you break it up with other things on occassion? I love your blog and what you have to say about things, and that’s why I’m here…not to see what everyone and their mother carry in their purse.

    • says

      Tomorrow is the last purse. I needed to set up this series to take place while we moved as I have had little time to dedicate to the blog these past weeks. Regular posting will start again next week

    • Anonymous says

      I love the purse series! I have found some very good ideas for organization in my purse and found some really cute new products to buy.

    • Anonymous says

      I agree. Also not a big fan of the frequent attempts to advertise other women’s craft projects. Zzzz.

    • says

      While it is fortunate that we are entitled to our own opinion, I personally think it is quite rude to make such remarks like that. Maybe it would have been more appropriate to e-mail. In fact, if you are not looking for a life style blog (aka crafts, shopping, etc..) you should look elsewhere. She clearly states in the introduction that she blogs about what she loves. :)

    • Anonymous says

      I agree! Kate blogs about all sorts of things and I absolutely love this series!! When I was looking for a blog to follow, I wanted one that talked about all things crafty, orginizational, creative, girly (hair and makeup) and outfits! I find Kate’s blog perfect for that! And if I didn’t like something about it, I would stop following it and look else where. Common sense. It is kate’s blog after all. Not anyone else’s lol Go Kate! You are amazing and I love following you everyday! Keep up the purse series bc everyone loves it that is a true fan :) Love you and thank you for all that you do! So inspirational!

    • says

      I think everyone is entitled to their own opinion; however, if you are ‘bold enough’ to say such things to someone then own up up them and leave your name!

    • Kate says

      Yes, I agree with Brooke! I love the purse series, and who cares about the critics? Actually, critic singular. Can’t make everyone happy!

  2. says

    Am I the only person that has boring, messy things like receipts, gum wrappers, eye drops, phone charger, business cards in my bag? I guess it’s time for spring cleaning!!! :)

    • says

      Definitely not! My bag is always full of paper and wrappers and other bits of useless garbage. I don’t have cute pouches or cute wallet(s) but after this series I definitely want them!

  3. says

    I’m really glad to see that I’m not the only one with 14 bags inside my purse! 😉 I’m a sucker for a good zippered pouch…especially one with a Gussy ruffle!

  4. says

    I must say I love this series. I am not afraid to admit I am nosey. I love seeing how everyone organizes their bag. I use to carry a ton of stuff in my bag (just in case) now i carry a smaller bag but its a disaster! I think I am going to reorganize and get a different handbag!!!

  5. Stephanie says

    I have enjoyed the series, too. I like seeing all the talent out there in the U.S. so that I can quit supporting china! I’ve purchased the no-brainier wardrobe book and I plan to purchase from Gussy Sews as well. I think it was lovely of Kate to share the spotlight. There are only so many hair tutorials the poor girl can do…..even though I LOVE them and look forward to them!

  6. says

    I love this series! I never thought to use smaller bags to organize everything in my purse. I love the gussy sews bags and plan on getting some to spruce up the inside of my purse!

  7. Rebecca Wilson says

    I love this series and this entire blog as well! I am a fellow hairdresser and it’s so great to get more ideas; also, the fact that Kate does tutorials on hairstyling is bloody brilliant! You go, Kate! Love your style and LOVE your blog! :)

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