My Blow Dry Method

After receiving some requests for a blow dry tutorial, I made one for you!

I don’t round brush my hair. Not because I don’t think thats a great way to style your hair, but because I don’t get the smoothness and volume that I can achieve with a flat iron.

So, I blow dry upside down. This technique encourages a lot of volume! It also blows dry pretty quickly!

A few factors to consider:
1. If you have bangs, and blow drying upside down causes them to stick straight out—blow those dry first, with a round brush, and clip them to the side. Then flip over and blow dry the rest of your hair the way I show below.
2. Promise me you will never aim the blow dryer at your scalp. That will rough up the cuticle of your hair and lead to frizziness and flyways. Always, aim down! (I’ll explain more in the video)

The products shown in the video are Aquage Uplifing Foam, my all time favorite, and KMS Quick Blow-Dry. I’ve been using the KMS product for a few months, giving it a good test run before I decide to promote it here. I think I like it, but I’m not sure that it’s a must have product for daily basis.

I’m using a Cricket Static Free 385 brush. 

For questions about how to purchase the products I mentioned above, click here and read #6 

I don’t have an “After” picture today, since. . .well. . .There isn’t much to see!

If you need a little more inspiration than just a blow dry today, check this out:

If you didn’t already see on Facebook or Twitter, My blog was featured in a local magazine! The article starts off hilariously saying I’m “best known for the back of my head”–which is so true!

They also included a behind the scenes video! Check it out!



    • says

      Would look good just to blow dry upside down then smooth it down with fingers and a little moroccan oil? I don’t like using flat iron or curling iron. Or maybe put some rollers in there for just a few minutes to give the ends a smooth look? I used to blow dry my hair upside down all the time, but it seems like everyone these days makes their hair stick straight with straightening iron…I feel like it makes my hair way too soft and way to flat..

  1. says

    SOOOOO needed this.
    you rock… as usual!

    I love all the opportunities you are getting though your blog! SUPER inspiration ma’am!!!

    happy MONDAYY!!

  2. says

    I can’t wait to try this TODAY! It’s my birthday and I have to go get a new license pictures today…so I’m excited to have some pretty voluminous hair!!!

  3. says

    Kate- Can you recommend a product to use after I use the Aquage? I need product to apply to my curly hair so that I can then blow it dry and then either do your flat iron routine or curl it with a curling iron. Thanks! Dana

  4. says

    I’ve been giving Kenra Platinum Blow Dry Spray a try. I’m not sure if it really does cut down the blow dry time, or it’s a placebo effect! Either way, it does protect against heat damage, so I’ll stick with it!

  5. Anonymous says

    I LOVE Aquage. I tried it after reading about it on your blog a few months ago and I will never turn back. I have fine, medium length blond highlighted hair and it works great and doesn’t leave my hair sticky or feeling weighed down. I tell everyone about how great Aquage is. Thanks for all the videos and product recommendations, Kate.


  6. Lee Ann says

    Good video. A stylist I had years ago told me to blow dry upside down. I tried it then but my hair got flyaways at the scalp. It helps to see how to do it. I have thick, straight, coarse hair that is not flowy. Do you think it will still work?

  7. says

    This is very helpful! I never blow dry because I just can’t master the round brush – now I know I can try this much easier technique. I have zero volume and sure would like some. One question — my style depends on a very straight middle part. How do I blow in the fullness yet keep the middle part? Thanks! Love your blog… found you through Pinterest.

  8. says

    You may or may not agree, but I’m jealous that your hair dries naturally straight! Mine is wavy – not straight not curly, and it drives me nuts because I feel I *have* to do something with it or I look like a crazy person. If you were to just go out with your hair blowed dry straight, you don’t look bad at all.:) Oh, and my hair is very thick and drying takes forever. With two young kids at home I sometimes give up on the whole routine before I even start, so maybe I should try the KMS product – even if it just sped things up a tiny bit, that may be the help I need! I should definately just pick up that Aquage too – b/c my hair is so thick it seems to get weighed down on the bottom very easy if it’s longer than mid-neck length. Thanks for the video!

    • says

      Same here – if I dried my hair upside down with no brush, I’d have the ‘witch look’ and I’d never be able to use a flat iron on it with any success! I round brush mine – but I have very fine hair and would love to know how to get volume (even using Aquage) and still using a round brush!

  9. says

    I’ve been blow drying my hair since they invented blow dryers and I found out from you today why my hair is so uncooperative! I’m the least talented person alive to style hair.

