Merry Christmas to YOU//closed

Thank you so much for the support, comments, and love you have sent my way over the past several months here on the blog! I have so enjoyed sharing my hair ideas and other “small things” (I had to do it) going on in my life with you and I have LOVED hearing from you! 

I’m excited to continue working on the blog and sharing inspiration. 

As a thank you, I’m giving away my favorite nail polish and my favorite base/top/strengthener.

The grey polish is called Chinchilly.

It’s the perfect subtle grey, with a hint of taupe. 

And of course, my favorite base/top/strengthener from Essie too. It’s hands down the best.

Here is how to enter:

1. Become a follower of my blog, and comment below telling me your favorite hairstyling technique that I shared over the past few months.
PLEASE leave your e-mail address so I can contact you if you win!

The winner will be chosen (and the giveaway will end) tomorrow morning at 8:00a EST via 
Giveaway only valid for US residents.

Good luck!
*Essie has NO idea who I am. This is simply a gift from me to you. 

The winner is:

Amanda said…

Hi Kate! I love your messy bun, I’ve worn it a lot and get a lot of compliments. I’m so glad to finally know how to do pretty hairstyles that don’t take forever! I love your blog! Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas!

Congrats Amanda!


  1. Anonymous says

    I love the messy bun…I probably wear that hairstyle at least once a week! I very much enjoy your blog!! Merry Christmas!(

  2. Michelle M says

    I like the knotted 1/2 up and 1/2 down do. My hair doesn’t cooperate as well as yours does- but it’s a fun style! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. says

    I’m a follower! I love your tutorial on bouncy hair. With such fine and flat hair it has definitely helped with giving it some volume.


  4. says

    My favorite is the chic updo, but all of your techniques are wonderful! I wish I had you as my stylist in my hometown.

    Happy Holidays to you and your family!

    Nancy (

  5. says

    I love your blog, and your post on curling your hair with a curling iron is the BEST! I get so many compliments on the look of the curls!!

    Merry Christmas!


    natalie dot karamol at gmail dot com

  6. Anonymous says

    My hair is only long enough for the half up twist now, but I can’t wait to try out the messy bun when it’s a bit longer. THANKS! Merry Christmas! (Shimmer413see[at]hotmail[dot]com)

  7. says

    I’m definitely a follower of your blog! My favorite hair technique you shared is the straightening technique with the flat iron to make your hair straight but “curled.” I literally do this every day, and what a difference it makes! I love it!

  8. says

    I love your way of styling bangs with a flat iron and Aquage! I use this way every morning :)

    Thank you for sharing with us and helping me love my hair again!

  9. Anonymous says

    I love your blog. I read it everyday and have taken notes(lol). I was in Target last night and saw one of the sweaters that you had on in one of your blogs and said something to my son about you having it on and he just laughed and said “Mom you are so funny about that blog”. LOL.

    I love the Messy Ponytail because it is fast(and thats great for me cause I’m to lazy to get out of bed) and still looks very stylish.

    I sure hope I get chosen as the winner because I have looked at every store we have around here fot the 3 way glaze. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!


  10. Stacey M says

    I Love the Knotty or Nice styles you posted. My hair is a little longer then yours but I think it still worked nicely! Love reading your blog and seeing you pop up on Pinterest all the time! Merry Christmas! (

  11. Wendy says

    I love the half up style and although my hair isn’t long enough to do it yet, I have done my daughters several times and always get tons of compliments on it. Thank you for sharing all that you do and all your talents with us.

  12. says

    Your blog has completely changed my life when it comes to hair! I have seriously considered making a trip to Raleigh just for a hair appointment with you! :) Your simple tips like what products to use and to see the value of spending more time on my hair have been most helpful. My favorite style you have shared more recently is the braided bun! I have worn it twice and LOVE love it! I’d be so thrilled to win this give away… I’ve been looking for the 3 in 1 polish everywhere locally and can’t find it. Just haven’t ordered it yet.

  13. says

    just love the curled, tie the knots and bobby pin the pieces ‘updo’, saved me lots of money this holiday season! Plus I LOVE your tip about the bobby pins zig zag side down. How do other hairstylists not know this? Just makes so much more sense once you starting using them that way! Thanks again and keep em comin!

  14. says

    I follow your blog with GFC, and my favorite hair tutorial you have done is the Elegant Half Up! It is so unique, gorgeous and simple!

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    merry christmas!


  15. says

    I found your blog through pinterest, and enjoy all your tutorials! Favorite being messy ponytail, being a first time mom it comes in pretty handy most days! Thanks for sharing your talent & knowledge :) Merry Christmas!

  16. Calixta says


    I start every single day reading your blog posts. I love your style and easy techniques to tame this crazy hair of mine!

    My favorite tutorial is “curling your hair with a flat iron”–Who knew my flat iron could do so much!

    Thanks so much for making my day better!


  17. RebeccaW says

    Am a follower – love your blog!! I love your messy bun tutorial and all the other ones! :) (Michael_Weiss@hotmail dot com)

  18. says

    My favorite tip is the bobby pin tip. Who knew that for all these years I had it wrong!!

    With that being said, now that I can properly use bobby pins I LOVE the bang twist. I don’t like hair in my eyes while I work and that technique has been invaluable! And super cute, too! :)


  19. says

    I have been following your blog for several months now; I refer to it almost on a daily basis to decide what I am going to do with my hair. I also used pictures of your hair to take the stylist when I got my “post wedding chop” back in October. My favorite style so far is probably the bouncy curled under…although I love them all!

