Weird Sleeper

We have two cats. Although, if I didn’t intentionally seek out Gravy in order to take photos of him, it would look like we only have one. 
Grits is the shadow cat. He is the first to greet us at the door we come home. In fact, he is right at the door and we nearly step on him every time. And then he’ll continue to follow us wherever we go in the house. Gravy plays hard to get and waits for us on the couch. Then when we go over to him to greet him, he does the “walk-stretch” and plays hard to get even more. 
Gravy lives by his own rules. Every once in awhile he sets up camp on my husbands legs when he is watching sports, but he (gravy, not my husband. lets not get awkward) never sits on my lap. 
Grits? Lives on my lap. Especially when I’m at the computer. Which is where I live. 
We live together.

And he doesn’t even care what position he is in. As long as he is in a lap. Where he can take a bath.

Or a nap.

Is there anything cuter? 


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    Or warmer??? I have a ginger one, Oscar. He’s all over me when I come home and especially when I’m chilly there’s nothing better than a hot cup of tea, some mail from friends and a cat in my lap! ♥

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    Cats are hilariously cute, aren’t they. Ours was a total cuddle beast and would want to be near and on one of us all the time. I especially loved it when I would be on the couch with a migraine and our cat would sit on the couch cushion and put her paw on my head as to say ‘there, there… don’t worry, I’ll cure you’. CUTE!!
    Thanx for sharing,

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    Ok, this is hilarious. I am SO not a cat person (no offense), but these pictures are adorable!! And I love your “House Pants” – my friends and I call them “Fat Pants” haha :)

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    Oh my, not a cat person but i def. would love to have an animal that curled up in my lap. I have a pit bull and he tries to act like a lap dog but hes 94 lbs and its not that comfy.

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    I love his little pink feet. And your house pants are awesome… I have two pair… one pair is also my paint pants, so they are house pants that are splattered with paint *grin* I still wear them all the time.

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    I LOVE this post! I had to give my THREE cats (Jinxy, Rusty & Michael-Michael-Motorcycle – known as M3) to my family members since my husband is allergic :( Ohhh the things we do for marriage! Keep the kitty posts and pictures coming – some of us are cat ladies living vicariously through you! :)

    Shannon @ Achors Aweigh

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    So, so sweet! Cats are hilarious creatures. We call our cat “Houdini” because he can open any drawer or cabinet door in our house. At my house those type pants are called my “uniform” because I have multiple pairs and that’s about all I wear at home.

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    OMG! I have like 6 pairs of “house pants”. I agree that they are the most comfortable, sometimes ratty, things to wear around the house. My cat,Coonie,sleeps in my bathtub during the day and right beside me at night. LOVE my kitty!

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    I love that you and Lauren are “cat people”. I love all animals, but cats tug at my heart strings, especially. One of mine unexpectedly passed away after Christmas. We adopted a young one to keep the other company, and our hearts heal watching how happy they are as they learn more about each other! *sigh* I LOVE CATS! And Grits and Gravy are just plain cute!

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    That is a very silly cat. He looks like a sweet boy. I call my house pants “fat pants” because I don’t have to worry about what I eat once I put them on and I don’t have to suck in my belly while I wear them! House pants sounds kinder, doesn’t it? Maybe I’ll adopt that! Aaaahhh, I love them. My kids think other mommies look the way they see them at school even when they’re at home. I think most of them are waiting to put on their house pants too!!

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    I have a Siamese who yells at me from the moment I come home until I sit down finally on the couch. And then he will sit at my feet until I move whatever is on my lap to make room for him. Such a dirty look too. At night, he sits on my chest and yells until I let him under the covers. He’s so high maintenance.

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    Cute pictures! I grew up with cats and just love getting to know their personalities. I now have a little 3 lb Chihuahua who is on my lap the second I sit down, sleeps with me and follows me from room to room. I love having pets. And BTW, I live in comfy pants when I’m home too!

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    That is very sweet. Our dog sleeps on his back sometimes. His previous owner warned us, thank goodness, or we would have thought something was wrong. He seriously looks like he’s keeled over!

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    aww cute! My puppy does the same thing. Whenever I’m on the computer, she HAS TO BE on my lap. but she likes to watch the screen and likes to watch me type, haha it’s funny!
    PS. I bought me some Aquage uplifting foam, and I LOVE IT! thank you for letting me in on all your secrets!

