Accessorizing a Maternity Outfit

I received an email recently from lovely reader needing help accessorizing her maxi dress for her baby shower.
Hi Kate!

 I needed some fashion advice! I love all your outfits and the jewelry you match with it, you always look so cute! My baby shower is in May and I have a dress already, although I am struggling with what kind of necklace, earrings, and/or bracelet to wear… also shoes. The dress is attached! Any advice is appreciated!! Thanks!!!-Cindy”

I couldn’t find that exact one in Polyvore, but I found one similar. The dress’s neckline is rounded while the original dress is v-neck, but I thought the style was close enough that we could work off of it!

If it were me, I’d probably choose the jewelry in the top left, and the wedge sandals! And for the bag, I’d have to go with the grey one, of course!

What about you? What would you pair with a simple maternity dress? 

**click here to see where I got the items from! (hover over the images to find the source after you are taken to


  1. Sara Brownlee says

    The bangles may not be possible for a third trimester mama. I am 34 weeks, and I just recently had to stop wearing rings and bracelets because of swelling. But everything else it right on!
    I have a blue maxi dress very similar to this one. I may be pulling it out for my baby shower this weekend! :)

  2. Tamara says

    I would choose the necklace and pretty earrings and the sandals also. They are comfy and cute. I like the grey bag also. The neutrals are great with this colorful dress!!

  3. says

    I would add a statement necklace and simple earrings. And I might choose a colorful purse to add a pop of colour!


  4. Laura says

    Love this post! Could you provide shopping links to the items? I would love to know where to purchase those pinky-coral wedges and gray bag!

  5. says

    Love your suggestions, but I can’t really handle looking at pregnant ladies in maxi dresses…maybe it’s just me?!?! I like to leave a little more to the imagination!

  6. says

    I stumbled upon your blog when one of my friends pinned your hair tutorials on pinterest earlier this week. I’ve enjoying browsing your archives and love your video hair tutorials and product reviews. I added you to my google reader and look forward to continuing to follow. :)

  7. says

    So glad to know I’m not the only one wanting to ask you for advice. :). I leave in about a week for a 16 day trip to Nepal and China and have been “warned” by my friend that there most likely will be lack of power….meaning no blow dryer and no curling iron and flat iron!!!! How WILL I survive!?!?!? I have naturally wavy hair that loves to frizz….I’m pretty concerned about what products and what hairstyles to use on this journey. (I currently use Kenra 25 and Aquage uplifting foam.) Any advice Kate would be a blessing!!!! 😉 As for the maternity outfit… LOVE! The dress itself makes a statement…so I agree with simple accessories. Love the earrings and maybe a cluster of bracelets if she can’t wear bangles. The wedge sandals, of course…and they are comfortable to stand in for an uncomfortable-feeling momma. Of course, the grey bag….but I also love the idea of a yellow one!!! :) Could you post a picture of her at her shower so we can all see what she decided on?? Great post! I never know what to expect and that’s what makes this my fave blog. xo

    • Anonymous says

      I just recently started using some AMAZING products called Deva Curl…kind of cheesy name, but they are awesome. My hair is frizzy and I am highly dependent on a straightening iron. With Deva Curl, I use a shampoo, a conditioner, and a gel and it makes my hair have loose, manageable waves…kind of like beach hair. I would recommend using with a microfiber towel for drying…do not wring water from hair, simply squeeze with the towel. I was seriously amazed.

    • says

      Thank you so much. I am so packing a microfiber towel!!!! :) Is this a salon product or available at local retailers? I’m standing in the shampoo aisle at Target right now. Ha.

  8. says

    I’d do the coral wedges, the top left (bangles may not fit on ever swollen limbs at this point,) and maybe a sweet cameo necklace/set in peach or yellow and cream. Something to make you feel like yourself again for a moment.

  9. says

    I’d do the coral wedges, the top left (bangles may not fit on ever swollen limbs at this point,) and maybe a sweet cameo necklace/set in peach or yellow and cream. Something to make you feel like yourself again for a moment.

    • says

      That’s hilarious and WOULD have been a great way to announce the news!!! I enjoy your blog too, Jen, especially the crock pot recipes. You can bet thats how I brown my ground beef now. :)

    • says

      I know, I had no clue people would think that. Seriously! I would have made a MUCH bigger deal out of it than just posting an outfit idea! 😉

  10. says

    Love this!! Such a great dress! Time to put on my Stella & Dot Stylist hat… Cameron Pendant OR the Libby Layering necklace with the Ever After heart necklace, Serenity Small Stone Drop earrings in Lapis, Bardot Spiral bangle in gold and the Jules ring. The white wedges that Kate picked and a white clutch. Gorgeous! Have fun!

  11. says

    I love the color of the dress. Therefore I would go with the coral colored shoes. I would also do the Jewerly in the upper left corner. Either bag since they are both neutral. Really cute outfit. Congratulations!!!

  12. says

    This outfit is super cute! I love the neutral accessories with the blue dress. I’m 14 weeks pregnant and not wearing maternity clothes yet, but I will be before long! Thanks for the style inspiration!

  13. says

    Every couple of months your body is going to change, so you need to purchase maternity dresses and other clothing that will accommodate your growing body throughout the entire pregnancy.Breathable fabrics like cotton, bamboo and viscose / rayon are best for maternity wear, especially in summer.

  14. says

    I like the choice of white accessories in this outfit. The only thing I’m not so keen on are the gold details on the white shoes. I’d probably pick a pair of white wedges (not too high) with chunky straps or wrap around ties.

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