    ~Amanda (

  20. Anonymous says

    I absolutely love the “knotty” or nice hairstyle! I look forward to reading your blog everyday!! Thank you and have a wonderful and Merry Christmas!! (

  21. says

    I love your elegant half up, and then how you turned it into an updo. Just waiting for Prom here to do it for my daughter. I have many of your photos on my Pinterest “Hair” board. Thanks for your blog! hfronk(at)gmail(dot)com

  22. says

    I’m a follower! I love your blog!! Thanks for all the great tutorials. I especially enjoyed the messy bun. I’m growing my hair out for Locks of Love and needed a way to wear it when I don’t have a lot of time.

    Merry Christmas!

    cindeescraps at yahoo dot com

  23. Jessica Loudis says

    I love all your volume tutorials! Especially the one on how to apply Aquage. My hair is so flat, but with Aquage it’s perfect! My next haircut I’m even taking your photo in to get my hair cut like yours. I have a small phobia of going with short hair, but I feel like its time. Thanks for your blog! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  24. Leah Beasley says

    I actually just found your blog last night as I was looking on Pintrest on how to make a messy ponytail. After spending all night on your blog looking over the various hairstyles I think that is still my favorite. My hair is really thick and has a lot of weight to it so I am looking for a way to make the “bump” and make it stay all day. Thank you for sharing your blog with those of us that are trying to stay pretty on a budget!

    Thanks, Leah

  25. says

    You taught me that bobby pins go wavy side down! Thank you so much you seriously have inspired me to not just flat iron my hair every day! I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

    Warm wishes from Minnesota!

    ( krysten (dot) schwartz (at) gmail (dot) com )

  26. says

    I am new to your blog and absolutely LOVE it! I love the tutorials on curling hair with a curling iron. I also LOVE the aquage uplifting foam — I owned this product already, but never knew how to use it. Thank you for making this girl feel pretty!


  27. Anonymous says

    I am a new follower & love the hair tutorials it is so nice to see step by step. Many people (& me) need a little inspiration some times & you provide that with your blog! thank you Jennifer

  28. Wendi says

    Your blog is amazing!! I am still learning the bouncy curled under technique as I just cut 4 inches off my hair — I mastered the half french twist (yay me and thanks YOU!). But prior to that your curling tutorial and bangs tutorial were my go-to. I found you on Pintrest and I appreciate all the help you offer!! Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

  29. Anonymous says

    I love the messy bun! And really just your hair color. I brought my net book to my salon and said I want this color pointing to yours! Amcbreen at

  30. says

    Hey kate, i am a follower! I have recently discovered your blog, and i’m so glad that i have. I have showed all my short hair girl friends this blog too to show them that there’s hope for us too:) i absolutely love the braided bun. ive done it so many times already!

  31. says

    I love all of your hair tutorials, but I especially love the ones where you show basic curling, straightening methods. Those are so helpful!! Hope you and your hubby have a wonderful and blessed Christmas! :)

  32. Anonymous says

    I’m not eligible to enter but just wanted to say I really enjoy following you on Facebook.. I get so many compliments when I have “curled my hair with a curling iron”. I often set up a mirror by the computer and try your styling techniques, many with success :) Thank you so much! Kate Sawatzky, Vancouver BC Canada

  33. Heidi says

    Hi! I have absolutely adored getting to ‘know’ you through your blog and videos! You are such a sweet, true and genuine girl! My favorite hair style is the elegant half up – although I have yet to make it look as good as yours!

  34. says

    I love your videos – my sister is a stylist and I had her cut my hair based on your style. I purchased Aquage the day after watching every one of your hairstyle tutorials and LOVE it! I curled my shoulder-length layered hair and then pulled it back into the half french twist this morning for my company Christmas party and it looks great! Keep the videos coming! My email is

  35. says

    I started flollowing your blog back in September I think, I check your blog first thing most days…I’m addicted! I have never been very creative with my hair, wore it the same pretty much everyday but NOW I try the easy, cute, chic styles you feature. Hello hair love!!! I have tried several but find myself doing the messy bun fairly often. Thank you so much for all of your hair help!


  36. Anonymous says

    I am a follower and my favorite technique is curling my hair with a curling iron. Your easy to follow tutorial made this a whiz and I do it all the time now…my hair is layered and this styling tip has given new life to a boring head! Thanks and I’ll be looking for new tips…keep them coming!

  37. says

    I have been a follower for awhile and I love your blog! I was a tomboy growing up and never learned how to do my hair. With your curls tutorial, I learned and I love it! I get so many compliments when my hair is curly. Thanks! <3

  38. says

    I’m a follower. My favorite thing that I have learned from you is how much product you put in your hair & also what products you use. I have started to use some of them & have seen an improvement in my thin hair!

  39. says

    Hi Kate,
    I am following now and I LOVE the tucked away braid on both straight and curly hair! I get SOOO many compliments now that I have found your blog! THANK YOU!!!! :) (

  40. says

    Loving this giveaway! My fave recent tutorial was for the half french twist. I half-way attempted it the other day-ha. All your hair tutorials are great!

  41. Anonymous says

    I love ALL of your hair tutorials and really enjoy your blog everyday. Thanks for taking the time to share with all of us. My favorite is how to style your bangs with a flat iron. I’ve always wanted to know how to this and you gave the perfect demonstration! Have a Merry Christmas!

  42. says

    I found you on Pinterest and now I’m a devout follower!!! I absolutely love the knotty updo. I wore it to work the other day and my coworkers couldn’t believe how easy. Thanks for all the tips that make getting a little dolled up easy to do!

  43. Amy says

    I’m definitely a follower! I look forward to new posts in my google reader everyday! I love all the hairstyles you’ve shared, but mostly I like the tip on bobby pins that you gave! When you put the zig zag edge on your scalp it really hols your hair better. Merry Christmas!

  44. Devin_Self says

    I love the half up braided technique! I am always looking for new ways to fix my hair when it’s down to make it not so boring! And the half up braid is trendy and super cute! I am still trying to learn how to curl my hair is about the same length as yours and for some reason I am just not capable of curling my hair:( It never turns out good. but thanks for all of your tutorials and tips!!! They help TREMENDOUSLY!

