Patterned Dress

I was driving home from work the other day and saw this wooded area with a gravel path.

I happened to have my camera, tripod and a newly purchased wireless shutter release remote (my other one must have grown legs and walked away. Or the cats decided to use it as a hockey puck. . .) so I pulled over to snap a few outfit shots.

I had to swallow my pride and smile at my tripod while cars only 40 feet away drove past, craning their necks to see what that crazy blonde girl was doing. 

Dress: Target (by the way, upon looking up the link to share here on the blog, I just realized that this is a maternity dress. And I’m not pregnant. So that’s awkward.)
Sweater: The Loft, 2011
Belt: J.Crew outlet
Scarf: Banana Republic
Jewelry: Elisabeth Ashlie, unavailable
Tights: Target
Shoes: Target

Breaking News:
One of my lovely readers changed my day today. . .


  1. says

    so cute! and the dress is adorable even if it is maternity! It doesn’t look like it. I always end up looking in the maternity section at Target too because the ladies clothes always just run into that section, so I keep going and I don’t realize the section has changed!

  2. Emily says

    I laughed so hard at this b/c I’ve bought a maternity dress (never been pregnant) and NOT realized it before I had worn it a few times. It happens to the best of us! lol.

  3. Wendy Larrabee says

    Okay, I was in Target two days ago and saw the most awesome maxi dress in the maternity section. I seriously wanted to get it but I didn’t and now I’m thinking that it’s okay to buy it on accident but not on purpose? I do have a one year old and a two year old so maybe I can pass it off as previously worn maternity, but that would be lying I guess. To heck with it, it’s cute I’m going back!

  4. Dianna says

    I’ve also bought maternity by mistake, and not been pregnant! The sections do overlap and often items are tucked into the clearance racks, that I for one make a beeline for upon entering the store. Either way, you look fabulous!!

  5. says

    I still wear my maternity jeans from target even though I have already had my baby. The elastic on the sides make them really comfy and they are cuffed at the bottom which (I think) gives them a cute look. I don’t think anyone can tell they are maternity, but who knows. People could be looking at me funny and I am in my own little blissful world of comfy pants :)

  6. says

    don’t worry, I bought a maternity skirt from target the other day, on purpose and I’m not pregnant! I really loved the skirt and they didn’t have it in non-maternity, I am going to make it work! lol

    • says

      I am with you Jillian. I have bought items knowing they are maternity. I try to wait a little bit before wearing them in hopes no one notices they are maternity. That being said, I have tried some maternity items that really don’t work on non-pregnant ladies.

  7. says

    Haha, I’ve bought maternity clothes at Target before I realized they were maternity. As long as no one can tell, I guess it shouldn’t matter. I’ve also bought a non-maternity dress to wear when I was pregnant, cause it was stretchy and didn’t look weird. Clothes are clothes… The whole outfit looks really cute!

  8. says

    It’s ok Kate….my husband always makes fun of me because I like how imperial type shirts and dresses fit my frame. It’s utterly ridiculous I admit, most of my wardrobe would be suitable for a preggo, but hey, when I am preggers someday I won’t have to buy any maternity clothes!

    Super cute by the way! Very inspired this morning :)

  9. says

    NO SHAME in wearing maternity! I”m NOT pg either…but I have on a maternity tank today…seriously my favorite tank ever! it’s long and stretchy! And holds its shape!!!!!

    Great outfit…and EVEN BETTER that you set up shop on the side of the road! HAHAHA!

  10. Anonymous says

    I am 12 weeks preggo and as I was looking at this post I was thinking man I wish this was a maternity dress and then…. I noticed your fyi on it being a maternity dress. I am so ordering this dress!

  11. says

    I had my daughter 7 months ago, and don’t need to wear maternity clothes anymore, but I still do, and I still have bought some maternity clothes. They are super cute and comfy and they are really long which is perfect for my 6′ tall frame! 😀

  12. says

    That’s so funny. I tried on that same dress a couple weeks ago, and it wasn’t in the maternity section, although I had to walk through the maternity section to get to the dressing room, but I didn’t see it there.

