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Do you watch Mad Men? It’s not in season right now (cannot WAIT until March), but I love it. I love the setting, the hair, the makeup, the clothes, the jobs. It’s what TV should be, an entertaining escape into another world. . . instead of an embarrassing number of horrible reality TV shows. 

Anyway, Betty Draper is the beautiful blonde housewife, who always looks perfectly put together. Along with every other housewife of the 50’s (as this show depicts). 

And she wears red lipstick. So I was inspired.

I chose a “cool” red called Red Revolution from the Maybelline ColorSensational line. Look how shiny it is! I think it works quite well with my pale skin. 

Though I don’t know if I am brave enough to wear it in public yet. I feel like I need the right occasion for red lips. Maybe a date with my man? I think yes.

My top is from Old Navy–the patterned white and grey tank. I paired it with an old cardigan from Gap, and my favorite J. Crew jeans. I’ve made these jeans worth their price by wearing them almost daily. Awkward confession? Maybe. But I still haven’t shared how frequently, or infrequently, I wash my jeans. My mom would be horrified if I told you. :) 


  1. Anonymous says

    I like vivid lipstick; it help makes up for my totally pale lips……maybe :) I also rarely wash my jeans. It takes a few wearings for them to feel good an soft. I enjoy your blog!

  2. says

    You look great in the red and I’m probably just as excited, if not more, about Mad Men as you are! My husband and I have spent the last few months catching up on Netflix and I am dying to find out what happens with everyone! It is funny how a good tv show draws you in so much that you feel like you haven’t talked to your best friends when they don’t air the show for a while! :)

  3. says

    I continue to be way to scared to wear any bold lip colour in public. I put it on and then end up chickening out and wiping it all off right before I walk out the door!

  4. says

    I started watching Mad Men on Netflix a couple weeks ago and found myself trying a red lip for the first time ever this weekend! I also bought a pencil skirt. :)

    You look amazing!

  5. says

    Ok – the red lip is awesome! I am so bad about lip color. Love your inspiration!

    Also- the outfit is adorable. I wear my jeans every day too. And you don’t need to defend jeans. Ever.

  6. Lexi M. says

    LOVE the red lipstick! I haven’t been bold enough to do it yet myself, but would love to try it sometime! You have inspired me to try it! Also, jeans don’t need to be washed that often, especially if they are dark, you don’t want the color to fade. :)

  7. says

    The red lipstick looks great on you! I’m pale also, and have never attempted to wear bright red lipstick either. Might have to give it a shot..if I get the nerve! 😉

  8. says

    Ok, that lip looks fantastic on you! And, as others have said, jeans are best when you don’t wash after every wear. And I only have 2 pairs of jeans that I adore and wear almost every day. It’s perfectly okay (or maybe you’re just enabling me?).

  9. says

    Rock the red lipstick girl! You look fantastic! Totally feel ya on the jeans confession. It’s how I justify spending a pretty penny on mine as well :-) It would be interesting to take an anonymous poll on the topic. I’m sure the results would make us all feel a little better about our jean cleaning routine.

  10. says

    I’m horrified that you even hinted how infrequently you wash your jeans!
    I try not to think about it.
    Love the lips….love the top. Is it new?
    Love you too…AND your dirty jeans. :)

    Your Mother.

  11. says

    I love it!! You look amazing! Don’t wait for a special occasion (just like those clothes in your closet), rock it!

    KB @ kisslaughanddream.blogspot.com

  12. says

    I think you look gorgeous in the red lipstick, especially with the cardigan! And it’s okay to wear your jeans all week without washing if they’re still clean. Ask me how I know! 😉

  13. says

    I love Mad Men too, but I hadn’t heard it was coming back in March. Really can’t wait, dying to see if Don’s new marriage is really going to stick??