  45. Anonymous says

    Absolutely love love your Knotting up do tutorial! So easy and beautiful… amazing how such a simple idea and be so dramatic. I would never of thought to try this hair style. Love following your blog. You ROCK Kate! (

  46. Anonymous says

    Kate – I love your blog, especially your make up and hair tutorials. My fav hair tutorial that has transformed my hair from drab to fab is the flat ironed straight one. I also love the messy bun! Katie

  47. says

    This is so nice of you, Kate! I love the “Knotty or Nice” styles you did recently. I’m going to try to emulate them for this weekend. My email is julieagroeper [at] gmail [dot] com

  48. courtney kee says

    Love your blog! I kinda hate to say I totally copy a lot of what you do! My favorite product you suggested is the powder up! It gives the perfect volume and texture for my thin fine hair!

  49. says

    I LOVE your blog…it’s the first one I read everyday :). My favorite post you have done is how to curl your hair with a curling iron. My hair is cut a lot like yours and it has been a lifesaver….and my husband loves it <3

    PS and who knew having the right products in your hair could make a world of difference! Thanks for introducing me to Aquage :)

  50. says

    Hi again,
    I also wanted to add that I signed up for the birchbox and it’s AMAZING!!!!! If anybody out there hasn’t yet, I STRONGLY recommed that you do, you will be glad you did! :)

  51. Anonymous says

    I love ALL of your tutorials, but the bouncy curled under is my favorite. I curl my hair with a curling iron (I bought a hot tools…)at least 3 times a week, use aquage (thank you!) daily, and signed up for Birchbox (awesome!) all thanks to you!

    marissa marissa725(at)hotmail(dot)com

  52. Sam says

    I love all the hairstyling techniques, but my favorite would be the messy bun. Have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!!! (

  53. Anonymous says

    learning to curl my hair with my straightening iron was, by far, the most useful post EVER. and your product posts are really useful too, though its hard to shell out for a big ol’ bottle before seeing if it works on my locks. thanks so much for keeping up the blog, you’re rad. have an amazing holiday! (starnic22(at)yahoo)

  54. Anonymous says

    Hi Kate! My fav hairstyle (although I love lots of them and it’s hard to choose) would probably have to be your recent ones for the holidays: the knotty and nice hairstyles, particularly the knotty. :) I love your blog-keep up the good work.

  55. says

    So cute! If I don’t win I’ll definitely be buying it anyway. My favorite hair technique is the bouncy curl under (is that what it’s called? I actually call it “the way to make my hair look normal in its transition stage”)

  56. says

    My fav has been the french braid bangs tutorial. I can braid anything on anyone else but not on my self but thanks to your handy lesson, I can do it now! It’s perfect for the days when I just don’t feel like fighting my overgrown bangs.

  57. Anonymous says

    My favorite is the elegant half up, I wore it to see the Nutcracker lastnight and it was perfect for the occasion! I also style my bangs the way you taught me. I use that one everyday!!

    Thanks for all you do and Merry Christmas!

    PS-I love the nail polish color. :-)

  58. says

    I am a regular follower (daily!) and have now ventured to use the Aquage products (changed my life!) and my favorite hair tutorial this year (among alllll of them!) is the braided bang– which by the way I am sporting today, with stick straight hair.

    Thank you so so much for your awesome advice and tutorials! You’re amazing!

  59. says

    So happy to have stumbled across your blog and now your sister’s blog this year! I love the easy updo you showed a while back. It was actually the hairstyle that introduced me to your blog via pinterest!

    Merry Christmas!

  60. says

    I just started following your blog w/in the last couple of months (thanks Pinterest). I don’t know how long this tip has been up but I LOVE the video you posted on how to curl your hair! I also like the tip on the bobby pins. I now put them in correctly. I am a follower of you blog!

  61. Rachel Scarletta says

    Hi Kate-
    I love your blog and visit everyday. I love recreating the “bouncy bob”. I roll my hair with my fingers and pin it to give it the extra volume like you demonstrated and I get SO MANY compliments!
    Merry Christmas


  62. Kathryn says

    Love watching your hair tutorials. I think my favorites so far are the braided side bun (tried that one on Sunday), the half-up braids, and the knotty half of the knotty or nice Christmas styles. I am curious if knotting your hair is easy to take out at the end of the day. My hair is thick and sometimes I have trouble getting a simple elastic out. lol. Anyway, Merry Christmas and have a wonderful holiday! E-mail is:

  63. Anonymous says

    Loved the half french twist! My husband got to help me with that one for our work Christmas party. :) Your blog is great!

    kaleena . edwards at gmail dot com

  64. Anonymous says

    Originally found you on Pinterest and am now a loyal follower. Have tried all your techniques! The messy ponytail/bun is probably my fave because I use it most often.



  65. says

    I love your tutorial on the pony tail. The one where you showed us the difference between a “going to the gym ponytail” and a really great going out pony! Thanks for all you do xo

    Merry Christmas!


  66. Amber Salling says

    Well I just found your blog today and I am so excited to try these different hairstyles!!! I have previously thought of myself as “hair-challenged” so I am hoping that my hair is as cooperative as yours in the videos! You make it look so easy!!
    My favorite so far in the actual hairstyles is probably the Half Up to Full Updo (I wear my hair curly a lot) or the Messy Ponytail/Bun because it seems something really easy to do but elegant!
    I love your blog! Thanks for sharing all of this wonderful information with us regular girls!!!

    Merry Christmas!!

  67. says

    Love that polish!!
    I loved your Ponytail!! I have always wanted to know how to do that! And I love it! I also loved the tutorial on curling your hair with a curling iron! I thought I knew what I was doing but you def. taught me how to do it right! Love your blog!