    • says

      AntiqueChase–I just asked my stylist to pick it up for me at the supply house she goes to. She was more than happy to do so and she found that she likes it too. Have you tried asking your stylist to get it for you?

    • kelly says

      I just purchased it online through a salon named studio 9. It shipped in two days and they gave a free sample of awesome conditioner!

  10. says

    Wow you have such straight hair! Mine’s quite wavy and I really can’t just blow dry it and go. I like the vented brush tip, hadn’t thought of that.

  11. Anonymous says

    Kate- what kind of paddle brush are you using, or do you have a link where it can be purchased? Thanks!

  12. says

    I’m going to try that!
    Also, it would be interesting to see your hair styled without product side-by-side styled with product. That way we could see exactly what the products are doing.

  13. says

    Great tutorial, as usual. Thanks for the tip about blow drying OUT – I’ve been doing it WRONG! No wonder my ends are split!

  14. says

    Thank you for posting the blow dry video. When I first started following your blog you said to just blow dry upside down, I didn’t think to brush through it or anything like you do, so it just turned into a lion’s mane :)

  15. says

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! This post came JUST in time! I’ve been seeing all kinds of tutorials for this and I was getting frustrated with my own hair drying techniques that I’ve just about given up and decided to go to work with wet hair every day. I can’t wait to try this stuff tomorrow morning!

  16. says

    Thanks for all of your great tips…love your blog. I have all the ladies who sit behind me in church asking about my cute new styles! Do you have any blow drying tips those of us with thick, coarse, hair with natural wave? I feel like I am stuck using products like Biosilk oil to try and smooth out my texture and blowdrying is such a chore. Thanks for any advice!

    • says

      That’s exactly how I feel – it is such a chore because I too have thick hair so it seems to take foreeevvveer. I get so impatient after awhile and just move to the next step. I either need much less hair or some kind of jet-engine powered blow dryer. I’d spend big bucks if it cut my time in half!

  17. says

    congrats kate!!! i LOVE ur blog and check it daily. u have inspired me to play with my hair again. i have had a lot of compliments on the styles i have done from ur tutorials and u make it easy. i have never used so many bobypins in my life lol. thanks for the time u spend to show us how to make ourselves feel polished n pretty. just a simple style can make u feel better about yourself and ur day!

  18. says

    Kate, for starters, I am hooked on your blog! I am also a hairstylist, and I can honestly say you have given me a ton of inspiration for updo’s in the salon. It’s great to hear another point of view. Keep the post’s coming! Can’t wait to read more!

  19. says

    Love it! Of course, I’d love to have that moment when I flip my hair back up after drying and go “man, gonna be a good day”… as opposed to what I do say… usually a mix of giant eyes and cursing my giant hair. But hey… as big and floofy as my thick wavy hair is every morning, when I do the aquage, straighten, pin my curls, and tease, my hair still falls from the teased beauty in about an hour. Is there a tutorial where you explain how to stop hair from falling? The rest of it doesn’t go flat. Just the back part that was poofy on top.

  20. Ashley Wedding says

    I absolutely love your blog! I have been watching all your hair tutorials and trying them… Thank you for sharing your hair and beauty knowledge!

  21. says

    Awww congrats for being in the magazine! The back of your head (and the front) is always gorgeous!!! You’re actually one of the reasons I got my hair cut!

    Would you mind if I posted your haircut on my blog some time? It’s too gorgeous not to share!

  22. says

    hey kate…i’m a daily follower and i love your blog…congrats on the article. you deserve it. are you going to post the video on the braided side pony in the video? i love it.

  23. Vicki says

    Kate, You really are a great teacher. Here I have been using the Aquage product all wrong. I wondered why it came out from such a tiny tip. I’ve always used foam/mousse by spraying it into my hands and then applying it to my hair. I can see from your video, it makes so much more sense to apply directly to the roots! Can’t wait to see the difference tomorrow when I use it correctly. Thanks!

  24. Anonymous says

    Kate, I am a fairly new to your blog as I found your hair tutorials on pinterest. I have watched all your videos and read your blog on a daily basis. I am always trying your techniques out on my hair. I totally love the aquage and will never try any other root booster again. I have recommended your blog and the products you use to others. Thanks!