  14. Erin says

    I love the red, looks great on you! I’ve also been on a red lipstick kick! I got one called “Ruby,” it’s New York Color from Wal Mart! It’s moisturizing and stays on really well! I think its perfect for holiday/winter months! Thanks for sharing :)

  15. says

    I have blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin as well. How do you apply it without it spreading? I am scared to death of red lipstick, but love the look. I tend to go with a nude shade, or just a hint of pink. Do you use a lip pencil as well?



  16. says

    Ahhhh I wish I could pull off red lipstick! Or any lipstick for that matter (: You look fabulous! And let’s be honest… who washes their jeans every time they wear them?? I agree with Jenni… lets take an anonymous poll!

  17. says

    You can totally work that lipstick! It especially looks nice with the red cardi! I haven’t seen Mad Men – it doesn’t air in New Zealand where I’m from… Although I’m in the UK now so perhaps they have it here?!

  18. Anonymous says

    perfect color! As a MUA, I struggle not walking up to people and telling them their red lipstick makes them look like a street walker, but that shade is perfect on you! Looks very polished (like a Mad Men housewife) 😉

  19. says

    BTW…I wait and wait until I ABSOLUTELY HAVE to wash my jeans…and then I hate to do it!!! Love them worn in!

    I’m a high school teacher and told my students once that I rarely wash sweaters or jeans….they were so grossed out! :)

  20. says

    LOVE the red lips and your make up in this post. I have been dabbling myself in the red lip department. A beauty question for you: any tips on how to not get the red lipstick on your teeth!? I don’t wear lipstick regularly (I’m more of a lip gloss girl) and I went to a holiday party just terrified I had red teeth the whole time.


  21. says

    I loooove Mad Men. I watched all the seasons they have on Netflix and have been dying to know when they’re starting on TV again. Thanks for the info!

    Also love the outfit and red lips suit you!

  22. Anonymous says

    I’m so happy you are like me when it comes to jeans.
    Shirts get washed
    Underwear gets washed
    Socks get washed
    Pants.. they are always good for another wear.. and then another wear and then another wear!

  23. Susan says

    1.) LOVE Mad Men!
    2.) Red lips look great on you!
    3.) I read some article about a super-upscale handcrafted jean store in NYC, and the demin expert said ultimately you never want to wash good denim – ruins the fabric memory, feel, stretch, quality, etc. He realized that probably wasn’t going to happen for most people, so he said to wash as rarely as possible. :-)

  24. says

    This is crazy, I stared watching Mad Men for the first time yesterday on Netflix (instantly in love) AND I wore Red Lipstick today too!!! I wore Ruby Woo by MAC with a red lipliner by NYX.

  25. says

    I love red lipstick, however, I am still searching for that perfect red…they all seem to turn pinkish on me. Thanks for the color name..I will give it a try. By the way, you shouldn’t be afraid of wearing the red out..it suits you beautifully.

  26. Jackie says

    I love the look of a bold lip but I am also in the skiddish-to wear-in-public crowd. I never wash any of my pants unless I get something on them. I have had too many to shrink and become highwaters to do otherwise!! Your mom’s comment still made me laugh though :)

  27. says

    Don’t know Mad Men. I have pale skin, too — but you made that red look GREAT. May have to try that color. And the jeans? Is once a month too infrequent to wash? 😉 Yeah, let’s just say I like to conserve water about my jeans, too. :-)

  28. says

    This looks great but you should try a red that is a little softer/closer to orange. Maybe a medium shade of coral. Still red though. Colors are hard to describe in words…

  29. says

    I think the red lipstick works well for you. I tried one of those lip stains once, which ended up being a horribly wrong shade for me, and I couldn’t get it off! I’m scared to try again.

    As far as the jeans go, I’ve actually been told you shouldn’t wash jeans often, but that would be from Levis.

  30. says

    I love, love, love Mad Men. I think my reasoning has more to do with the fashion than anything else! I always feel funny wearing lipstick. In my mind it’s something my Grandma wears. No way am I old enough! Lip stains on the other hand are my new best friends. I don’t know that I would be brave enough to wear such a bold color though!