  68. says

    I already follow your blog! My favorite hair style technique is the elegant half up. It’s so simple and looks fabulous!


  69. says

    Love Essie! I didnt know you can curl your hair with a straightener. Guess I never tried it since I always thought it was for straightening. Who knew, right? I’ve been practicing and it really works! Thanks for the tips!

  70. says

    Pretty polish! I enjoyed your how to curl hair with a flat iron tutorial. You have also inspired me to maybe think about getting long side swept bangs and a shorter length at my next hair appointment. Happy Holidays!!

  71. says

    Thanks for the giveaway Kate! I love your blog. I run a lifestyle blog at & your blog has become one of my top 3 favs. My fav tutorial (& I watch it repeatedly) is curling my hair w/ the curling iron. I have naturally wavy hair & this just gives me a sleek, defined look. Keep up the good work! (

  72. says

    I love the elegant half up. Also, I found your blog through the bouncy curled under and still wish I could make my hair do that!

  73. says

    Merry Christmas! I follow your blog and love all of your ideas, right now I’m hooked on the hidden braid. I’m a fan of the messy ponytail as well! Jessicajenkins1014 (at) gmail . Com

  74. says

    Bouncy Curled Under is my favorite, and I love that you took pics of your cut from all angles…my stylist appreciated that! I’m wearing Essie Chinchilly now with one nail on each hand bedazzled with OPI Crown Me Already. One can never have too much greige polish!

  75. says

    i’ve really enjoyed the 1/2 up knotty style you recently posted. i’ve got curly hair and it’s been really fun playing with the curls!
    falco dot jenn at gmial dot com

  76. says

    I’ve been following for months now :) My favorite hair tutorial is most definitely how to style your hair right after it’s washed to straight-ironing it and the products that you use!


  77. says

    I am a follower and my favorite hairstyling technique has been styling bangs with a straightener. After seeing your blog, I actually got bangs and now daily use the technique I learned here! I also now use a ton of product and use bobby pins correctly, so thank you!! :)

    shmcquaig at gmail dot com

  78. says

    I loved your tutorial on curling your hair with a curling iron. I could never quite get that right before, but I’ve successfully curled my hair a couple of times now with your help!


  79. Anonymous says

    By far my favorite tip has been curling with a curling iron. For the first time in 34 years I have curled my hair on my own (and gotten many compliments on it)! I have also even worn it curled with a headband, which I never would have attempted before I found your blog. I also use all the products you suggest and can’t tell you how much better my hair has looked since I started using them. It may sound silly but having a good hair day can make you feel more confident in general and I am so grateful for all the good hair days you have given me! I look forward to all the tips and secrets you’ll share with us in 2012! (Also can’t forget the bobby pin tip – can’t believe I’ve been using then wrong all these years!) Leah Fry

  80. says

    I am already a follower and I LOVE your blog! As a hairstylist myself I have used LOTS of your tips and tricks! My very favorite is the bouncy curled under tutorial! The best part about it is that when i wear my hair that way my sister and my very best co-worker tell me that I look ‘like Kate’… it makes my day every time :)

  81. Anonymous says

    I love the curling with a curling iron tutorial. I’ve been doing that lately. Although ALL of your hair tutorials are fantastic! I wish you could do my hair everyday! Can u please move to MO? Merry Christmas – Julie

  82. says

    I absolutely love the braided bun tutorial. I think it is such an easy way to put my hair up and get it out of my face without looking like a slob. Thanks so much for this giveaway. I have been looking for a new essie polish to try & this one would be perfect. Email:
    Merry Christmas! <3

  83. says

    I actually have two favorites. 1) The “how to curl your hair with a curling iron” tutorial. Now, I can actually curl my hair with that tool and end up looking like a pretty human being (as opposed to the frizzy, misshapen one from before). 2) The twisty bangs. I do this at least once or twice a week, and people actually think I have the talent to French-braid my bangs (instead of simply twisting them). I just smile and keep my mouth shut… lol.

    Thanks for all the great hair tutorials!

    fuzzydice28 (at) yahoo (dot) com.

  84. says

    I loved your video on how to trim bangs. Close your eyes, but I used to cut my bangs straight across… Yikes!! Thank you!

    Jkroll2010 (at) gmail (dot) com

  85. says

    I love all of them, and haven’t gotten to try them yet, as I’ve been one armed (surgery). But I did just get my bangs cut and I’m looking forward to trying your curling technique over the holiday…granted, of course, that the physical therapist gives me permission to hold a curling iron again..LOL

    I also just picked up some aquage today!

    Merry christmas!

  86. Sarah says

    I have been subscribed to your blog for a few weeks after seeing you on Birchbox! I love it! :)

    My favorite tutorial is the side braid and bun–I have worn it a few times since I found your blog, and get so many compliments! Someone even brought it up last week when I wasn’t wearing it.

    I would love to win! sarahpeterson18 [at] gmail [dot] com

    Thanks for your blog! :)

  87. Aimee Neumann says

    I am a follower, and I must say yours is my favorite new blog that I found this year!

    My favorite tutorial has been curling your hair with a curling iron. My husband loves when I curl my hair now!

  88. Anonymous says

    Merry Christmas! I recently got a drastic hair cut, and have been loving the bouncey curled under style! I get boatloads of complements when I’ve styled it this way! I always refer them to the small things blog. :)


  89. says

    Where have you been for the first 54 years of my life? I have never been able to wear a pony tail and have it look good. Your pony tail video has changed that—and at 54, it is about time! I love them now! (Sound like a 5 year old, don’t I??) Thank you–and Merry Christmas!

