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  1. says

    I will paint my fingers and toes with these! I’m always looking for new colors to try, although I rarely paint my fingernails because they get trashed pretty quickly it seems, but I would so paint them with these.

  2. says

    Fingers and toes!! I always wear bright colors on my toes for the summer, but I love when I get stopped and asked about the bright, flashy colors on my nails! Gotta spice up my scrubs some how! :)

  3. Anonymous says

    I would definitely have to do both nails and toe nails! These colors are so pretty and perfect for spring and summer! Great job with the nail polishes, so glad you won the contest! Thanks!! :-)

  4. says

    I would start with my toes. I have awful finger nails and almost never wear polish on them, but I love painted toes. I love that these colors are bright.

  5. says

    definitely toe nails, i’m horrible with finger nails. plus, weather’s warming up here in MN, and time to bust out the sandals and wedges.

    amypins @ hotmail. com

  6. Anonymous says

    teo—–tly , my toes cause i hate socks , and any time i can wear sandals ,peep toes shoes ect i do to show off color on my toes , i do. amy leaman piet

  7. Jenna E. says

    Love me some pretty toenails! Those first, then of course matching fingernails. My 6 year old will probably snatch it up before me! Excited to see these colors – thanks for the giveaway.

  8. says

    I’d probably do nails. But I might pait over it with rimmel because its a bit bright for me.

    Ps- is anyone else having trouble with the rafflecopter? It keeps making me sign in but not offering any entry options.

  9. Jennifer H says

    Fingers and toes- I like painting both the same color :) plus these colors match so well with a dress/cardigan I just bought at Gap Outlet!

  10. Barbara Sahara says

    Fingernails, toenails, kitty toes, doggy toes, and hubby toes if I can keep him asleep long enough? Just way too pretty and we need spring to, well….SPRING :-)

  11. says

    I’d start with the toes. I never seem to want to paint my nails bright colors, but those are all just so pretty for spring I may have to do it!

  12. says

    Definitely toes first, but I will probably do my fingernails too…I like to match my fingernails and toenails, plus these great summer colors can put you in a good mood whenever you look at them :)

  13. Ashley D. says

    I would probably have to use all the colors at once on my nails, then decided what one I would want to use first (only lasting a few days). I would then have to switch it like every few days!!!

  14. says

    definitely my toes first! or maybe my fingers…it’s a tough call! all the colors are great for summertime and they make me so happy to look at the bright pinks and oranges :)

  15. says

    I’m headed to Europe in a few weeks with my husband, so I’ll be the tourist with really fun toenails. :) I’ll probably wear comfortable walking shoes a lot, but I’ll be excited to wear sandals and show off some color. Hopefully I’ll be rocking some “Kate” polish!

  16. says

    Well I would love to do both at the same time! But, I think I would do my toenails. I love the look of a good color polish with a cute pair of sandals!

  17. Julie says

    Both!!! Fingernails first but definitely toes too! and can’t wait to layer the different colors! Sooo cute!

  18. says

    I would paint my toes first followed quickly by my fingernails! Those colors, especially “Kate” are perfect for spring and summer!!

  19. Anonymous says

    I would do my nails first because it is still a little too chilly (today anyway)in MN for me to wear my flip flops. This is my first time ever writing on a blog and I just started checking out Birchbox. I have not heard of or even tried Zoya polish but from the posts it sounds like a good one. I love the color choices in the collection “Kate” won. I would love ti give it a try :)

  20. Jennifer says

    I will do my toes first. I am always nervous with fingernails, but eventually will be brave and put on a bright color!

  21. says

    I only paint my toes. But with colors like these I may start doing my fingernails. Thanks for the great giveaway!
    heatherspooner1981 at gmail com

  22. says

    Fingernails! I used to avoid painting my fingernails, and until about 3 months ago, I don’t think I ever made it out of the house with painted fingernails. Now–I’m obsessed! I do a new color every week and even try some random fun things like having one “accent nail.” I love those Zoya colors!

  23. says

    Toenails first because I chip my nails too quickly with three little kids and a fourth coming any day now! Thanks for the giveaway, Kate!! Love your blog!

  24. Andrea says

    I think I would do my toes first because they are easier, but the I would do my fingers right after. Or at least I hope I can do my toes, 7 months pregnant belly is making them hard to see! Thanks again for your many giveaway opportunities! God Bless!

  25. Kayla N. Wall says

    I have to do toes first! I have a bad habit of picking at my cuticles throughout the day, so polish never lasts on my fingers! :)

  26. says

    My fingernails will be the first since Oregon is still kinda rainy so no one would get to see its awesomeness on my toes hidden in my shoes…

  27. Katie Burns says

    LOVE the colors!!! I don’t think I could stop myself from painting both fingers and toes. Too much fun! :)

  28. Jessica says

    I would wear it on both! I’ve been searching for the perfect coral this spring and I think this might be it =D

  29. Sarah-R says

    I LOVE all three colors! I have been looking for the perfect coral/ red nail polish for a loooong time!

  30. says

    I’ll probably do my toes first too. Then my fingernails immediately afterwards. I always feel so much more put together when my fingernails are painted.

  31. Katie says

    Hmmm…my fingernails are professional gel right now, but my toes are ready to be decorated. I think my toes have first dibs! :)

  32. says

    I would definitely do both eventually but probably toes first. I love tan feet with bright colors in the summer. So glad your color got picked and that I am seeing it all over birchbox too! You are famous! :)

  33. says

    FEET! I am so hard on my hands I can never get them to last longer than a day without chipping. My toes definately stay longer. So if you have any tips or favorite products to help keep the polish on my fingernails I am all over it! Thanks

  34. says

    Most certainly toes!! Love color on my toes!! I have to keep my fingernails super short, and when polished they look like little polka-dots. Unfortunatley, that’s not really the look I’m going for! :)

  35. says

    Definitely my fingernails!! I work at a family practice, and I have to wear closed toe shoes 5 days a week. I need to show off this color!

  36. Ashley says

    I will definitely be doing my toes first (I can’t wear polish on my fingernails at work so I usually just do my toes!)

  37. Tuesday says

    If I won, I’d polish my fingernails first! My hands are in definite need of a mani. My right hand might be a bit of a challenge since I’m a righty. Maybe I’ll polish my hub’s fingernails while he’s sleeping and then tell him he owes me 😉

  38. Anonymous says

    Toenails for sure! It would be a great way to kick off summer! A pedicure & 3 amazing colors of polish to choose from.

  39. Stacey says

    I always do my toes first because I end up smearing it and have to use nail polish remover to fix it. I do my fingers last so the remover doesn’t ruin my fingers!

    henning.stacey at gmail dot com

  40. says

    I’d probably paint my toes first, then go directly onto my fingers! I love those colors – I just got some tangerine skinnies for my birthday yesterday! LOVE!