February Birchbox

My February Birchbox is here! And has been here awhile. I’m just late in posting about it.

This month had 2 wonderful products, and some medium-ly nice products, and one product that is simply not my style. But it was interesting nonetheless!
I love love love the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant. I didn’t think I would like the powder + water= paste texture. . .but I do. And I adore the smell of Dermalogica products. I’ve been familiar with this line for over 8 years. They make good products. 
I still have a good amount of my Philosophy microdelivery exfoliating wash, but I may consider this new Daily Microfoliant next. It’s gentle, but gets the job done.

I also looooove my Beauty Blender (the pink sponge). You can read more about that here

The Jouer tint is great for accenting cheekbones, or highlighting areas, in case you don’t want to use it all over your face.

The Eye Rock sticker liners–not a favorite of mine. I don’t typically wear any kind of dramatic eye makeup, even if I were to be going out, so I simply would use them. 
The heart shaped nail file was cute! And is perfect for your purse since it won’t be as likely to snap in half. And finally, they included a little card to check out some new tunes!

So there you have it! That was my february box. While overall it may have been luke warm, I was thrilled to discover the beauty blender and the exfoliating product!

Are you getting Birchbox’s? If not, click here if you want more info!


  1. Amy Zempilas says

    Have been wanting to try the Dermalogica Microfoliant for ages, so thanks for the review! Thanks also for your great tutorials, really enjoy them… from all the way in sunny Australia!!

  2. says

    I was so disappointed in my first birchbox, I cancelled the subscription right after. I did not receive the dermologica, tint or beauty blender but instead a juicy coutoure perfume sample and two beauty tapes for clothing. Makes me wonder if they cheapened the boxes for nrw subscribers. Not worth $10.

    • says

      Me too I got those awful eye tattoos and juicey perfume. The only thing I like from the box is the lip gloss. I wish I got the blender and face wash. I am going to keep it for one more month to see of it makes up for the first month. How do you rate the products to tell them you did not care for it?

    • says

      lol, I totally add to this list! I wouldnt even pay $5 for the first box I received. I received a small bar of soap, some lotion sample, strong perfume sample, and a Sila eyeshadow which was in bright bright orange. It was ridiculous.

  3. says

    I was so disappointed in my first birchbox, I cancelled the subscription right after. I did not receive the dermologica, tint or beauty blender but instead a juicy coutoure perfume sample and two beauty tapes for clothing. Makes me wonder if they cheapened the boxes for nrw subscribers. Not worth $10.

    • Cassie says

      I agree! I got the clothing tape, the Juicy fragrance, a teeny tiny sample of lip gloss, a small 2-3 use sample of bronzer and those crazy eyeliner tattoo things. I felt like my samples didn’t match my profile at all, especially that bold eyeliner. Anyway, I’m going to hold out for a few months…got the email about the Teen Vogue box next month and am hoping they put some better samples in it since it is a special edition…

    • says

      I can’t decide if I want to do the Teen Vogue March box, or my regular box for March…I am afraid I will miss something either way..decisions, decisions!! Kate, have you ever received a Teen Vogue box, or will this be a first for you too?

    • Jessica-Jo says

      I feel like that might be the standard starter box because I got the same exact products as well. I actually love the lip gloss and noticed that Kate has received it previously and as she said in her post, it’s not as scary pink as it looks. It is defiantly pink, but not like in the tube. The clothing tape I didn’t mind, I’ll use it for my up coming wedding, and I’ll try out the bronzer with summer coming up. But those eyeliners?! I tried using one set AFTER watching the instructional video on Birchbox and it’s just not easy. They were difficult to apply and wouldn’t stick and felt uncomfortable. I love getting products though for just $10/month so weather I love them or hate them I would continue. Plus you can go to Birchbox and rate the products you received and I feel like that would give them a better idea of what kinds of products to send in the future.

    • says

      I got all the same things as Cassie! I was a little disappointed too but all in all I decided to stick it out another few months to see if the products get better like Kate’s! She has been a birch box subscriber for a while which might make the difference because frankly, I am super jealous of the beauty blender!!! I also agree with Jessica, if you didn’t like them going online to rate them would be a perfect solution to let Birch Box know and they could change things for the future!! Anyway I am excited to see if I get anything better next month!! !:)

    • Monique says

      My box was similar too and very disappointed. I got the juicy perfume sample,super tiny sample of blemish stuff that smelled great but didn’t help at all, those crazy eyelash things and a very small sample of moisturizer. I knew the stuff would be sample sizes but these were small even for samples. I figured I give it one more month and see if the next one is any better. Would have loved the beauty blender as I already had one, loved it but my 3yo likes to run off with mommmy’s stuff so it’s lost in my house somewhere.

