Pink Polka

Have you noticed that polka dots are everywhere? 

I have. 

And I noticed this polka dot top at T.J. Maxx the other day for $16.99. 


So I picked one up for my sister and me. 
Will you incorporate polka dots into your spring wardrobe? 


  1. says

    Kate, that is a crazy cute top! I am going to have to check my TJ Maxx to see if they carry it. I’m also really excited because I’ve been on the Birchbox waiting list and finally got in last night. I can’t wait to get my first one! Congrats on your color board winning!

  2. Bethney says

    That top would look so cute with a mustard colored cardigan also! I guess I better be off to my nearest TJ Maxx to see if I can find this top also. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Camille says

    Love the top and the whole outfit! I’m in Canada so we don’t have TJ Maxx, but we do have ‘Winners’, which is owned by the same parent company, so maybe I’ll find it there or something similar. Keep the outfit posts coming!

  4. says

    Super cute! I love the polka dots that are everywhere now. I ordered a polka dot top from the other day, but I haven’t received it yet. I think I need to run over to TJ Maxx to try to find that top. I love the grey color. I’m a neutral girl, too!

  5. Anonymous says

    I found that orange and khaki polka dot scarf you wore with your sailor stripe top the other day. (I wear it with mine the same way) It was the last one at Target and I’ve gotten so many compliments. Thanks for helping a mom feel put-together :)

  6. says

    i could make this outfit out of my closet. no seriously. i bought the SAME top at tj sunday… i have the same jeans and shoes. and a cardigan that color… LOVE it!

  7. says

    This is the second time that you’ve gotten a cute top from TJ Maxx that I go on my lunch break to find them, and my TJ Maxx doesn’t have them. :( I hope we just get them a little later than your TJ Maxx so that I can snatch them up! So cute!!

  8. HeatherM says

    Yes! I went to H&M this past weekend and polka dots were everywhere! I got a black/white polka dot shirt and blue/red polka dot dress. I’m wearing the shirt right now!

  9. Anonymous says

    found a shirt just like this the other day but decided to wait on buying it then got home and wished I had so went back the next morning all gone in my size! Love it
    Thanks for sharing Jacqueline

  10. says

    I went to my TJ Maxx tonight to look for the top. No luck, but I did score 25 hangers like the ones that you got from Costco for $3! I am going to continue my search for the shirt tomorrow pending 2 happy toddlers. :)

  11. Anonymous says

    I saw this at my TJMaxx too! Only a few sizes, all in large were left, and it ran really big. I was sad I couldn’t get it, seeing it on you makes me want to keep looking for another size.

  12. Lana says

    I love your blog, but it makes me miss my sister (she’s in Raleigh and I’m in Florida). I totally cracked up when you mentioned you bought one of these shirts for your sister too. It reminded me of when I was probably 13 and my sister 11 and we had the same polka dot shirt but in different colors. I would get so mad at her when she would put hers on and I was already wearing mine! :)

  13. says

    Your hair is so beautiful….it’s getting longer! I cannot wait til mine grows out, I’ve had an a-line bob for 3 years…I like it but I miss my long silky hair!

  14. Emiko says

    I have a weird personal policy about owning the same article of clothing in two different colors. However, after buying the blue version of this sweater, I decided I could revisit this “policy” and make an exception. I just went today and got the grey one! I used my target mobile coupon for my iPhone and got 15% off! I also picked up two MORE Revlon Lip Butters (creamsicle and sugar plum; I already have brown sugar) and Garnier BB cream. A bonus was the bb cream is on sale this week!

  15. Anonymous says

    Kate!First I just wanna say I love your blog! and your hair tutorials but I have a question I have this sweater but I thought of wearing it with black polka dotted shirt any opions as to whether that I should or shouldnt ?! thanks

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