  13. says

    such a cute outfit! i always end up at the maternity section after wandering through all of the clothes at target…and its always awkward when i find something i like and then realize it has the liz lange maternity tag on it.

  14. Michelle says

    Hm I have bought dresses in the maternity section at Target KNOWING that it is a maternity dress but I’m not pregnant…is that bad? Haha, well I LOVE them, cause first they are super comfy, second, you can sometimes get them a million sizes smaller and feel awesome! Oh and third, one of these days I won’t have to worry about changing my whole wardrobe for 9 months…;)Great buy, Kate!

  15. says

    I love the dress! isn’t Target amazing! and I bought a maternity tunic from Target the other day on purpose and I’m not pregnant! sometimes maternity clothes can work either way-just have to go down a size!

  16. says

    That is SUCH a cute outfit! I’ve been reading for awhile, and this is one of the first I can see myself actually copying. Good work 😉

  17. says

    Maternity dress or not, you look great! I’ve been known to accidentally steer into the maternity section and like something only to have a friend or sister ask if there is something I need to be telling them… I don’t have any kids yet either lol. Glad I’m not the only one. :)

  18. says

    Looks great…I always catch myself in the clearance section with a maternity dress and then I run…not really, but in my head I sprint away! and try to make it look like I was being smooth 😉
    love your accessories for the pretty dress…I need more floral prints in my life!

  19. Monique says

    I <3 that dress so cute!!! I still love some of my maternity clothes even though my youngest is 3, they are just so comfy.

  20. says

    So cute! A while ago you blogged about those shoes and I never would have bought grey shoes (i’m pretty simple in my black boots or tennis shoes) but decided to branch out! I LOVE how they complement outfits. Still simple but add a nice touch, thank you! I am a visual learner and have appreciated having a place to come and see different style in hair, makeup, clothes, etc.

  21. aimelee says

    i AM pregnant, so i might buy this dress…good to know it will still be wearable post pregnancy! 😉

  22. says

    cute! I sometimes buy the maternity shirts from Target and I’m not pregnant, nor have been. I like them because they are longer like I like. No one can tell the difference!

  23. Chrishly says

    Darn it why are you so gosh darn cute! I am seriously using your blog as a reference to show my hair stylist tomorrow. So maybe I will look a little more cute too!! Ahhhh, and, I’m sooo not a stalker, lol. I just love and can relate to your blog! I like your style;)!!

  24. says

    I have been tempted to buy maternity before, since Target has some cute maternity dresses. I am 20 and obviously have not been pregnant before, but I would be afraid to wear it out somewhere and see a 9 month pregnant woman wearing the same dress!

  25. says

    Oh my word, I’m so glad one of your readers found out that this dress is also available in a non-maternity style. I recently picked it up, and I nearly had a heart attack when you said it was a maternity dress! I’m definitely not at that stage of life yet. :)

  26. Anonymous says

    I still wear my maternity clothes and my son just turned 3! They are cute and after all you did spend money on them so why not wear them! I LOVE your blog!

  27. says

    Hi Kate – love the outfit. I’m trying to incorporate some color to my wardrobe to go with my go to’s of black and gray. Are you wearing black or gray tights with this outfit? I love your blog and all the wonderful tips you have. Keep those great ideas coming. Thanks!! Marsha

  28. Anonymous says

    I totally just bought this dress in the non-maternity section for $18 and then while reading through my blogs the other night saw that you paired with a Loft sweater I already own. Love IT!

  29. Cindy says

    I found your blog last month, and LOVE the hair tutorials!! Came back today, and am excited to find that you are wearing the same dress I bought online a couple weeks ago – I love it!! I plan on wearing it with brown boots, and a cardigan :) PS Love your blog :)

  30. Leanne says

    My youngest is one and I still wear some comfy maternity clothes! You look gorgeous! I am so glad that I stumbled upon your blog through pinterest! I am learning so much from a real life woman! You’re awesome!! :)

  31. says

    I have almost bought maternity clothes so many times because either 1. I didn’t realize or 2. They were too cute! But honestly, I like my shirts baggy so who cares? Haha love the outfit!

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