BB Cream

Have you heard of BB cream? I’m a little bit late on this trend, but I picked up a tube of Smashbox BB cream to give it a shot.
The BB cream I’m going to be referring to in this post is this one. There are a lot of options out there by several different brands, so be sure to shop around to make sure you get what you want for the price you want to pay.

I wanted to try it for two reasons: 1. the hype 2. what it offers.

My first question was: what is the difference between BB cream and Primer? Or a Tinted Moisturizer?

BB(short for Beauty Balm) cream is applied to the face either before makeup, or worn alone. It acts like a primer but also includes a tint, sunscreen, and a moisturizer that maintains even skin tone throughout the day. It does the work of atleast 4-5 different products in one tube, but it’s still very lightweight.

I’ve used it two different ways, under my foundation and alone. When I wear it alone, is a lighter (as in less makeup) finish since the only coverage it offers is a slight tint. I set it with powder since I tend to get oily. This is probably going to be my casual summer day makeup routine.

When I wore it under foundation, it felt slightly heavy on my skin. I wasn’t surprised at that due to the fact  that I wear a full-coverage foundation, but I did feel like it gave a nice smooth finish. It just wasn’t a “game-changer”, if you will. Or in other words, I don’t feel like I need to wear it in order to have great looking makeup.

So BB cream is different than just a primer, or just a tinted moisturizer. It does so much more! It’s great if you are looking to speed up your morning routine and enjoy light coverage makeup. It’s also great for travel, combining a handful of products in one tube! 
Conversely, if you don’t use a handful of products on your skin daily, or you don’t use primer (or tinted moisturizer) before applying makeup, you may find that this product won’t be important in your morning routine. 

What are your thoughts on it? Have you tried this beauty trend? Do you like it? Has it replaced a primer, or tinted moisturizer for you?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.


  1. Anonymous says

    I got the Garnier BB and feel that right now with my very pale winter skin it did not offer enough coverage to be worn alone so I put it under my medium-coverage foundation. I thought it felt heavy, so I stopped using it for now. I think it will be great for summer when I can wear it by itself. I’m really excited that it has sunscreen in it. And the Garnier brand smells really good too…which was a weird but nice surprise.

  2. says

    I am currently using the Smashbox BB cream. I got it a week ago and so far…meh. I am a new mom and wanted something that I could just throw on to make me look like I have not been up all night with a crying babe. I like the coverage, but it just feels so greasy on my face. I do not have oily skin and I set it with a powder. Don’t think I will purchase another tube. Maybe another brand?

  3. Anonymous says

    im gald u talked aboutthis cause im too late to the game and im always on top of the trends , been seeing it in ulta and commer. but havent taken the time to find out the hype!!! so thank you..xo amy

  4. Anonymous says

    I use that pink one, Skin 79, in the photo. I love it! It does truly even out the skin tone while giving a light luminescent look. There is a gold one that I’d like to try for summer but the pink is perfect for my winter skin!

    • anonymous says

      I, too, have tried the pink one. It is incredible and gives surprisingly good coverage for a BB cream. It moisturizes my skin without making it oily and covers my blemishes, so that I don’t need a foundation. Another good brand (from someone with skin prone to oiliness) is the Missha line.

  5. Anonymous says

    I use the Dr. Jart Premium BB every day and love it! It has an SPF of 45 which is incredible. The coverage is light, but I don’t like full coverage foundation so I’m fine with it. I still use my Bobbi Brown foundation stick when I need extra coverage.

  6. Kelly says

    Love Love Love BB Cream. I have one from Marcelle and have been using it daily for about a week – I don’t think I’ll go back to foundation. I set it with powder and I’m done.

  7. Anonymous says

    Hey all- i have the Garnier BB & I Love it!! i use bare minerals make up & found this works better than their primer, evens-hides-lasts…love it! the price is great too. :)

  8. says

    I use the Garnier BB cream! Before I bought it, I would moisturize, apply corrector & concealer to even skintone and then I would dust a light layer of powder. Now, I apply the BB cream, apply concealer and then apply powder. I no longer need my corrector anymore. In the winter, I would wear foundation every now and then, but this completely replaced that. I love it!!

