What’s in Lauren’s purse?

hello, lovelies. 
i’m lauren and i blog over @ from my grey desk. i also just so happen to be kate’s sister. 
i’m excited to be part of this series and, quite frankly, wish i would have thought of it first 😉
but really, i usually have a ton of useless stuff in my purse, including 7 lipsticks/chapsticks, 28 advil capsules, and tissues i never use. but, hey, you never know when an entire neighborhood is going to have a headache and you can offer them all relief.
below you will see an itemized list of what’s in my big ole’ bag. lucky for you, i just cleaned out my purse a few days ago. i’m pretty sure i lost about 2 pounds of stuff. it’s bad. 
kate also asked that we answer a few questions. so, here goes.

what must you always have in your bag?
chapstick. no doubt. i’m addicted. 
what is the most random thing you carry in your bag?
i used to carry a mini flashlight that my dad gave me back in high school. he always said “you never know when you might need it”. turns out, i never needed it. so i took it out.
do you prefer a small or large purse?
large. for all my crap.
do you change your purse with your outfit or wear one for a season?
usually, a season. i actually don’t like for my purse to match my outfit because it’s too matchy-matchy to me. i typically use the same purse for 3-4 months and then change it up.
does your wallet have to match the bag?
 no. again, i’m not really into the matching thing. 

the bag i’m currently using


  1. says

    I’m the same way. I don’t like to be too matchy matchy with my purse and outfit. Also, I carry that many lip things too – but I only ever actually use one of them. I have no idea why. Hahah

  2. Anonymous says

    Fun idea! Just an idea on something every womans purse should never be without- sunscreen. May is Melanoma Awareness Month and since your blog is so popular you could really spread the word to lots of people about protecting themselves from the sun. Thanks!

  3. says

    I love this series. It’s so cool to see what people carry in their purses. Probably because we are all so naturally nosy lol.

  4. says

    I love that you have floss in there! I always carry it with me too because I cannot stand when I get something stuck in my teeth. I thought I was the only one. haha

  5. says

    My youngest is 1 yr old so I have had to carry a diaper bag for quite a while. I was throwing a few of my things in there instead of additing another bag/purse to the load. I can finally just throw a couple diapers and slim box of wipes in a purse! Though I must say, my purses have never been as tidy/clean as any featured in your series. Surely I’m not the only one that has found a melted sucker at the bottom when switching lol

  6. says

    I have a mini flashlight, but I use it. Have used it to find things that have fallen down the seat at movie theatre or dark car. Even occasionally at hotels as to not wake up the rest of the sleeper to find something. :) Love my flashlight.

  7. says

    Such a great series!! Love the stuff in your bag but weird question…What is the font you used in your pictures??? Heehee…it’s so very cool 😉

  8. Anonymous says

    My purse contents are most like yours so far! I have a very similar wallet and Vera Bradley holders as well. However, I have recently bought a sunnies case after seeing so many others who had one in their purse. So cute and fun!!

  9. says

    Thats funny.. My dad gave me a little flashlight to keep in my purse and I’m pretty sure he said the same thing about never knowing when you’d need it… Suprisingly mine came in handy a couple times.. Not because I needed it for anything particular but everyonce in a while someone else would need it and I’d be there.. hahaha..

  10. says

    LOVE this! There is a section in Maire Claire magazine called “In the bag” that’s just like this and it’s my absolute favorite! (But there’s only one a month!) You have me hooked! 😉


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