Striped Dress

This dress is surprisingly flattering for having horizontal stripes. 
Stripes can be tough because they can inadvertently add width to certain areas of your body.
But this dress is gathered at the waist on one side, so the stripes are pulled together creating an hourglass figure. And I thought, “If the dress is in an hour glass shape on the hanger, it will be a winner on.”

Dress: The Loft Outlet (Spring 2012)
Scarf: Target (Spring 2012
Earrings: Francesca’s (Spring 2012)
Watch: Target (Spring 2012)
Bracelet: Sak’s off 5th (outlet) (Spring 2012)
Wedges: Gap outlet (Spring 2012)

All of these items came back with me from my annual Girls Trip with my mom and sister. And they were all great deals!
I can’t remember the price of the dress, but I think it was around or under $30.00. The scarf was $14.99 at Target AND the watch (which is a knock-off and almost completely identical to a Fossil watch) was $14.99.
The bangle came from Sak’s off 5th. We walked in there randomly while we were perusing the outlets and my sister and I both snagged a bangle for ourselves. It’s gold, but pairs well with the rose gold watch. 
*sidenote: My sister just taught me that you can mix metals and wear rose gold + regular gold. ::epiphany!::
And the wedges came from the Gap Outlet. More often than not, Gap and Gap outlet are a complete waste to shop at for me. I feel like the quality of their clothes has gone down. Shirts don’t feel as nice as they used to, and don’t survive in the washing machine. 
But just like Target came out of no where a few years ago and became one of my favorite stores, Gap may turn around as well. 


  1. says

    Love the shoes… thinking of making a trip to the outlet just for them. What was the price? Need to make sure it’s worth the trip. The whole ensamble is adorable :)

  2. says

    From a San Francisco based fan, who has many friends working at Gap HQ, in May 2011, they fired the head of design, since he was doing a pretty crummy job. By this time we should start to see new material, as it takes a year from idea to design to production to sales. I’m keeping my fingers crossed- I miss shopping there.

  3. Peyton says

    Very,very cute dress & you definitely have pulled off the stripes! Very nice : )

    The scarf is very pretty also. It looks a bit heavy around your neck and {to me} takes away the simpicity of the crisp summer dress. I found myself wondering what type of neckline your dress has.

    You are the master of deals : )

  4. says

    Great dress, and you’re right – super flattering on! I just got my first rose gold watch and was a bit hesitant to mix gold with it…but turns out I love them together!


  5. Angela G says

    All of my shirts from Old Navy and Gap get holes in the bottom after wearing/washing one time! I have also become addicted to Target clothes. They are cheap and they hold up! I really love your scarf. I’ll have to check my Target to see if they have one similar!

  6. says

    Hmmm totally agree about gap :-( my wardrobe used to be all gap. I even have a pair of jeans that have lasted 7 years. However, any shirt I get from them now seems to pill up. I hope they turn things around because I don’t even bother walking into gap anymore. I LOVE your dress. Very flattering!

  7. says

    Love this outfit! I never would have thought to mix the dress and scarf together but it looks fantastic! I know what you mean about Gap outlets. Usually I just end up bummed, haha

  8. says

    I love all of your fashion posts…And as someone who has lost a lot of weight recently, I’m in the market to shop for a new wardrobe. Can you do a post about your favorite stores that you like to shop at and why? I always love reading about clothes!

  9. says

    Kate, the dress is fabulous!! My three-year-old little girl Mackenzie is reading blogs with me and she exclaimed, “That girl is PRETTY! She’s your friend, isn’t she!?” haha! She approves of the dress, too!

  10. says

    You always look stunning!! I’ve been following your blog for a couple of months now, and I love it! Every day I look forward to a new post!! Many thanks.

  11. says

    I have the same reservations about horizontal stripes, but I am IN LOVE with that dress!!! It’s just perfect on you!! (Now, must find one for me….) :)

  12. Laura says

    Seriously, the watch…Target? It looks like just the Michael KOrs watch with out with $250 price tag. I think my husband would be ok with the $14.99 price tag. I am on a hunt.

  13. says

    god bless target for their cheaper alternatives such as that watch! it is so cute and thank you to your sister also for letting you and me know that rose gold and regular gold can indeed go together

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