First time trying Benefit foundation

The packaging got me. 

I really thought it was cute, and I had never tried Benefit foundation products before. 

I was looking for a lighter foundation for summer so I gave this a shot.

Turns out, I need a little bit more coverage, and less shine. I also think I had better stick with “mattifying” foundations instead of “natural finish” foundations. The natural finishing looks tend to get too shiny on my face. 

But, if you are looking for a clean and lightweight foundation, try it. It’s also great for relatively clear skin that doesn’t need a lot of coverage. 

Have you tried the Hello Flawless? What do you think? 


  1. says

    Love this foundation! Feels amazing!!! I agree not for oily skin but wonderful for any other type! I thought the coverage was buildable and i was happy with it! New favorite foundation!!!!

  2. says

    Love this foundation! Feels amazing!!! I agree not for oily skin but wonderful for any other type! I thought the coverage was buildable and i was happy with it! New favorite foundation!!!!

    • Melinda says

      I’m personally not a fan of the lemonaid….I find it really greasy, and on the eyelids it creases . Others swear by it though! i do love benetint, and the porefessional though:))

    • says

      I use it under my eyes, lids and corners! I put it on top of my foundation then blot powder on top of it. I haven’t found anything that works any better for me. It’s definitely worth a shot.

      Another item I swear by for covering those pesky pimples is Mary Kay’s signature concealer in yellow. I’ve used this for about 15 years and would die if they stopped making it!

    • Anonymous says

      I was shopping yesterday and was looking for new makeup and had a sweet consultant play makeup me. She used all benefit products including the new foundation from this post (and I agre not for the oily) I liked it but have such sensitive skin I was weary so she gave me a little sample bottle. She also used two benefit concealers on me the boing and the erase paste. She said boing is the new popular concealer but we both agreed the erase paste did the trick for me. I was so excited because even with the best & longest night sleep I still have dark circles.

  3. says

    Hey, Kate! I’ve never tried Benefit’s foundation, but I do like their brow products. The packaging is SO cute. You aren’t the only one who gets sucked in.

    I’ve been really enjoying Clinique’s BB cream. You mention that you have combination skin, and so do I. It really keeps it at bay all day long. You should try it!


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    I love Benefit products! Especially their primer, tinted moisturizer and erase paste. I went to their makeup counter at Macy’s and got a full face done for my brother’s wedding and I’ve been hooked ever since!

  5. says

    Hey Kate!

    I definitely agree that it is a more shiny finish. I have more normal, sensitive skin and found it looks shiny on me as well. It did work wonders in helping clear up some acne (but then again, I had been using a drugstore foundation that was killing my skin.) Anyways, they do have a pressed powder form that I’d like to try instead of the liquid and maybe that will eliminate the shine.


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    I haven’t tried it, but have thought of it. I’ve used several BeneFit products and loved them though! The leopard bronzer/blush combo is the perfect color, the Hula blush is just fun, and I’ve also had good luck with their BOING concealer and Bad Gal mascara. For foundation, I tried a sample of Bare Minerals and got hooked…I never tried it because I thought it wouldn’t give me enough coverage and I was wrong!

  7. Anonymous says

    If you need a full coverage foundation the best I’ve found is Laura Mercier creme foundation in the tube I put it on with a foundation brush, I have a lot of freckles and sun spots and it covers great!

  8. Anonymous says

    I’m with Bargain babe, I just recently bought Make up Forever High definition foundation, per a bloggers advice too…..IT’S AMAZING!! I Cant even explain it. Gives you such a flawless look. LOVE IT

  9. Jessica says

    I love some Benefit products (concealer, eye bright stick,) and the packaging rocks! My favorite light foundation right now is Maybelline Nude Airfoam. Revlon also makes a foam foundation. It’s super light and has good coverage.

  10. says

    I really like this foundation, I’m not much of a foundation person but I really like this because it was was so light weight.

  11. Anonymous says

    I love the Benefit Hello Flawless – but the powder version. Great coverage and you can layer it where you need more and it lasts all day.

  12. says

    Hello Kate,

    I just purchased the new Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation and LOVE, Love, Love it!! It absorbs the oil and keeps your face looking great all day! It is full coverage but goes on like silk I LOVE it!

  13. says

    kate, what foundation do you normally use?

    PS, i tried the kenra Root spray, didn’t like it at all!! stick with aquage!!

    ** i notice you use extreme cat, do you use condition when you use it, mine says to shampoo, rinse, speay with cat, and then rinse.. my hair is very corse, the first time was fine, but i cant go without conditoning it.. how often do u use cat?

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    Thanks for sharing! I’m trying to find the perfect foundation right now for summer… why is it so hard?! If you get a chance, check out my latest post titled, “Pretty Little Cleansers” and if you could watch my video in my post and like it on youtube I would really appreciate it!

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    A friend of mine recently recommended a Smashbox foundation, which I think I might try soon, but I’m afraid I’ll have the same issue you did here. I usually use Make Up for Ever Mat Velvet + (obviously a mattifying formula) applied with a beauty blender…gives me the matte with a slightly lighter coverage.

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    Of all the foundations that I’ve tried, high end or drugstore, my absolute go-to is still Revlon Colorstay in Combination/Oily. It offers great, buildable coverage, doesn’t break me out, stays matte and lasts ALL day. Plus they have a ton of shades. Can’t go wrong!

  17. says

    I bought this Benefit foundation a couple of months ago. It was the first liquid makeup that I’ve ever had to return to the store. I used the foundation for a month to see how it worked on my skin. I realized that it was causing my skin terrible breakouts! I am thirty years old and rarely have a single pimple, but the Benefit foundation caused me to have HUGE pimples even on my cheeks and chin! I returned it, and am now using the Pop brand tinted moisturizer. My skin cleared up almost immediately after I stopped using the Benefit foundation, so I believe that I must have been allergic to it.

  18. Angie says

    Hi Kate,
    I’ve been following your blog for a few months now, and through your various posts have determined that you and I probably have very similar skin types. I too, have (or should say HAD) the occasional breakouts, and skin that’s oily in the t-zone and difficult to control (your Clarisonic review piqued my curiousity). A little while back I switched to bareMinerals foundation, and have found that it can be applied for either lighter or heavier coverage, yet always maintains a very light feeling. After trying dozens of other foundations, I became a long time user of Clinique makeup, but after a much needed trip to Ulta – I walked away a HUGE bareMinerals fan! I start with the foundation (which also acts as a concealer), followed by the Warmth All Over Face Color and then Mineral Veil. I can also get away with not having to use the matte finish despite my oily skin, and have been breakout free since switching! May be worth a shot if you haven’t tried it before….. Good luck!

  19. Hilary says

    Benefit has a ton of great products. I use a different foundation by them, but as soon as i run out I am planning on trying this kind. I also use the Porefection primer, which is AMAZING and I have recently got some “Watts Up” highlighting stick when I purchased some of their bronzer and I love it all. I really want to try their mascara but can’t decide if its worth the $22.. anyone else have any advice on good mascara thats worth the bucks?

    • says

      Hilary, I have tried a ton of mascara & love Deja Vu Fiberwig. You can get it at sephora. If you like it you can order it cheaper ( but it will take forever to arrive) from I also like the Diorshow maximized serum. It is in the white bottle. You use it before your mascara. If I could only have one mascara it would definitely be the Fiberwig…

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    FYI – I was @ Southpoint Ulta last night and they had the benefit lemon aid concealer up at the front (where they have mini/travel sizes. In the regulat Benefit section they also had a kit with multiple concealer products and there was a smaller lemon aid. I think it was called confessions of a concealer addict or something like that.

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