Twisted Infinity Scarf

You may have seen the post I wrote recently explaining how I turned a long fringed scarf into an infinity scarf! And I love it! 
I figured out a new way to wear it so it’s tighter around my neck and doesn’t hang down too low. 

Even if you don’t care about twisting up a scarf, you can still watch it and look for my cat escaping through the door behind me. ::no more paranormal activity like this video though:: 

Feel free to rant and rave about how awesome the video quality is. We bought a new video camera (Sony Handycam HD) so I can create higher quality videos for YOU! 


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    Well shoot! Usually I can watch all your tutorials on my phone but not today. Hmmm…did it get posted differently? Will watch it on my computer later. :) Thanks for all you do Kate!

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    This is great I have a scarf that is like that and I had no idea how to wear it to make it look cute. Now I know thanks. Going to wear it tomorrow and hopefully have the time to take a picture and show you.

  3. Anonymous says

    Super cute! The video quality is AWESOME! Exactly which Sony Handycam HD is this one? I am in the market! Thanks for the wonderful scarf ideas and cute hairdos.
    Christie M.

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    What a great discovery. I found your hair tutorials on Pinterest. I decided to check your “about me” section and lo and behold you’re in the same area. I live in Cary. Love your blog! Blessings!

  5. Anonymous says

    Can you please post pictures of how to do this? I can’t watch the video and I’ve always been able to watch your videos!!

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    I’m glad you posted this! I bought an infinity scarf last year. The sales-lady told me it could be worn 11 ways… I haven’t even worn it once. It feels too long when wrapped twice, but too bulky when wrapped a third time. I’ll try the twist… it’s a super cute scarf, so I need to be wearing it!

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    Great tutorial and video of scarf-tying! I checked out some of your other blogs regarding scarves & just love all your ideas. I discovered your blog a few days ago thru Pinterest, & learned so much about styling my hair using the flat iron. Now I’m hooked and am now following.

    I think we have twin kitties — mine is a female. There is a pic of Abby on my blog header. They look so much alike!

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    The quality of the video was great, as well as the twisted infinity scarf. Thank you for sharing your high-quality video, which is helpful. Learning different ways of tying infinity scarf is so much helpful.

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