  4. says

    After seeing your posts about Birchbox over the last few months, I gave subscriptions to both of my sisters-in-law for Christmas. They love them and always tell me what they get each month. I finally decided that I should get in on the fun, too. I should get my first box in March.

  5. says

    I thought this was a pretty disappointing month as well – I also recieved the blender and the tinted Jouer which I like ok but yikes the eyeliner things that I got (WHAT???) . . . I didn’t get the Dermalogica Microfoliant which would have been cool to try. I hope next month’s box is better.

  6. says

    The Beauty Blender was my favorite product in the February birchbox. I got some strange lip tattoos which are definitely not my style! I was expecting a little better but it wasn’t bad overall. I did get some hair oil that works great too!

  7. says

    february was my 1st birchbox and my friend that got hers said it was the lightest one she has gotten. i liked everything in mine but the eye liner stickers. they sent me some chocolate with cayenne pepper and loved it. cant wait for next month.

  8. says

    I got the music thing, juicy perfume sample, chocolate sample, pimple cream and the eyeliner things. Honestly, not worth my $10. I have received three boxes and so far have not been impressed, I feel like I’m wasting my money :-( Not sure if I’ll be signing up for anymore…

  9. says

    I wish I had gotten the blender! I had pretty much the same stuff except the blender. I forget already what I got instead. I love it when the little box comes! Now I can’t wait to check mine out again! :)

  10. says

    Thanks to you, I signed up for Birchbox and received my first box yesterday! I was on the waiting list for about a month and I was thrilled when I first got it! I love the Dermalogica exfoliant! I didn’t get the sponge you raved about – BUMMER! But, I did get some awesome travel powder mouthwash things that also whiten your teeth. And, I got some Benta Berry moisturizing face creme. Thanks so much for having a great blog to follow with tips, and also for sharing your Birchbox love! You helped me find an accessible way to nice products while I live in such a small town :)

  11. says

    i got the exact same box, including the beauty blender which i have yet to try. i thought it was all fun stuff, but i am not into the eyeliner tattoos either. did you get the special vichy box? i just received mine yesterday and i really like their products! i hope you got one too!

    anyway, i wanted to comment about the free music. not sure if you got a chance to download the tunes yet or what your taste in music is, but green river ordinance is a really good band! i’ve seen them live as an opening act a couple of times and once as a guest of their record label at the coolest private little concert on a rooftop in NYC a couple of summers ago. their music is really mellow and cool kind of alternative-ish. they are SUCH nice guys too…

    just wanted to throw that in in case anyone was ont he fence about getting the downloads. it;s totally worth the few minutes it takes to grab them. i was so suprised and excited to see that little goody in my birchbox :)

  12. says

    I got a pretty similar box, with the addition of a mineral concealer (it is very good) and the chocolate. The eye stickers are just odd … I think I may save them for Halloween!
    I really like the Jouer Luminizing tint … I have been using it all over, and the luminizing agent is VERY subtle and adds a vitality to my face. I just ordered a full size last night!

  13. says

    Agree, this month’s was a bit lackluster. However, the one I got last month was my best yet, and the two before that were also pretty good. So for those of you who are just starting out, I’d say hold out another month or two and see how you feel.

  14. says

    hmmm, i finally got off the birch box waiting list yesterday… now i read all these disappointed comments my excitement has diminished a little :(

  15. says

    I liked my box a lot this month. I received the same Eye Rock liners (not really my thing, but I’ll try them out), Juice Beauty acne serum, Kiehl’s dark spot corrector, a Shu Uemura protective oil (very excited to try this!), and the Supersmile powdered mouth rinse. Oh, and the itunes thing.

    Did you get an e-mail about choosing a Teen Vogue box for March?