  90. says

    I love the Knotty and/or Nice..Looks casual or dressed-up..Your styles are fun to wear and try-out I love the comments I receive.. Thanks for creating such a fun blog and Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!!! Hugs..Bonnie

  91. says

    All of them are so awesome! I just got my hair cut yesterday and going from past the shoulder to the long bob…..I just turned 41 and I was tired of the “Real Housewives” hairdo!! My all-time fave is the bouncy curled under! I can’t wait to get a new flat iron! My e-mail addres is:…..Merry Christmas to you and yours! :)

  92. says

    I have never posted on your blog but I have been hooked since I saw it on pintrest a few weeks ago. My favorite so far is the Bouncy Curled Under! And I am a follower with my google reader.

  93. says

    I am a follower of your blog and my favorite tip was the tutorial on how to curl your hair with a flat iron! Love your blog!
    mwiens2428 at yahoo dot com

  94. Ashlyn says

    I love you blog and read it daily. My favorite is curling my hair with a curling iron. Thanks to you I’ve learned how :) Now I feel like I can actually have a cute hairstyle instead of always wearing it straight plain-Jane style!

  95. says

    I’ve been a follower of your blog for some time now (its in my Google Reader that I check daily!) Love ALL of your hairstyles, you’re SO stylish :) but I think my most used is “The Ponytail” .. my hair is at the ‘in-between’ stage of growing it back out so I end up with it in a ponytail often. Thanks to you, its a way better pony than a gym pony lol

  96. Laura says

    OHHHHHHH I LOVE that color!!! My favorite hairstyle is probably the messy bun, even though I love them all….but I now do the messy bun on a regular basis to spruce up an everyday hairstyle:)

    Merry Christmas Kate!

  97. says

    Hi and thanks for the chance on this great giveaway! I’m a follower and I LOVE your blog!
    One of my favorite tutorials you’ve done is on how to use a flat iron. I love it because you show how to do the hair and not make it stick straight–thanks!!!

    My email is: erikasgraphicdesign (at)

    Merry Christmas and God bless!

  98. says

    Found you on pinterest… LOVE THE HAIR TUTORIALS. I got a Chi for Christmas so I can start using all the flat iron techniques and I ordered myself a Christmas present…Aquage Uplifting Foam. Yay!! Thanks for the great BLOG, LOVE IT!

  99. says

    I love the braided bun. I have been trying to grow my hair longer My hair is VERY similar to yours and I’ve been trying to keep it healthy by washing it less. The updos on your blog are really helping! When I can put it up and make it look cute without heat styling it, I can go longer without washing it and not look gross. Thank you!

  100. Anonymous says

    I love the messy bun (so simple & easy) as well as the how to curl your hair with a flat iron!!

    Have a great Christmas!!!

    michelleremund (at) hotmail (dot) com

  101. says

    I’ve loved reading your blog daily over the last few months. I either wear the french-braided bangs or twisted bangs and the ponytail almost everyday. Thanks for all your tips and tricks! (

    KB @

  102. says

    I like the knotted 1/2 up and 1/2 down do! I have also started curling my hair with the curling iron again… haven’t really done it since my son was born at the end of October, forgot how easy it was! Thanks for all the great hints and tips, love the grey polish too!

  103. says

    I loved both of the hairstyles from the knotty or nice post and I have wore both of them now to two different Christmas parties!! Everyone was in love with them!, thanks!

  104. Anonymous says

    I am totally in love with your hairstyles. You have a very similar hair texture and length as my own. I am totally addicted to curling my hair as you do and I LOVE the messy pony look with the ‘bump’ :) you are fabulous Kate!


  105. says

    I can’t think of what it’s called right now, but I use it all the time–the one where you take pieces and criss cross them into a half-up do with bobbypins. I love it! lmillerharris (at) gmail (dot) com

  106. says

    I have your haircut! It’s been so much fun trying all the different styles, and adding your volume-boosting tips to my daily routine has given me some extra confidence. I wish I had found your blog in October before my wedding so I could have done one of your hairstyles on myself…instead I spent $60 to have someone do an awful job! That experience and your blog have inspired me to take control of my hair so it never happens again. I can’t redo my wedding, but with your blog’s help I know I’ll have awesome hair at all future events! Thank you!

  107. says

    LOVE your blog!! My favorite hair post is when you show how to wear the cute headbands! I could never pull one off before seeing how to do it! Also, I use a bobby pin the correct way now since that post!! My hair is super thick and I could never use them to hold my hair so I was so happy when you posted this!! Merry Christmas and thank you for your amazing blog! It has changed my life and my hair!!!

  108. Catherine JD says

    I have to choose ONLY ONE style ? That’s hard ! I love doing the messy bun and the nice half-up, but my favorite style from you is that you gave me confidence to play with my curling iron ! Instead of sleeping in my drawer, it is now being used every other day ! And I couldn’t live without my Aquage anymore :) Merry Christmas to you and your family :)

    cjeansondaigle (at) gmail (dot) com

  109. Anonymous says

    Love your blog! My favorite hairstyle right now is curling with a curling iron. I’ve learned so much and I’m defiantly out of my hairstyle rut. Thanks for the tutorials and keep up the inspirations!!

  110. says

    Love (and follow) your blog. You said hairstyling (and I’ll get to that) but I love your make-up tutorials, too. I need HELP with that stuff! I love the trick to get volume with a straightener. AND I’m glad you told me about essie nail polish! Love it!

  111. says

    It’s hard to pick one but I love the tutorial where you showed how to curl your hair with a straightener, and the messy bun! anna.posekany[at]

  112. says

    Love all your styles, and especially enjoy the tips and techniques. The Bouncy Curled Under is my current favorite. I was not born with a hairstyling gene and couldn’t pass it on to my daughter, so I enjoy sharing your posts with her. She has great hair and now it can be even better! You’ve made us both happy–thank you!