  31. says

    Just finished Season 4 of Madmen via Netflix yesterday! As a history teacher, I just can’t get enough of the 1960s setting! And, I definitely love rocking red lipstick whenever possible, even to school!

  32. says

    Red is pretty but I tend to go with berry colors. On the jeans washing issue…. I also refuse to admit how little I really wash my jeans. My mom would NOT approve….

  33. says

    I love the red, I’m super pale and am not sure if I can pull it off, either. But there’s new hope for me! :)
    Also, I was hoping you had gotten your Birchbox, I love to see what you get and compare it to mine!

  34. says

    Kate. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!!! so thankful to Pinterst for finding you. My daughters are in hair school and I just had one of them cut my hair similar to yours. I love it!! Read your bio.. AWESOME that you attend The Summit– JD Grear is so good, he was at our church, The Village Church, in Flower Mound Texas- a little while back!

  35. says

    “But I still haven’t shared how frequently, or infrequently, I wash my jeans. My mom would be horrified if I told you. :) ” – THIS made my day! I’m so glad its not just me!! hahaha! Thanks for making me smile, Kate, it’s been a rough day! :)

  36. says

    As a perfect stranger…if i saw you walking down the street or shopping in the red lips i would think…wow she looks gorgeous. Wouldn’t phase me at all that maybe you felt shy about wearing it out. I hope you feel brave soon because those are some hot hot hot lips!!

  37. says

    Red looks great on you, both the lipstick and the sweater! I think Real Simple did an article about how often things are supposed to be washed, and jeans were definitely a multi-wear item. I’m cracking up because I swear you’re raiding my closet! I have the stripe turtle from the other day, and the Old Navy tank from this post. Stay classy, girl!

  38. kittywitty says

    I’m new to your blog and LOVE it–esp. the hair tutorials! Had to say you look AMAZING in that lipstick and should absolutely wear it out in public–even during the daytime! (And I’m with you on not washing jeans until you *have* to!) Maybe you could do a makeup tutorial sometime?! Love all your makeup looks, too! Especially in this pic!

  39. elowc says

    Who watches Whitney?? Last night’s episodes went perfect with your jean washing discussion. Alex talked about how rarely he washed his jeans and Whitney freaked out and told him to stop sitting on the couch. She washed his jeans without him knowing and dried them on high for 80 minutes! It was hilarious. He was doing all the weird stretches and lounges to fit into them.

    It was hilarious! I hope someone else watches it. If you didn’t see it, try finding it on the internet!

  40. says


    I agree with you about being brave enough to wear bold shades of lipstick in public. Let me just say that you are stunning in that shade of red! It brightens your face and gives it a rosy glow!

  41. says

    The red lipstick looks great! You’ve found the perfect color!

    If I may make a suggestion, though…I think I’d go a little lighter on the blusher. The red lips seem to make it pop a little too much. :-)

  42. Anonymous says

    thanks for trying the red lipstick it looks truly beautiful…i have always wanted to try but never felt i could pull it off. i am going to branch out and give it a whirl…thanks tricia

  43. Anonymous says

    You can pull off the red lips on a normal, everyday outing! don’t be scared!

    p.s. maybe you can do a video on how to choose a red for ‘your/every’ skin tone?!? i need help with that…..

    love your blog!

  44. says

    I find that if I wear my favorite red lipstick from Chanel on an otherwise drab day at work, my day is instantly brightened! I say gorgeous red lips are good for any day and special days!!

    p.s. I also RARELY wash my jeans, so no judgement. It’s much better for your denim anyways 😉

  45. says

    I LOVE this red! We have much the same coloring, so I looked for it and got it. It is perfect! I’m wearing first chance I get to a non work related event! LOL! Love the blog. You have really great ideas!

  46. says

    I have the same hair/skin/eye color as you, and have always been afraid to wear red. But you ROCK that lipstick and sweater, so I may try it for a date night and shock my hubby :-)

    I also have that shirt from Old Navy and like to pair it with a dark orange cardigan.

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