Gussy Sews Giveaway//closed

I’m excited about this giveaway for 2 reasons. 
1. I LOVE Gussy Sews products. You may remember this tutorial featuring her headbands. 
2. I’m about to meet her in person at the blog conference I’m attending this weekend! We may even come up with a creative way to announce the winner. :)

Gussy Sews makes and sells pouches, headbands, totes, wristlets, etc. Be sure to check out her shop to see everything.

Hi there {waves!}, I’m Maggie Whitley, owner & designer of Gussy Sews. I spend my days working on my blog and my shop which are my dream jobs! On my blog you’ll find tips on how I left my day job to focus on my business and different prompts/projects that help build a handmade community of inspiration & adventuring. Interested in what fills the “shelves” of my shop? All sorts of sassy, girly, colorful accessories: *new* camera strap slipcovers, tote bags, zipped pouches, eReader cases, headbands — all sporting my signature ruffle ;)

click here to see her shop
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Maggie is giving away a $50.00 gift card to Gussy Sews

Here is how to enter:

1. Leave a comment here telling me your favorite item from Gussy Sews.

2. For a second chance to win, subscribe to the newsletter and leave an additional comment telling me that you did.

Please include your e-mail address in each comment so I can contact you if you win!

The winner will be chosen randomly on Friday, February 24th and announced here on the blog!

Good luck! 


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  5. Cindy lou says

    My favorite is the medium zip pouch. Id love to carry this in my purse!! So cute

    My email is gottoplay2000@Yahoo .com

    Cindy lou

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  74. Mikala says

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    I love the tangerine twirl nesting trio and the tangerine twirl kindle cover (my hubby just got me a kindle fire for our anniversary)!

    q smith 0812 at gmail dot com

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  86. Emily Thompson says

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  88. Anonymous says

    Oh dear, I am a sucker for anything with ruffles… Do i have to choose?!? I am going to have to say the midnight blue nesting trio. It would revolutionize my toiletries. :) <3 your creativity!!

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    I subscribed to the newsletter:) My favorite item from Gussy Sews has to be the headbands. They are so cute! They come in great colors and will jazz up any boring outfit or just add a little something to your favorite outfit:) Love this blog!

  101. says

    I love the totes, but I really need a cute Kindle Fire cover:) What a wonderful thing when your passion can contribute to your living!

  102. Anonymous says

    I love the glam totes, especially the one with grey and orange. Love love love it. I also love the pony holders.

    Thanks for the chance

  103. says

    So, i’m new to your blog. I like the things you post. I love how you connect us to other “good” sites. Thanks for showing me this new Gussy site. I love the medium sized zipper bag-great for organizing in your bigger bags or diaper bag. Moms always need stuff like this!!

  104. says

    Too many to choose from but I love the COLOR BOMB CAMERA STRAP SLIPCOVER!! I just recently received a new camera for Valentines day and I am looking for a new camera strap cover to show off my personality!!!I subscribe to the newsletter!!!

  105. says

    As a mom to an already messy 2 year old and with one in the oven, I am super excited to learn more about the diaper/wipe wristlets. All of the products are adorable. I can’t get over the fabric; it is really fun and vibrant!

  106. says

    Just read the story of how Gussy got started and loved seeing how God provided for them during the hard times and showed her that she should persue her love for sewing and making it a business!!! What a wonderful brand to support!!! And I couldn’t agree more for her love for ruffles :) :) It’s the girl in my no doubt. My favorites by here are the cute ruffled headbands. Such a small touch that adds to any outfit!!! Love, love, love them!!!!!

  107. says

    I personally like the Midnight Blue IPad case and the darling ruffled headbands. :) Thank you for sharing Gussy Sews with us! I hadn’t heard of her. Best wishes.

  108. Shirley says

    My favorite, without a doubt, is the gray rose headband. It will go perfectly with so many of my outfits. And I’m eager to try it using your tutorial!


  109. Anonymous says

    I love the glam tote–I had to throw away my current work tote this weekend so I really could use it! My e-mail is cbeck3@ Thank you for your consideration.

  110. Shannon says

    I love the glam totes! As a mother, I’m always carrying a lot of necessaties, so this would be the pefect item for a busy mom!

  111. kalynbrooke says

    I love the grassy dot kindle case! I really need a new case and this would be perfect!


  112. says

    Wow, it’s so hard to decide…all her products are adorable! I loved the gray rose headband as well as the midnight blue kindle case. Someday when I get a Macbook I’m going to check out her laptop sleeves too!


  113. Erin says

    I love the gray rose headband and the color bomb camera strap slipcover! They are so adorable!