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    Your cats are adorable! Thanks for sharing. We have two sister kitties who are not lap cats. Our dog on the other hand, would be a lap dog if she did not weigh 70 pounds! :-)

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    This is sooo cute and I’m so jealous! My cat will only sit on me if there’s a “barrier” between her and me such as a pillow or a blanket. It’s as if she’s disgusted by touching me! Seriously–she does that little front paw shake if she touches me without the barrier!

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    :) SO cute!!!! we have a 5 month old Himalayan kitten, named Mila Jane, (M-ee-lah). She is the love of our lives! So much personality! She will cuddle next to you sometimes on the couch, but prefers to sleep by herself on the dining room chair or on top of the couch behind you. My fiance says that at night (she lives at his house,) she will sleep next to him under the covers or occasionally on top of the covers next to him haha. She is also his, “second alarm clock,” because at 7am every day, she will wake up and talk. walk up to his face and just chat chat chat. sometimes she will bang the cord to the blinds around too. So when he hits snooze too many times or accidentally turns his real alarm off, she is his back up! There however, have been times that she didnt “perform her alarm clock duties” and decided to sleep in…..which makes him late :)

    btw- do you have a “turbo ball” for your cats? we bought Mila one for christmas and it is ENDLESS entertainment. if you dont, you should look into getting one :) its GREAT

  18. Anonymous says

    Funny that you call them “house pants”
    In my family we call them our “uniform” as in, “I get home from work everyday and immediately put on my “uniform”!

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    I’m glad I’m NOT the only one with “house” pants.There have been several occasions when bad weather was in the area IE:tornado warnings…and getting “caught” in a storm in these pants has crossed my mind & that
    ( would not be a good thing)LOL!
    You cat is adorable! We have a cat too.
    have a great day!

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    Cute cats !!! Love how their personalities come thru. Each one is so different. I too am in my “house pants” daily. We call them scruffies around here. My dog even knows when I dress in something else I must be going out…now that is sad ! Mine aren’t quite pilled up so I will admit I do even wear them out. My other go to item is yoga pants. A major staple item! I believe in comfort first !!

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    I love cats and some of them are extra loveable, like this one, so cute! I just found your blog and you have inspired me with your hair posts, thanks! Come say hi some time. 😀

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    Your kitties are very cute…they so obviously love you like crazy. I have a whole “house” wardrobe that I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing in public…next best thing to wearing pj’s all day without the social unacceptability. Been using Aquage foam and Kenra 25 spray for about 2 weeks now and seeing a huge difference in hair volume. Thanks for all the good advice.

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    Whenever my boyfriend sits on the couch, our youngest cat, Stitch, jumps up and spreads out on his lap. He doesn’t do it with me, but I find it the cutest thing ever. Every so often, he licks his chin randomly, and goes to sleep. Silly cats.

    (Also, your “house pants” reminded me so much of the “apartment pants” from Friends. I tried to find a video, but couldn’t. Boo!)

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    This is too funny! We have a cat and all I wanted was for her to be a snuggly lap cat. We got her as a kitten, but it just wasn’t meant to be. Her idea of a perfect snuggling place is where she can see you but you can’t reach her.

    So we got a puppy! =)

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    Okay…I absolutely LOVE these pictures! Makes me miss having a kitty around the house. Thank you for sharing them.
    And yes, house pants (I call them “comfy’s) are a fantastic idea!

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    Aw Grits and Gravy! I love those names! I wish my cat would do that while I’m on the computer…instead she likes to stomp all over the key board and demand attention lol!

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    OMG! I love cats and one of the things I love about your blog is that you have cats, too! Gravy and Grits both are adorable. I have two cats also and one of them is my lap cat. Anytime I am sitting still for more than a minute, he’s right there, turning circles in my lap to find the right spot. Thanks for sharing your furry babies with us!

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    My version of house pants are plaid PJs that I put on as soon as I get home. I think they are a bit more obvious than yours. I love the cat pitcures. Maybe I am turning into a cat person as we speak.

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    I love this post!!! It combines two of my most favorite things, “house pants” and cats!!!! Those pictures are just adorable, especially the pictures of his pads =P Im a sucker for their little pads. I also love the walk-stretch. Our one boy will run up to my hubby and meow at him for attention but will struggle as soon as he gets picked up, run away for a second then come back and start rubbing against his legs and wrapping his tail around hubbys legs but as soon as he goes to reach for him he will run away. He also lays around like such a man.. I believe I have some pictures of it posted on a few of my most recent blogs.

    I am your newest follower :) I hope to see more of your kitties :)

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