  9. says

    I’ve been using the Garnier BB cream for about a month now and I love it. I have really dry skin and live in a really dry area so most foundations end up looking cakey on me no matter what I do – this is perfect for me. It provides just enough coverage and is plenty moisturizing for me.

  10. Stacey says

    Loving Estee Lauder’s BB cream – great for summer and weekend ‘no make-up’ days!!! Also, doesn’t make my skin oily like tinted moisturizer.

  11. Jennifer B. says

    I have a coupon for the Garnier BB cream, and have been meaning to get some to try. I wasn’t sure what it was supposed to do exactly, but I keep seeing the commercials for it! I’m glad I read your post and now I will definitely buy some to try!

  12. says

    i got the Garnier one because i kept seeing the commercials and i am a sucker. i like it, but like you, i don’t feel like it’s a game changer. my old routing was eye cream, moisturizer with sunscreen in it, tinted moisturizer with more sunscreen in it, concealer and done….this has just replaced the tinted moisturizer for me, so it’s basically not cutting down my routine at all, just a swap. i still use the moisturizer, concealer etc. i haven’t used it with foundation on top of it and i never wear powder….

    i don’t know. i like the smell, i like the feel, i like the coverage. i do have a new zit that i am blaming on this stuff, but nothing uncontrollable. it’s ok, but not worth all the hype for me so far.

    i’m glad you posted about it :)

  13. says

    I use Garnier’s BB cream, and I love it! I don’t need a lot of coverage. I have pretty even skin. So I use this alone, then my Maybelline eye brightener under eye concealer, and set it with Benefit’s Flawless Powder. Its so perfect and quick for getting ready for work. I wouldn’t use this for a night out or an occasion since it doesn’t provide a ton of coverage.

  14. Anonymous says

    I use the Boscia BB cream. When I went to purchase bb cream for the first time at sephora I was told that the best seller is the Boscia and now I can see why. I tried the Clinque BB Cream because I use the Clinque cleansing steps but I felt like the it was way too heavy. So I have now been using the Boscia for about a month now and absolutely love it! It is extremely light and because it only comes in one shade it will go with any skin tone.

  15. says

    Hmmm, I feel like I’m usually up on trends, but until this post I’d never *heard* of BB cream. I skip through commercials on the DVR, so maybe that’s the problem. My first most important question is WHAT DOES THE BB STAND FOR??? I need to know that. :) Otherwise, sounds like since I’m a light foundation user and I have that and 2 tinted moisturizers, I’m good to go.

  16. says

    Would anyone recommend a good BB cream for sensitive skin? I use bare minerals because it is lighter than foundation and doesn’t “cake up” my pores. But I do have adult acne so I have to be VERY careful, but love the idea of a light primer with SPF and tint!

    • says

      I cant use bare minerals due to adult acne. these minerals have elements in them that irritate acne. i have just purchased witch cosmetic products the bb cream is good and the tinted moisturiser. i suffer with dry skin and awful acne im impressed with witch so far slightly better for paler ladies but my face feels great and no new spots

  17. says

    I just got the Too Faced BB cream a couple of weeks ago and highly recommend. I normally just wear tinted moisturizer, but as I got older I realized I needed more coverage. The Too Faced is light enough that I don’t feel like I am wearing foundation, but has a lot more pigment/coverage then a tinted moisturizer. I am huge fan :)

  18. says

    Just last week I read an article on BB creams so I was glad to see your review. I wanted to try it mostly because of the advertising that claimed it would be good for red spots and give an even tone. Today is my second day to use Garnier’s product in the light/medium. I am 50+ and have always had good skin and wear minimal makeup but I have developed some redness in areas and so far this product is not living up to the ad. I still had to use my usual primer on the problem areas but it and my foundation were slipping on top of the BB. While it doesn’t give needed coverage to wear alone for a work day, I might would wear it for an outing such as beach or pool for the SPF protection. I haven’t noticed a heavy feeling but I’m learning I won’t be able to use it around my eyes. I have had lots of tearing and my eyelids feel dry. I’ll give it a week or so to see if extended use will make a difference.