  25. Anonymous says

    Hey Kate! I must say I’m hooked on your blog and check it daily. I’ve tried 3 of your hairstyles and received tons of compliments (especially on the double messy bun hairdo)! On this post about blow drying your hair. I naturally have thick, curly hair and a lot of volume. Should I still try blow drying it upside down and adding in root booster or continue blow drying it in sections with a round brush (which is what I currently do). Thanks for all the helpful tips! -Megan

  26. Tori says

    I love your blog. Driving home tonight it dawned on me that it was Monday and you would have a new tutorial-I was even more excited to get home then! Thanks!

  27. says

    For some reason I can’t view this video. :( I’ve been able to in the past. Any way you put a link directly to YouTube? (I searched a gazillion blow dry tutorials but never came to yours.)

    I love your blog!

  28. says

    For some reason I can’t view this video. :( I’ve been able to in the past. Any way you put a link directly to YouTube? (I searched a gazillion blow dry tutorials but never came to yours.)

    I love your blog!

  29. says

    Kate – Love your blog! I found it via pinterest a few months ago and after falling in love with your hair tutorials, I’ve also come to enjoy all your other musings about clothes, Birchbox and especially the Pioneer Woman (I too am a HUGE fan of her blog and recipes). I’ve even wandered over to your etsy shop – very cute jewelry! You gave me the inspiration I needed to stop making excuses and start up my own cooking/crafting blog. I’m at if you’d like to stop by!

  30. says

    OMG I just tried this blow dry technique and it worked like a charm! I didn’t have to do anything other than alittle direction with my fingers. I’m in love!!!

  31. Anonymous says

    Kate – what to do you recommend for girls like me who can’t blow dry upside down using just your fingers and a brush? I have thin but curly hair that if I try to dry like you do in the video will be a frizzy mess, with some parts straight and some curly and none smooth! I can’t air dry my hair or make it curly without a diffuser. I use a round brush to control the frizz but just can’t get that volume because I can’t blow dry upside down. Any suggestions? Please help!

  32. says

    I did not know that about blow drying your hair down instead of at your hair. I ALWAYS have flyaways. I guess my blow drying skills need some work! Thank you for this!! I am going to work on blow drying my hair to correct way and doing some conditioning treatments and hopefully my hair will look healthier soon!!

  33. says

    Hi Kate, I like to blow dry my hair with a round brush but have never really found a good round brush! When face with my options, its overwhelming! I think my hair is a similar texture and length to yours, according to your description. What would you recommend? Thanks so much!

  34. says

    So glad that I’m not the only one who blow dries my hair like that, it’s comforting seeing a professional recommend it! Absolutely love the hairstyle calender for March, such a cute idea!xXx

  35. Anonymous says

    Love,love love your blog! You have tutored me on styling my hair like a pro, and I get so many compliments now. Thanks for the detailed tutorials, they really help. If I lived near you I’d DEFINITELY have you as my hairdresser.

  36. Tara S. says

    Thank you for this video!! Think it’s funny how it’s about something so simple, something you probably thought no one would have cared about or wanted to see, and yet it looks like it’s getting a ton of comments. :) I know I definitely had been wishing you’d make a blow dry video.
    Just one question, I have long, thick hair that I don’t believe needs much volume. It takes me 20 minutes to dry my hair because it really holds water! Any tips on cutting down the time besides the product you used in this video?
    Thanks so much!

  37. Tiffany says

    Love your blog!!! Keep the video’s coming. P.S. I like the framed art over your bed in the magazine clip… I work at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and we carry that same piece! :)

  38. says

    I have been using a vented brush, but I don’t love it. It brings on the static big time! I have searched online for the Cricket Static Free 385 brush you mentioned in this post and I haven’t been able to find it. Do you have any suggestions for where to look? Thanks!!

    Kari :)

  39. says

    Your blow dry method is awesome! Thank you for posting. It has changed the way I blow dry my hair, and I love it. Makes everything feel smoother and better. I had no idea that aiming the blow dryer at my roots was causing frizz and hair unhappiness.

  40. says

    Question: I’ve heard other professionals insist that you should always use a diffuser when blow drying your hair … is that really necessary, or does it make some sort of a difference? It looks like your hair is great without it!

  41. says

    I love all of your tutorials! I just got my haircut with the same style, so I’m still learning how to manage short hair! I’ve had long hair my entire life! So it’s a drastic change. Please keep different ideas coming! It’d help out a bunch! You’re awesome!:)

  42. says

    This is my favorite tutorial that you’ve posted so far. LOVE THIS! My hair gets frizzy soooo easily but I think I’m pointing the blow dryer in the wrong direction when blow drying it.