  113. says

    Hi Kate, I didn’t realize I was curling my hair ALL WRONG. I would start at the bottom of my hair strand and curl up. After watching your videos I learned to start at the top and twist the curling iron around. Really makes a difference in how my curls hang. I’ve learned so many things but learning how to properly curl with a curling iron has been my fav tip! ~ JG from VA

  114. says

    Love the tutorial on flat ironing and then using the pins to hold it in place for extra volume (love the Aquage too, only one place in my town that carries it)

  115. says

    I found your blog (and your sister’s!) on Pinterest and I am so happy I did :)
    You guys are awesome.

    My favorite hair tutorial of yours is definitely bouncy curled under!
    I’m in the process of growing my hair out, and this straightening technique allows me to wear my hair down without wanting to rip it out :)

    Thanks and Merry Christmas :)

    xo, Jessica

  116. says

    Good Afternoon! Because of your blog, you inspired me to cut my hair into a grown out BOB and also purchase the aquage. I recently cut 6 1/2 inches off my hair and thanks to your blog I wear many different hair styles. My favorite is the twisted bangs, when I cut my hair I also got my bags all cut off which is cute but they also get annoying hanging in the face.

    Also, thanks to your blog…. I have joined Birchbox and have used many of your recipes!

  117. says

    Kate, I love your blog! It quickly became one of my favorites! My favorite tutorial you did was the “How to curl your hair with a curling iron” .. simple, but I really had no idea how before I watched it. If that doesn’t coun’t as a style, I love the braids that you pin back!

    Thanks so much for an awesome giveaway! I’ve never tried essie nail polish, but I’ve been wanting to for awhile!


  118. says

    I really liked your flat iron tips and now use them every day! (or at least the days I flat iron my hair 😉

    My girlfriend said the other day… “let’s do something wild and crazy!” I said, “what?” she says “Let’s drive to Raleigh and get that hair tutorial girl to do our hair!!” That would be so super cool!

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!!

    eatdrinkanddecorate (at) gmail (dot) com

  119. says

    Hey, I have really enjoyed your blog. Found out about you from a friend and was hooked. I really like the messy bun and first time I wore it got tons of compliments and told everyone about your blog. I also like the big curls with curling iron, but I had to modify it for my hair. Thanks for sharing btw I love the nail polish colors also.

  120. says

    Picking just one???? I love the curling with a curling iron. I finally am able to curl my hair and have it looks right. I alway get compliments, mainly from my fiancé. He always says so shyly that I look pretty.

    I love this blog!!!

  121. says

    I’m a pretty new subscriber and I can’t remember where I saw your link, but it was with the Bouncy Curled Under tutorial that introduced to me to your blog!

  122. Erika says

    I am new to your blog and I love all your posts. My favorite hair tutorial has been how to style your bangs. I could never figure out why bangs always had a little flip. You were so thorough in your video that now my bangs looks great! Have a great Christmas with your family.

  123. says

    I know it may be “basic,” but I loved your video tutorial on how you flat iron your hair with your tips & tricks (C-shape with the iron), and of course for introducing me to Aquage! amybwalker(at)

  124. Sarah N says

    I am a brand new follower who has enjoyed your blog for a while now. My fave post has been the how to curl your hair post, mainly b/c I can now actually get my hair to stay curly throughout the day now! Hope to win!

  125. says

    Before I found your blog I was in such a rut! I’m a new stay-home mom and would just let my hair air dry. Now I curl with a curling iron a few times a week (even if my hubs is the only one who will see it), and I am so much happier! Funny how hair can do that! Thanks for the inspiration!
    domesticate{dot}blog {at}gmail{dot}com

  126. says

    I’m definitely a follower :)

    This may seem stupid, but the curling with a flat iron trick has been my favorite! I have naturally curly hair that is unruly and never wants to curl the way I want it to, but I’ve always only tried with a curling iron. I use a flat iron almost every single day (read=BAD FOR HAIR, I know :( ), so this trick made putting a little “bounce” in my hair a cinch!


  127. says

    I love your blog!

    I have found the “how to trim your own bangs” tutorial very helpful as well as the one about curling hair. Your website has made me actually do my hair rather than putting it up in a pony tail all the time.

    Also, I have recently starting using Essie Nail Polish and LOVE IT! That color Gray is fantastic.

    Merry christmas!!!

  128. Wendy says

    Well, I’m currently rocking the messy ponytail pulled up from the curls I did yesterday from your tutorial. I think my absolute favorite though is the chic updo. I can’t believe that it really stays all day when I wear my pins correctly! You’re brilliant and I’ve sent so many of my girlfriends over to your site and we’re loving our ‘new’ hair!

  129. says

    At last, my day-to-day curls are near perfect due to watching these videos. I can’t leave the house without coming back with a compliment! (And I am by no means a hair diva.) The chic updo is my FAVORITE! I’ve worn it to weddings, holiday parties and just out to the store. My hair has looked so good lately that I was asked to do my cousin-in-law’s (?? lol) hair in January for her wedding. I’m stoked!

    Thanks for blogging! -Hollee (

  130. says

    I just recently started followin your blog and I. LOVE. IT. I am actually wearing my hair in the messy side bun with the side braid right now! I have gotten so many compliments, thanks for making it so simple! Merry Christmas!

  131. says

    Definitely a blog follower! My favorite tute is a tie between the Elegant Half Up and the Bouncy Curled Under. Love them all, but especially those two. Always great information and tutorials on your Blog. Thanks for all you do!

  132. says

    I love the elegant half up. I did my hair for my birthday because of that tutorial and my husband was super impressed. Thank you so much!!! You’re awesome.


  133. says

    I have naturally curly hair that has gotten thinner from having a baby. I loved the Extreme Cat tip and the tips on using curling irons and flat irons. I also did one of your half up do’s for a party and got tons of compliments. I would LOVE any more tips on getting my hair thicker like it was. I am using Nioxin and it has helped a ton! Merry Christmas!

