Christmas Gift Ideas

Uh oh. It’s almost Christmas. Do you need a last minute gift idea? Here are a few quick and simple gift ideas with that keep giving. Perfect to help heal the guilt you may feel from forgetting about someone on your list. :)

1. Who doesn’t love receiving mail? especially packages!! Sign up your friend for a Birchbox subscription!

2. Have a friend that loves movies? Give a gift subscription to Netflix!

3. Have a friend who loves soap? Sign them up for Soap of the Month here!

4. Magazines are great to have around the house for guests, or yourself, to flip through. Give a Real Simple subscription. Or ANY cooking magazine!

5. Love sweets? Try this Caramel of the Month club from Haveitconfections. Yum.

5 1/2. OR try Marshmallow of the month club from Haveitconfections!

**check their shop announcement for information on shipping and ordering!

Good luck getting all your shopping done!


  1. says

    OMG! These gifts are divine, I’m a movie freak and a total sweet tooth so the caramel and Netflix is a fabulous gift to get. I’ll be exited to get a caramel treat in my post box every month for sure!
    To think I wanted a Tracfone…., even though it’s a sensible gift to receive, it’s not decadent and sublime like your choices. Shopping on line is the way to go for me, I just couldn’t face the crowds at the Aventura mall tonight.

  2. Anonymous says

    Oh thank you so much for posting these ideas! My sis in law lives out of town and wasn’t able to make it for our early Christmas gift exchange so she mailed her gifts to us. I have her gifts from us in the mail but felt like she got me much more than I got her =/ The Birchbox subscription was the perfect idea since I have already mailed her gifts and it wouldn’t be included in her gift anyways since they have to email her for her information. This will be a nice surprise and a great additional gift for her =) Yay! Now I feel better =)

  3. says

    Thanks to you and all your lovely Birchbox posts every month, I decided to get my best friend a Birchbox subscription for a year. Now, if someone would just get that for me, I’d be all set! :-) Funny how I can justify buying it for someone else but not for myself.

  4. Anonymous says

    I’ve seen you talking about Birchbox several times now and I finally signed up for the year. When it asked how I heard about Birchbox I wrote “It’s the Small Things Blog” so I hope you get some kind of referral credit! :)

    nimokana at yahoo dot com

  5. Catherine JD says

    Thanks for the caramel suggestion !! My husband is CRAZY about caramel, I’ll keep this suggestion in mind for his birthday…

    I already gave him a hint about BirchBox after reading about it here. Hopefully he got the message and I’ll have a BirchBox at Christmas ! :)

  6. Amber says

    You inspired me and I caved in and subscribed to Birchbox after reading about it on here! I am sooo excited to recieve my first box in January!

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