Coral Dress

I have a thing for dresses with sleeves.

So when I saw this dress. . .I knew I had to have it.

It’s from ModCloth. Have you shopped there before? I frequently check their New Arrivals but this is the first time I’ve bought something.

Their return policy is fantastic, so there’s no harm in buying it and returning it. And that was the tipping point for me.

OH, and the dress was $51.99.

Oh, AND it reminds me of Mad Men. And I’m kind of a huge fan.

I think I really would have enjoyed the fashion of the 50’s.

This dress is sold out, but make sure to check their new arrivals daily for other cute dresses! 


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    Forgot to say, finding a dress with sleeves can be tough, espc. when you reach a ‘certain’ age. I am not a fun of displaying my upper arms so much…..

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    Thank u again! Love it! We spoke highly of you and your blog at our blog meet up in Charlotte! There was 13 of us and all agreed your blog Is GREAT!

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    This dress looks great on you! I love Mod Cloth too, but haven’t ordered anything yet…..that may change very soon:)

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    I checked out mod cloth when I got the coupon from birchbox. I didn’t care for it. The dress looks great on you though. I’m very impressed.

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    Love the color, and the waist band! It creates such a nice fit for all shapes! (Not that you have to worry about that! :}) And I totally agree, I would looooove to have been born in the 50’s! Are you excited for the new season of Mad Men?

    Have a great day! -Jessie

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    Love this! Ever since watching Pan Am, I’ve been obsessed with the retro fashion! I just discovered Shabby Apple last week; their clothes are amazing and they have some awesome sales!!

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    I love it! That’s a really flattering color on you. How is the sizing? I always feel nervous ordering online. Did you get your normal size?

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    What an amazing dress! Looks fabulous on you! I’ve always been afraid to order from Modcloth… I tend to only order online from stores that I’ve actually shopped in so that I know how their sizes run. After buying this dress what do you think? Do the sizes run smaller or larger than what you usually find or is it true to size?

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    This dress looks great on you! We were just talking about Modcloth yesterday at work! I love a dress with sleeves and pockets- and this one fits both! I hate it’s sold out but I’ll for sure check out the new arrival section!

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    You like dresses with sleeves and you’re not even over 50! Do you know how hard it is to find cute dresses with sleeves? That dress is adorable and the color is perfect for you! Pinterest has many of us following you. It is so nice to figure out how to make our hair look like it does when we leave the salon! (Well….almost!)

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    Everything about that dress is so flattering on you, you look awesome! I just bought a coral top from Target yesterday! They have some Cute new summer things in!

  12. Wendy Larrabee says

    You look so lovely in this dress! I like that you are continuing to branch out with bold colors! I love the dresses at ModCloth but they look so short on-line. Maybe I’ll give it a try after seeing how awesome this looks on you. The 50s are my all time favorite fashion period!

  13. Sara Beth says

    Love the dress! I am a big fan of coral too. I like the sleeves and the length of the dress too. I agree as well, the 50s did have great style. I will have to check out ModCloth! Enjoy your blog!

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    love youe dress! it is so flattering on you! i’m also a mad men fan, believe it or not, jon hamm is a friend of mine, we were in the theatre department together in college at MU. i don’t think he’ll be inviting me to the emmys anytime soon, but i can say i knew him when. :-)

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      I’m so jealous! If he ever decides to invite you, and you can bring a friend–you can definitely invite me. Just saying. . . :)

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    I am OBSESSED with Modcloth. My friends make fun of me because whenever I have a new dress, they don’t even ask me where I got it. They just say, “Modcloth?” And I say, “DUH.” I check their new arrivals every day as if I’m checking a blog. It’s a sickness.

  16. says

    So pretty! What a great cut and color. Excellent find. I’ve coveted a lot of Modcloth pieces but not bought yet either… may have to take another look soon!

  17. Anonymous says

    I have a fushia colored 3 quarter length sleeve dress that yours reminded me of! I’ll have to wear it this weekend!

  18. says

    Cuh-uuuute! That color seems like it would look great with some turquoise jewelry! You’ve inspired me to take the plunge and actually order something from ModCloth (instead of just admiring their stuff from afar)

  19. says

    I love dresses with pockets. I plan events for alumni in Tennessee and pockets are always a plus for a phone and keys while I’m working. I can’t wait to check out this website. Thanks!

  20. Kellie says

    Oh my gosh, you look awesome! That dress makes your waist look extra tiny! Love the Mad Men look too. Can’t wait for Sunday’s premiere!!

  21. says

    Are you SO excited for the Mad Men premiere on Sunday???! I almost can’t stand it. With Hunger games and Mad Men, this weekend is BOUND to be epic! That dress is absolutely adorable on you.

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    So cute! I used to check Modcloth, but they never have anything in my size, so I’ve stopped torturing myself. Your post inspired me to check back, and I can see that they’ve expanded a bit since I used to check them. Now you can actually search by size, which is a LOT more useful. Thanks for inspiring me to check back!

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    Love this! Not sure if you read all of your comments (you have SO many!) but I love your blog! I have told tons of friends and fellow bloggers about it. I love your tutorials and have used them to style my hair a lot! I’m right down the road from you in Rocky Mount. Would you ever consider doing a tutorial and styling someone’s hair? I’m curious to see what you would do with someone with natural wave/curl (my type of hair). You have so many great ideas!

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    I LOVE this dress!! I just checked out their web site and I am IN LOVE.. I want so many of their dresses. I love the retro look, I as well love the fashion of the 40s and 50’s.. Now the question is, what kind of shoes?

  25. says

    Love this dress on you and period! Great buy! I have not purchased from ModCloth either but seeing this makes me want to :) You look so cute! As always !

  26. Anonymous says

    Thanks for the website!!I had never heard of it before so I had to check it out and I love it!! I recently purchased the dress Natural Remedy Dress and its just wonderful. It also has pockets which I so much adore.
    So, thanks again!

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