  16. says

    i too was disappointed a bit in my birchbox this month. i am wishing i had gotten the sponge blender!!!! i got everything you did except instead of the sponge blender i got a bronzer puff, which is cool except im kind of confused on how to use it. whatevs. i think december and january were my favorite months thus far.

  17. says

    I subscribed to birchbox in October based on your reviews and have never received the same things as you. I didn’t receive this stuff, either. How come you receive different things than me? Is there more than one level?

  18. says

    I was so excited to open my birchbox since it was my first. Totally bummed it was lame !! The eyeliner tatoos wow reallly?? Music ?? Mens smelling department store sample of cologne and tinted moisturizer (they don’t even know my skin tone ) I agree must have started out of the gate well but now to many orders to fill.

    • says

      I signed up 3 months ago and never had to wait. maybe they’ve gotten super busy but I just entered my credit card info and they sent my box out in the next months group.

    • says

      I signed up 3 months ago and never had to wait. maybe they’ve gotten super busy but I just entered my credit card info and they sent my box out in the next months group.

  19. Shelbi G says

    I got my first Birchbox this month also, but I guess unlike everyone else, I wasn’t sure what to expect, so I wasn’t dissapointed. I got the Benta Berry moisturizer and I REALLY like it. I wish I would have gotten a beauty blender to try after reading your review of it. I think it’s just a little to expensive for me to just go and purchase. I also just got the special edition VICHY sponsored birchbox today! I’m excited to try it.

  20. Anonymous says

    I didn’t get the sponge! :-(

    Those eye liners were so weird! I don’t ever do a dramatic eye either, but I tried a couple just for laughs. It felt like my eye was taped shut. I’m not sure who would enjoy wearing those.


  21. says

    February was my first Birchbox, thanks to you! But I didn’t get the beauty blender or the cute heart nail file! Do they vary a bit? Love your blog, by the way!

  22. says

    I love your reviews on the birchboxes, especially the months we get the same box. This will sound silly but I always feel kind of special when I have the same stuff you do. I felt the same about the eye liner, I threw mine away. I’m loving the Jouer though!!

  23. Anonymous says

    I was really disappointed because they apparently screwed my account up…. I was getting them fine but this month, the weren’t able to charge my card, yet none of the information changed?! The first month I got it, I got two? There’s another company that send out packages monthly too, for $12 and you get many more products. With birch box, I feel like I’m paying more for the nice little box it comes in! I forget the name, as I still have yet to sign up, but I’ll keep you posted!
    Otherwise, I love you’re blog (and your sisters too!) thanks for all your helpful posts!!

  24. Kat says

    Kate – will you tell us what you’ve signed up for on your beauty profile so that we can copy it to try to get the same stuff as you?


  25. says

    My box contained chocolate! There are a few other things to try like dark spot remover and a perfume sample. I signed up for the year. While the sizes ate small I love that it is products that I wouldn’t normally try.

  26. says

    I got the exact same things in my birchbox. I love the beauty blender its great. I also liked the exfoliater as well. I was scared of the eyeliner sticker and would never wear them out but I put a set on just to goof off around the house. I also do not wear dramatic liner so i used the most demure set and tho it looked decent after about 30 minutes the edges started to peal up and all I could think of was what if i were out and my eyeliner peeled, how embarassing.

  27. Jackie says

    For all the commenters who are unhappy, check your Birchbox beauty profile before you cancel. The first couple boxes I got I didn’t completely love, so I changed a few things on my profile and have been much happier with what I gotten since. Also keep in mind, they send out samples but you will occasionally get full size products that make the box worth much more than $10.

  28. says

    Hi Kate, have you ever heard of Julep Maven? Its kind of like Birchbox but its all nail polish and other products used for nail care. I would love to know what you think!

  29. says

    I went in and changed my profile after January’s lame box and it was so much better. I got the beauty blender too!

    Though i got stick on REALLY sparkly pink lips and not the eye liner. I think I would have preferred eyes.

  30. says

    After waiting on the list… I finally received my first BirchBox and also gifted one to my friend for 3 months. We both got different things and were pleasantly surprised. I got the silly eyeliner things, but also a nice perfume (someone above may have called it a man’s perfume, but I liked it!)… BLK DNM. Cannot wait for the next one! I changed it to the Teen Vogue (yeah, soooo far away from teen it’s not even funny).

    Love the file you got, Kate… thanks for continuing to keep us in the loop!

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