  19. says

    I started using the SmashBox BB cream a couple months ago, I love it! It love the light coverage on weekends, it gives a nice finish when I don’t want or need to look very “made up” but don’t want to scare small children and grocery store employees. I use it under my make up when I want to look really polished, I use a smaller amount of BB cream and a smaller amount/more sheer application of my foundation. I use the Makeup Forever HD make up, and when I use it with BB cream, I apply it with a damp makeup brush- that fixed the “too heavy” problem.

  20. says

    I have been using the Garnier BB cream for over two weeks now. I have combination skin and adult acne. I have noticed a huge difference in my skin. Fewer breakouts and a more even skin tone with the BB cream. I have always worn Bare Minerals and now only use the powder if I was an extra layer of coverage. I am totally in love with this product.

  21. says

    I am currently using the Garnier BB Cream. I bought it because I was going on a ski trip and thought it would be a nice way to travel. It was great! The coverage is good, if you have dark spots you will still have to use concealer. I was impressed, I love that it has an SPF and that it does brighten up my skin.

  22. says

    One thing I would note is that Korean BB creams ( were the craze started) are different than “western” BB creams. I would get your hands on one from Skin79, Lioele, Missha ( to name a few) then it will give you a true idea of a bb cream and how it feels and acts on the skin. These creams usually have sunscreeen, anti aging and dark spot correcting properties.

  23. says

    I have been using Clinique “City Block SPF 40″ lately and it really is a dream under my Bare Escentuals. It is one of the lightest weight high spf sunscreens I’ve tried (my nose is always burn while the rest of me gets tan) and it gives just a nice finish. My only complaint is that it isn’t as moisturizing as some other products I’ve tried but it makes a great primer and sunscreen with a slight tint and most people have some moisturizer they can use at night if needed. Also, it’s only $19, really, can we beat that?

  24. says

    I’m kind of late on this trend too. I can’t figure out what the big deal is! There are a lot of multi-products out there. Are the skin healing properties in BB creams really that awesome? lol I will definitely have to pick up a bottle and write a review on my experience with the BB cream as well. From what I understand, however, the BB creams here in America are no where near as great as the ones in Asia. I don’t know the difference though!


  25. says

    Amy over at Angry Chicken made her own and loves it! I haven’t tried it, but I’d give it a shot and would be VERY interested in making my own with a bit more natural ingredients.

  26. gabyash says

    Never heard about this type of product but I’m going to try. Normally do not use much makeup but interested me much, especially now that the heat begins and sometimes makeup runs through both sweat.

    Thanks for the tip!

  27. says

    Because of your posts regarding Birch Box, I’ve decided to sign up for their monthly samplers. I love your new website format, but may offer a suggestion? The yellow words are a bit hard to read.

  28. Anonymous says

    talked with my beauty lady today and she said she has had a few clients try different ones ie garnier smashbox and marcelle and she said all of her clients preferred the marcelle one the best so I think I might try that one. Thanks for the wonderful post!

  29. Anonymous says

    I am moving to the beach in 2 months and think this would be great! I was wondering if anyone know how sweat/waterproof (if any) it is? Thanks for posting about BB creams! I was wondering what they were!

    • says

      They kinda soak into your skin after a few minutes so they do really well in humid areas. I wear mine sometimes when I work out and it doesn’t budge :) I do use the Asian brand BB creams though (skin 79 is my fav) because the Americanized ones are just like a tinted moisturizer.

  30. says

    I have used the Clinique BB cream awhile now and LOVE it! I like the light coverage and have dry-ish skin, so it’s perfect for just clearing up the few uneven spots I have but not causing any foundation lines. :-)


  31. Anonymous says

    I’ve been debating whether I should buy into this trend, I wasn’t sure it would serve any purpose. After reading your review I think I’ll not bother. Thanks! I’ve been loving your blog, Kate. Such understandable hair tutorials. I’ve tried a few and feel like I know what I’m doing for a change. Keep ’em coming!

  32. says

    I use the skin 79 bb creams. Gold in winter because it’s more moisturizing and pink in summer. I love them both and since I have SUPER sensitive skin it’s been a nightmare trying to find something to even out my skin tone and not be super expensive. If you do a second layer on trouble zones it works like a concealer also :)

  33. says

    I have heard all the hype. Went to Sephora to get the Boscia one and the girl helping me was no help. She acted like I was an idiot for not knowing this has been the rage in japan for years. Ok.

