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If you’ve read more than 1 post on this blog, or know me personally, you know that I’m a fan of neutrals. I live in neutrals. Grey, taupe, cream, white. Those are my colors. Oddly–they really aren’t color after all, are they?

So I am as shocked as you are that I ended up with this blouse. . .from T.J Maxx. . .for $15.00. . .

{Blouse: T.J.Maxx ($14.99), Jeans: J.Crew, Shoes: Nine West, Necklace: Target, Bag: Kate Spade}

It’s quite bright. But I actually kind of enjoyed wearing it. I didn’t feel overpowered by the color, which I would have expected.

Consider me broken of my Chromofobia (fear of color).

And all it took was $15.00. 


  1. says

    Beautiful! You look awesome in color! I’m the same way…play it safe. My accessories are color, but my basics are neutrals.

    As my husband tells me “Step away from the black…slowly…carefully…just step away.” LOL

  2. says

    Those neutrals are my weakness too. Especially gray and ivory. I’m always attracted to them, but I feel guilty that I don’t have enough color around. 😀

    You look good in that color! My favorite is that necklace though.

  3. says

    You look wonderful in color! It really pops against your skin tone and hair. I’m hoping we’ll see the “color” section of your closet expand! :)

  4. says

    Kate: this coral color is really beautiful on you. You truly should pick up more pieces in this hue. The tone really picks up your “peach n’ cream” complection.

    P.S. I NEED that necklace!

  5. Anne says

    Congratulations!!! You look great!

    I touched that necklace at Target, and put it back. It looks much better on you!

  6. Valerie says

    Those shirts are my favorite shirts. I bought it in kelly green and royal blue. They look amazing with skirts and heels, and under blazers. I love how the back is longer. Good choice. It’s going to become your favorite shirt, I’m sure of it.

  7. says

    Great top! I have a case of Chromofobia myself. I love that top though! You look good in coral! One of my favorite combinations are turquoise and coral! I may need to stop at TJ Maxx…I love the style of that top!


  8. says

    That’s really cute! I can’t get over all the awesome deals you find. Even though it’s only February 1st our weather has been so mild that it feels like its time to break out some bright spring colours!

  9. Anonymous says

    The fit is very flattering! And you should really stick w this color or colors similar bc it looks great w your skin! Also, I like the changes being made on the site lately. I check your blog on my phone and have noticed little changes here and there. Handy!

  10. says

    hi kate! I totally neutrals too and my closet colors look like a lot like yours….lots of dark blues and grays! I think that color compliments you really well :) you just encouraged me to give colors a try too!

    I just started recently started my blogging journey…love for you to check it out! :)

  11. says

    Great color choice! And…it looks like your getting your moneys worth out of that amazing target necklace too! I might have to hop on over there at lunch and snag me one. it’ goes with so much!

  12. Anonymous says

    you look awesome in colors! makes you look really happy and i love the color combo of coral and turquoise. keep it up!

  13. Alysia says

    Adrorbs!! Old Navy has this same style of top right now in a rayon. I got it in this SUPER BRIGHT, almost florescent yellow….I am trying so hard to get away from black (as a hairstylist I have been brainwashed to wear only black). I figured this top would cure me! Like the coral, it looks great with the dark denim!

  14. says

    That is a GORGEOUS color on you! Isn’t it funny how those colors warm and brighten our skin? I also have had problems wearing color because I always felt like it was perhaps going to draw too much attention to me (something I don’t like to do on purpose!).

    Anyway, long story short, I applaud you and the courage! Your blog and little stories are so inspiring to me because they remind me of me and to keep it real and simple. I also am a lover of Jesus, newly married and have your same shape, height and blonde hair. I kind of think of you as my “e-sister” if that makes any sense! :-)You’re just plain fun!

    Happy blogging and thank you!


    http://duluthstarofthenorth.blogspot.com (aka Emily’s Muse)

  15. says

    Love it! Love the color, love the design, everything! I am the same as you, not a big color person. I feel most comfortable wearing neutrals. I just bought a yellow tank top at Target and posted about it yesterday on my blog :) Eventhough it was under my [grey] shirt, it was still a nice pop of color!

    Jamie @ JustStuffForFun

  16. says

    I thought the colour was awesome, but a bit much on you…as I notice the colour before I notice your face. However, as soon as you put on that accessory it breaks it up and I’m back to noticing your face. Maybe the necklace says ‘look here please’. Great look, found your blog recently & I love reading it. =)

  17. says

    I hope you know you have the best hair ever!! I used to hair my hair cut in an inverted bob but have been growing it out for the last 3 years and now its long and I love it!! BUT everytime i look at your blog I wish I still had my bob…who knows I may go back!!

  18. says

    I’m a hairdresser too so half of my closet is black! But now I’m a stay at home mom so I def will never wear it again! lol Majority of my other clothes are coral and pinks

    • says

      That color could not be more beautiful on you!! I’m obsessed with coral!! I found your blog through good ol pinterest and love it!!! I tried your hair tutorials and loved my hair and love love love your posts!! Such a fan!!

  19. says

    I am now a new follower of your blog from a post of one of your hair styles on Pinterest!! I am so excited I found you and I hope you check out my blog as well and let me know what you think:) I’m going to attempt to try the french braid bang look tomorrow… you make it look so easy in your tutorial! I just need you to do my hair every morning because I am basically crippled at it. Love your whole outfit in this post! xox


  20. says

    Thanks to you I went to Target last night in search of jeans. I needed a new pair desperately. I also picked up a grey and white striped long sleeve tee…I couldn’t help but think of you. I totally forgot to look for this necklace. (And while in the checkout line a lady asked me if I hot rolled my hair. I told her no, with a curling Iron…and then gave her the details. Yay…thanks for all your tips.)

  21. says

    Ok I love this outfit! I really really think this blouse would look darling with some skinny jeans! You should try some and see how it looks. 😉 I don’t know if you are like me but I never wanted to wear skinny jeans because I thought they didn’t flatter me…but you just have to get the right pair (I highly recc Gap) they have the cutest skinny jeans (kind of a splurg) but some of the most comfy pants I own! Do it! You will fall in love with them just like I have and this outfit would be just that much more rockin! Promise.

  22. emilee says

    This is my very favorite way that you have done your hair! What did you use to curl it? I am scheduling my appointment right now to get mine cut like yours-what do I ask for? I love how the right side has so much body and looks like the curls are married together-tips?. Thanks for all of your tutorials. Love your blog.

  23. Anonymous says

    OHMYGOSH! You’re my fairy clothes godmother too! Im going to have to start a blog like yours…. neutrals- My closet is swimming in greys. TJ Maxx= favorite store. I swear Im going to live on this blog :)

  24. Anonymous says

    I love this outfit on you! I also have that Kate Spade bag, but in green…it’s really cute in your coral too! ;0)

  25. Hollind says

    I just have to tell you I’ve been wanting that necklace at Target for months!! I kept almost buying it and then would put it back, watched it go clearance for $24, and than $15. I had it to buy last night for $15 and still put it back. Went in this morning (for a last minute thing for my hubby, figures) and it was down to $9!!! Bought it and I’m so excited to wear it!!

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