  134. Anonymous says

    I love your blog! I’ve been following for awhile now! My favorite tutorial is the side braid with a bun. I’ve gotten so many compliments! Someone even brought it up last week and commented how cute it was–and I wasn’t even wearing it at the time!

    I love that chinchilly color–would love to win! sarahpeterson18 [at] gmail [dot] com

  135. says

    I just became a follower a couple days ago, after I happened to see you on Pinterest. My favorite is the knotty updo !!! I love it and I love your haircolor!!!! I SOOO want that giveaway, as I have looked high and low to find it in my area, and have fallen short. Can not get it anywhere around where I live. :( my e mail is I can’t wait to hear from you!! LOL !!!! :)

  136. says

    I just became a follower a couple days ago, after I happened to see you on Pinterest. My favorite is the knotty updo !!! I love it and I love your haircolor!!!! I SOOO want that giveaway, as I have looked high and low to find it in my area, and have fallen short. Can not get it anywhere around where I live. :( my e mail is I can’t wait to hear from you!! LOL !!!! :)

  137. Christie says

    It’s hard to choose a fave because they are all the best. I will choose the half french twist! You are sweet to give away a gift! I subscribe via email and am so thankful for all your tutorials. You are really cute and adorable! Thanks for thinking of others!

  138. Melissa says

    Well i am aaaalways using you quick messy braided style as well as the french braided bangs. I love the bangs especially when my bangs arent doing what i want once ive already left the house, i can just braid them and it looks like that was the style i was going for all along. :-)
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  139. Renee Morrison says

    I’ve been a follower and I love the daily emails! I wear the messy bun several times a week, but I love the knotty or nice blog! I’m just not brave enough to try them yet :-/.

  140. says

    my favorite hairstyle technique you have done is the chic updo. i actually wore my hair in that style last weekend for my fiance’s work christmas party. he works at a law firm in downtown seattle and so it was the fanciest most expensive work party i have ever been to!! it was cocktail attire, and so i wanted an updo without being overy stuffy. this updo was perfect! i spent a LONG time trying to do it, and ended up skipping the first part where you pull the top back, and just went straight to the flipping part. it still held perfectly and looked great.

    your blog is wonderful! i recently signed up for birchbox too and am loving it!


  141. Dana says

    I just started reading your blog about a month ago, but I don’t go to bed w out reading it every day now! I love all the hairstyling videos, especially the one about bouncy curled under…mine still doesn’t look as good as yours, though! Your hair is gorgeous! Merry Christmas!

  142. says

    Hi Kate! I love your messy bun, I’ve worn it a lot and get a lot of compliments. I’m so glad to finally know how to do pretty hairstyles that don’t take forever! I love your blog! Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas!

  143. says

    I love the elegant half-up do. I get so many compliments when I wear my hair that way. I’m so glad to have found your blog back in the summer and I always appreciate your detailed tutorials. Also, in general, I love that you are always so upbeat and positive–a welcome change! Have a very merry Christmas.

  144. Anonymous says

    Hey Kate,

    My favorite so far is the “Knotty or Nice” tuturial. I love reading your blog. You have so many tips and tricks. I look forward to reading you blog! Merry Christmas!
    p.s. I love Essie nail polish too! Haven’t picked up chinchilly yet!

  145. Anonymous says

    Recently discovered your blog… yea! Hard to pick a favorite, but I think I’ll say the braided bun. Thanks for the great tutorials! ~ Rhonda (

  146. Anonymous says

    My favorite hair tip you have given to me is how to curl your hair! I have short hair and I could never curl it with out looking like shirley temple! But thanks to your video I am able to wear my hair curled and I get lots of comments on it! Thanks!

  147. says

    I absolutely loved the bun tutorial. So simply but yet so cute.
    & might i just add i have been looking all over trying to find a subtle grayish color. What a great day to be on blogger. :)

  148. JANNA says

    I started following your blog a few weeks ago and I find myself checking back everyday for new stuff! I love ALL of your hair tutorials! I have been growing out a stacked bob which is the hardest cut in the world to grow out and I get bored with it so easily. That is until I ran across your blog. Thank you so much for ALL the different ways to style hair. I have been playing with my hair so much after seeing your tutorials and different styles and I forgot how fun it is having a little bit longer hair. My favorite video has been the “how to curl your hair with a curling iron”. I have always just curled my hair under but curling it away from the face with ends out is sooooo much prettier! Yesterday I wore it curled with twisted bangs and got numerous comments on it! I now want to curl my hair everyday! I can’t wait to try the aquage foam. I haven’t seen any in my salon but I am going to try and find it online. Thanks for all your tutorials and sharing with everyone how to have awesome hair. Keep up all the great posts…MERRY CHRISMAS! :-)

  149. says

    Hi Kate! Merry Christmas to you and your family!. I have to say I have fallen in LOVE with anytihing braid or twist related. I’m rockin’ the braided bun today and got so many compliments at work. I love everything you come up with and can’t wait to see what’s yet to come!

  150. says

    I found your blog about a month ago and I check daily for updates. I have gotten so many great ideas from you, thank you so much! My favorite hair techniques have been the messy side updo, and more recently the Knotty or Nice styles. I get so many compliments. Thank you for your detailed tutorials! My email address is

  151. Anonymous says

    Oh my gosh, I am so grateful for your blogging and hairstyle tutorials. I am a mom of two very active kids with little time to myself. Your tutorials are easy to follow and hairstyling is really quick. I can finally get rid of my “mom ponytail” :)

  152. says

    Follower! The best tip I have learned is how to curl my hair. I did it a little different. I love that you shows med how to achieve curls like yours. Thanks a mill!

  153. Anonymous says

    I love your blog, thank you for sharing with us. My favorite hair style you’ve shared is the half french twist. So simple and pretty! Merry Christmas!