    Regardless, I like the idea of a combo item especially for the summer. I’m glad to know other companies are jumping on board so there are options financially.

    I will try one (and the Smashbox one has been highly rated) but just not sure which on yet! I do know, sadly, it won’t be from that sales person at Sephora – must have been a bad night for her.

  34. says

    I don’t currently use a primer, but have been interested in trying one out. However, thanks to your post, I may just skip right to the BB cream. Thanks!

  35. says

    I bought the Garnier BB and even after using powder my face was an oil slick before noon. To be fair, i have a pretty oily t-zone. I’ll stick to my go-to Laura Mercier for my tinted moisturizer this summer. I have heard that the Garnier BB is not a true BB so that could have something to do with it.

  36. Anonymous says

    I have the Garnier BB but haven’t gotten a chance to use it yet. Kinda scared as I have fairly oily skin and adult acne. I’m hoping that it’s something I can use outdoors in the warmer months when I don’t feel like being completely done up.

  37. says

    I bought the Garnier BB cream and so far really like it! It makes me a little shiney but as long as I set it with powder I’m good to go. It doesn’t do much for me if I have a breakout (not enough coverage) but its fabulous to cover normal redness, etc. and it lightens my freckles which I love :)

  38. Anonymous says

    I’ve been using the Stila BB for a couple weeks now and it’s going to be a “never go without” on my beauty list! Love it! I can wear by itself, or under my HD powder for more coverage. It’s great!

  39. says

    I’ve been using Too Faced BB cream for about 2 weeks now, and I really like it! It provides more coverage than other tinted moisturizers I’ve tried, evens out my skin tone really well, and gives my skin a fresh glowing look.

  40. says

    Primers (specifically the Smashbox) always make me break out! A beauty blog that I follow featured a product that was very similar to the Smashbox primer but significantly cheaper and intended for an entirely different use. Monistat (weird, right?) makes an anti-chafing gel that works swimmingly as a primer. For about $6-7 dollars, you can have achieve the same effect (and score a much larger tube of the product for the price!). And the best part… no breaking out!

  41. Kathie Cussen says

    I am using the Garnier and for weekends just at home or ducking to the shops this is perfect. I gives you a fresh look without much fuss. I wasn’t sure if I would like it at first but I love it. Oh yeah and living in the Australian climate you really can’t leave the house without sunblock. Perfect.

  42. Anonymous says

    I’ve used the Missha BB cream for about a year now (you can order it on Amazon for relatively cheap). It’s medium coverage which is enough for me on a daily basis. It does wonders to keep my skin clear and bright. Could not ask for more for something that replaces my moisturizer, primer and foundation.

  43. says

    Hi Kate,

    Love your blog. I had to comment today because I am IN LOVE with my new Estee Lauder BB cream. My sis-in-law works for EL and did a mini-makeover on my 43 year old face. I’m fair, freckled and yes, I tanned on an aluminum blanket in my teens. Although I don’t have deep furrows, I do have crow’s feet and other 40-something lines around my mouth and eyes. The EL BB cream is fantastic. A bit thicker than tinted moisturizer and not as “shiny,” it looks like my “second skin.” I wash my face, use a brightening serum, light moisturizer and then the BB. It has 35 spf, so I’m covered. It’s a little pricey, but a little goes a long way. LOVE IT.

  44. says

    I am absolutely loving the gold Skin79 BB cream. My skin is really uneven and I find that a lot of foundations really highlight my pores. I’ve found that I still need to powder my t-zone and put a bit of concealer under my eyes, but am otherwise thrilled with this purchase.

  45. says

    I am LOVING the Garnier BB cream. I picked it up at Target on a whim. I am a stay at home mom and was looking for something to wear on a daily basis that wouldn’t seem so caked on but still provide good coverage. I rarely, if ever, wear foundation anymore. In only a week, I’ve seen a huge difference in my skin. Thanks, for the review!

  46. says

    I’ve used several diff BB creams, the skin 79 was the first one but on a whim I bought the Boscia brand and I love it the coverage is great although it goes on thick if you put it on your face and use a brush after you can feather it out very nicely and its SOOOO light on the skin. I can also add more for heavier coverage but its super lightweight and it lasts long. I have old dark acne spots on my jaw line and it not only covers them but its been making them disappear also.