  43. kelly says

    So I know when u had requests for this tutorial u were probably thinking to yourself this is not going to be benefical. Well I learned a lot. I was the girl who brushed out her wet hair, blow dried on high heat and aimed the dryer at my scalp until this morning. My hair thanks you.

  44. Moxxie says

    LOVE this tutorial! People actually noticed “something different” about my hair today. So much less frizzy and flyaway, as I was drying upside down, but in the wrong direction! It’s amazing what difference such a minor change can make. My stylist is getting tired of me saying, “This is the way Kate says to do it…”

  45. says

    I can’t find the brush you use on-line. I saw you mentioned several times that you use Cricket Static Free 385 brush, but can’t locate it anywhere. Where do you recommend getting one or is it called something else?

  46. says

    I’m a faithful follower of yours and get really, really excited when you post a new video!

    I just have one quick question….I have naturally curly hair and using a paddle brush like that would pull all of that curl out. Any other suggestions?

    Many Blessings,

  47. says

    You, my dear, are a HUGE lifesaver! I was thinking of getting my hair cut because I wasn’t getting any volume…and then I saw this video of yours! THANK you! I looked up where to get the Aquage a few months ago but when I got it, I was horrible at using it. Now, I do exactly like you do and when I’m done blow drying my hair I round brush it a little since I am a complete ace with the flat iron! Thanks again. LOVE your blog!!!

  48. says

    Loved this tutorial. I’ve dried my hair upside down for years, but it involved just flipping upside down and pointing a dryer at it…no paddle brush, no pointing in the direction of the cuticle for smoothness, no flipping from side to side, and no cool shot. Those tips made all the difference in the world. I’m now getting lift that lasts all day!

  49. says

    Thanks so much for sharing this! Since watching this I’ve been very careful NOT to point directly at my head. And I’m happy to report that, even though it takes a bit longer this way (my hair is quite long and thick), my flyaways and ends are so much smoother.

  50. Anonymous says

    This is fantastic. My flyaways on the top of my head have been horrendous, and I’m hoping fixing my blow-dry technique will help like you mentioned. Thanks!

  51. says

    I have a pixie cut .. my hair wavy and i have longer layers in the front. so i just apply a mousse and blow dry using a diffuser. normal blow drying just causes a lot of frizz. so i was wondering if the aquage uplifting foam will give me good results even with a diffuser? or do i need to blow dry using a brush to get the desired volume?

  52. says

    Dear Kate! I´m following your blog for a while now and since I got my medium lenght hair cut a few feeks ago I tried your blow our method a couple of times now – and- what can I say – it blow me away ;-). Your method works amazing. I have stick straight hair without volume and normally I never leave my hair only blow dried without heat styling like rollers or curling iron. But with your method (+aquage uplifting foam, which I was luckily able to get my hands on through a friend from the US, as I can´t get it in Germany…) I can even leave the house with blow died hair which is straight with lots of volume! Saves me time in the morning! I´m following your hair tutorials as well! You are such an inspiration! Please keep sharing your ideas :-). Thank you for sharing!

  53. Lizzie Morales says

    Hi Kate,
    I have naturally curly hair. Would this technique give me straight hair after I blow dry?

  54. Teach42 says

    My hair is wavy, coarse, long, thick, and super frizzy. When I let my hair air dry, it turns into this awkward frizzy straight hair with wavy pieces but when it’s wet, it’s so wavy it’s almost curly. I hate blow drying my hair (because it takes an our and a half), so I usually just let it air dry overnight and straighten it in the morning. (let me note that my hair is so unruly that I also have to straighten my hair in order to curl it.)

    So last night, I decided to use for the first time the Shielo Leave In Protector – and I didn’t blow dry it. I let it air dry throughout the night. It’s 6 am now, and though parts of my hair are still wet as usual, the parts of my hair that are dry look AMAZING. It looks like my wet hair, but dry. I’m usuing Shielo more for frizz control and the straightening benefit.

  55. says

    I was suggested this website by my cousin. I’m not sure whether this post is written by him as no
    one else know such detailed about my difficulty.
    You are wonderful! Thanks!

  56. Kathleen says

    I’ve been drying my hair like this for quite a while now after watching your video. Sadly I find that I am still fighting flat fine hair (even with aquage) but now it all wants to go straight towards my face. How can i get more volume AND get my hair to go BACK instead of forward?

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