  154. Anonymous says

    Following your blog is basically my life! My hair is just about your length and isn’t really thick so your styles are perfect for me! I’m addicted to curling my hair with a curling iron, thanks for teaching that one its my favorite! I love all your posts Kate, keep it up! Merry Christmas. :)

  155. says

    My fav is the messy bun in the back with the braid. I’m in the process of growing my hair out and it’s in too many layers so I can’t duplicate the look exactly–but I have one of those little headbands from the drugstore that’s like a little hairpiece–so I use that as the braid part of the style–the bun conceals the elastic band at the back of the headband so it’s perfect!

  156. says

    I am a follower and love all your tips…especially how to curl my hair with a flat iron and I love all your product recommendations I have tried!

  157. Lindsay says

    Thank you so much for your blog and awesome tips! My favorite hair tip that I learned from you was how to flat iron my hair and still have volume. I always thought a flat iron would leave your hair completely straight with no life, but you showed me a better way!

  158. Stephanie says

    I started following your blog today but have been looking at it every day since I found it on pinterest a couple months ago. I love the half up braids :)


  159. says

    I love your blog! I’ve used many of your recipe’s over and over again in the few months I’ve been a reader (thanks to pinterest) My fav hair tutorial is how to curl with a curling iron. My hair is looking cuter these days thanks to you! kate kilemen(at)gmail(dot)com

  160. says

    Oh, what a sweet giveaway! I am a follower because I LOVE your blog! My favorite hair tutorial of yours is when you showed how to use the root booster and style bangs… TRANSFORMED the way I do my hair (I just may have linked to you for this one two or three times on my blog). Thanks for the help!

    nolanandjill at gmail dot com

  161. Megan says

    Merry Christmas to you too Kate! My favorite hairstyle lately has got to be the Knotty Knot half updo! I wore it to a family christmas last weekend and got MANY compliments! Thanks :) (meganmoe(at)yahoo(dot)com

  162. says

    Hi Kate…just “met” you this week via Pinterest! I adore your blog (and hair!) and my favorite thing I learned is not a hairstyle…it’s how to correctly wear a bobby pin! I’m embarrased to say I’ve been doing it wrong for years…
    Merry Christmas to you and yours,
    Irma (

  163. says

    I am a subscriber to your blog! LOVE IT!! I have two favorites – first learning about Aquage watching your bouncy curled under! Aquage has changed my hair life!! Also, I have loved watching and learning how to do the twisted back bangs – who knew we were supposed to be putting in bobby pins crimped side down?!? Thanks so much for all of your tips and tricks you are such a great teacher!! Merry Christmas!!

  164. says

    Thank you Kate for all you do! You have truly inspired me to change my hairstyle daily!!! It’s hard to pick just one of my favs but I think the one I get the most compliments on is the side bun. It looks so difficult but it’s sooo easy to do :)

  165. says

    I found you on Pinterest a while ago and now I follow your blog every day! I love all your tutorials and your style :) I really liked your knotty styles just recently…wish my hair was long enough to do the knotty updo! Maybe someday :) Have a wonderful Christmas!!

    kgirl418 (at) gmail (dot) com

  166. Anonymous says

    Hi Kate! I love reading your blog (every day) and your amazing tutorials. I guess if I had to choose a favorite it would be the bouncy curled under look. I wear it almost every day and get so many compliments. Before reading your blog, I had long boring straight hair, but after taking your picture to my stylist I now loove my hair! Thanks for your blog!
    Merry Christmas!

  167. Lauren says

    I love the nail polish. My favorite hair styles is the double twist. I also loved learning how to curl my hair with the straightener.

  168. Mary K Duke says

    My favorite hairstyle, is the “how to curl with a straightner”. It’s my favorite, I do it almost every single day. I also have followed your video on what is in your hair. Absolutely love your blog. Merry Christmas!

  169. Anonymous says

    Before I saw ur pictures on pinterest I had no clue what with my hair. Ur blogs make doing my hair easy. Showing the step by step way. My favorite has to be the how to curl ur hair with a curling iron. I style my hair like that a lot. I also started using the extreme hair products by redken and I love live love them. Thank u so must for all the tips and info u give. Have a wonderful weekend!


  170. says

    I follow your blog and love the half French twist. Can’t wait to try a couple more of your styles in the next couple of days since I have a couple of days off of work. Love your blog!

  171. says

    I am now a follower! My favorite is the elegant half up – it’s so versatile! I really enjoy reading your blog :) Merry Christmas! Oh and tori{dot}cloar{at}gmail{dot}com

  172. Sarah says

    I love all the braids you do, even if I simply can’t get my fingers to cooperate in order to replicate them! I’d love to be able to do the side french braid and the one for bangs. One day!

    Love the blog. And I’m obsessed with polish (currently wearing Butter London Victoriana and Deborah Lippman Happy Birthday) – Essie Chincilly is one I’ve been trying to get my hands on but it’s always sold out everywhere, so I’d be psyched to win.

  173. says

    I try and try to do the french braid that goes around and ends on the other side of my head. I forgot what you call it. I will have to keep working on it!
    themrsward at yahoo dot com

  174. says

    I try and try to do the french braid that goes around and ends on the other side of my head. I forgot what you call it. I will have to keep working on it!
    themrsward at yahoo dot com

  175. Jess Deal says

    I love the messy bun as well as the curling iron techniques. I’ve worn my hair curly for years but you helped me go to a softer curl! Thanks for sharing all ur tips. I’m slightly obsessed :)

  176. says

    Hi! I recently became a fan of the blog and I love reading your posts! My FAV post is how you curl your hair – I’ve been trying to achieve that look with my hair for a while and never get it quite right (my hair hits around mid-back). Now, I can try YOUR