  47. abbi says

    I have oily/combo , acne prone skin and I’ve been loving the VIP Gold SKin 79 version. I did a ton of research and ended up ordering samples from I think you need to go with an Asian brand to really understand how they work. The “western” brands seem to not be the exact same. My only issue with the Skin 79 is the color goes on grayish (it oxidizes to match my skn after a short time) but it is fairly light. I don’t think it’s going to match me as well in the summer. :( Liole would be better for someone with golden undertones and normal to dry skin.

  48. says

    Kate! Love your blog. I’ll have to concur with a lot of posters and say that if you want the true BB experience I’d highly recommend going with an Asian brand as opposed to the “knock-off” western ones. The trend started in Asia and the best ones are still from there. I use Dr. Jart’s BB cream, and I love it. I have oily skin just like you and I just use the BB, then a light brush of Bare Minerals powder and I’m set.

    Dr. Jart’s is a little pricey (although cheaper than Smashbox, surprisingly), but a little goes a long way, and I love it.

  49. says

    I’m living in South Korea teaching ESL, and BB Cream is the ONLY makeup you use here. Not sure how it compares to the US versions (I know a lot of expats/celebrities have had to export it in the past, so I’m super pumped it may be available when I’m back stateside.) The BB Cream (Blemish Balm) here is great for problem skin (mine has cleared up a ton since using it) and it’s a foundation replacement, rather than a primer. I prefer the OHUI brand, but there are all kinds of versions, and it’s all pretty good. It originated as a cream to use after you have skin surgeries, which is why it is so good for your skin. I had no idea it had reached the States, and I’m beyond excited I won’t have to stock up before I come home!!

  50. says

    If you like BB creams, I recommend you trying out the new Origins one. I am completely in love with it. This particular one is called Origins A Perfected world Spf 15 Age-defense tinted moisturizer!

  51. says

    I’m really wanting to try out of these, but I’m concerned/confused as to the difference between the BB creams and a straight up primer. One of the things I’ve noticed with my old standby philosophy primers, “The Present” and “Supernatural” are the fake heavy feel and silicone. I want something without silicone.

  52. says

    I know this is an old post but I’m just curious with the price if it lasts a while or approx how long it lasts. I like to use good quality and would love to try some but not if it doesn’t last :)

  53. Anonymous says

    I have the Garnier BB cream and don’t think much of it. I am 32 years old with combo skin and adult acne when I use the wrong products. The Garnier stuff has made me get my “cystic acne” (deep, painful bumps below the skin) again and I’m done with it. I’ll pass it on to my mom and sis. I may try another version for a lightweight summer coverage, but it won’t be Garnier.

  54. Anonymous says

    I use Stila BB Cream and love it! It’s a nice middle ground between a foundation and a tinted moisturizer. However, I would recommend covering with a light mineral foundation for a more matte look with a bit more coverage.

  55. says

    Hi I haven’t read every post here, I’ll catch up on what everyone else has written latter. Just wanted to add, if it’s a repeat of someone else, sorry. I’m using a Korean BB cream. Yes, there is a huge difference for me because I have rosacea. The sun hits my face on the drive home no matter what I do which causes the rosacea to flare. It’s lovely, really. So I’ve been using the BB cream for 3 days. My skin has calmed down and started to heal. The offering of BB creams that are from companies like Garnier and Stila are really almost just tinted moisturizers and do nothing. If you find a good BB cream you will notice a difference. I don’t think I will ever go back to normal foundations. Why would I?

  56. says

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  57. says

    I received a sample of the Garnier BB cream but I have yet to try it. I think tomorrow for the 4th of July party I’ll give a go. I usually use my tinted moisturizer or foundation on the cheeks and I’m off. Thanks for sharing!

  58. janesio says

    I absolutely love BB creams and I’ve trying out different brands this year. It’s really hard to buy them in the U.S. tho it’s getting easier, but I just found a new website where I can create a deal on the BB cream I want and buy it with other girls at a cheaper price. The website is at You’ll need to sign up and it should work later.

  59. Laura Howe says

    Just started using the Clinque BB cream and I am in love! I was worried that it felt a little think when I tested it in the store but it really feels light on your face. I’ve been using Clinque skin care since I was a teenager and it’s always been very good to my skin, so I thought I would start with that brand. It looks great with just some MAC studio fix powder on top. I live in DC and the summers are so humid here that this is a nice break during hot weather. I’ll probably go back to BB Cream under foundation when the weather cools off, but for now it’s a great beauty option.

  60. Lisa in Seattle says

    I use the Garnier BB cream after getting if for extra cheap with double coupon and store rewards back with purchase. I love it as I age I need less coverage even for work since I work in a casual work environment. But when I feel I need more I use Laura Mercer Balance and Brightedn over it which is a mineral type powder (compact not loose like Bare Minerals) so it both sets it and provides more coverage without layering another full liquid on top

  61. says

    First, these BB creams are a far cry different than tinted moisturizers. Secondly, I highly suggest this for those who need or want little to no coverage. I have a cafe colored clear complexion and have never worn foundation, unless special ocassion. I really don’t need it, but now at 38 and alot less sleep than usual, I’m seeing it darken under my eyes slightly. I love Maybelline’s BB cream in med/deep shade. It blurs the slight darkening under my eyes. I think because its not so dark that I need a concealer that the BB works well. I also garnier under eye roller to calm any puffiness prior to applying the BB cream. It also blurs the slight imperfections and I look like I spent hours not minutes doing my make-up!! It’s perfect for those who want to go natural but look flawless. It literally feels like I have nothing on!! If you don’t need full coverage this is absolutely perfect!! My daughter who is a cappuccino kind of color uses this same shade and it’s all she needs. I’m in love I’m in love I’m love!! I’ve stocked up on a few tubes because it sells so quickly here!! I also recommend the L’oreal BB in med for cafe colored complexions. This is my new drug!!

  62. LC says

    Dr. Jart! It doesn’t so much in way of coverage but it definitely blurs imperfections and feels great on the skin… plus its spf 45. which is awesome!!!

  63. says

    I tried Skin79 Hot Pink and I absolutely love it! The reason I started to use BB cream was because I felt that foundation is too heavy on my skin. I also have quite alot of blemishes, which is worse when I apply makeup. BB cream offers all these great benefits in just one bottle. Its also super light weight which I love. I am definitely sticking to BB creams. For those that are looking for more coverage, Missha M Perfect may be better. I tried it but I wasn’t too happy about the heavy coverage. It also dries my skin. I am hoping to try other BB creams, particularly the Asian brands.

  64. says

    I use the Garnier BB cream. I like it. It moisturizes great, but it doesn’t do anything for acne. I tried the Maybelline BB and was not impressed. It was really gritty and made my skin feel dirty.

  65. says

    I bought the L’oreal. It does seem to have a diffusing property to it but it’s not what BB creams are hyped up to be. No sunscreen but if you are relying on your makeup for sun protection you aren’t getting much because you need a lot of sunscreen for full protection!
    I still use CeraVe AM (ceramides, hyralunic acid!) plus Pevonia LumaFirm for redness. The BB cream does not even out my redness enough on its own. But it’s an alternative to foundation

  66. says

    I just started using Maybelline BB Cream and love it. I’ve been a Bare Minerals junkie for over 9 years, but with this, it’s lighter and looks more natural. It covers up acne scars and when I do have blemishes, which is all the time, after you’ve blended all of the cream in, you take just a small dab over the blemish and tap it in, like a light slap so it covers a a little bit heavier but it still blends into the rest your face evenly. I do use my Mineral Veil to finish it off though. This is the first of any kind of makeup I’ve ever found that conceals scars. Or should I say “blurs”? :) I haven’t used it long enough, but they claim that after a certain amount of time, scars actually fade. Maybe not go away, but fading is always a plus! I give BB Cream a huge thumbs up!!!

  67. says

    I use Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream, and I love it. I use moisturizer before any BB cream, because the few I’ve tried, I don’t find moisturizing enough alone. I wear it as a substitute for foundation a lot of the time, and I’ll probably be doing this for the summer as well!

    Thanks for the great post :)

  68. myrtlesturtle says

    I recently purchased Benefit Big Easy. It is a lovely product but I have noticed that when I put my foundation over the top if it, it does not stay in place at all. Was just wondering if anyone else has had that problem with BB creams or am I doing something completely wrong?

  69. says

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