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It was another warm day recently, and as much as I want to bundle and layer, I decided to stick with a lighter outfit.

I’m a sucker for 3/4 length sleeves. It’s great if you work with your hands to keep your sleeves from getting wet (shampooing hair) or dirty (cooking). Most often I even roll my sleeves up if they are not 3/4 length!

Shirt: J.Crew Outlet
Jeans: Target Mossimo Premium Denim Flare (sooooooo comfy)
Shoes: Nine West Outlet Summer 2011


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    I love those shoes! I am also a huge fan on 3/4 sleeves. I am constantly pushing my sleeves up for some reason and it is just easier if they are already up.

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    I always wonder who wears 3/4 length sleeves. It seems like they don’t serve a purpose, but this is probably because I live in the frozen tundra (Michigan) and it’s always either warm=short sleeves or freezing=long sleeves/sweater. But 3/4 shirts aren’t as confusing as 3/4 jackets!! Who needs a JACKET that has 3/4 length sleeves! That makes zero sense. Nice to know clothing makers have some people who like those not-quite-long-sleeves though :) You look nice!

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    I love your outfits! We seem to have similar styles. I’m not big on dressing up so I try to make the simple outfits stand out. Like wearing a long necklace with a simple T-shirt.

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    Hi there!
    I recently stumbled upon your blog from loris at crazy walk on the safe side and just wanted to say hi!
    I am a stylist too so I always love to hear how other gals are doin’ hair. Yours is so cute.
    love your outfit in this post. I might have to look for those jeans at my Target, super cute!

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    I am a new follower to your blog. I found you through pintrest and I LOVE your blog! I did hair for 7 years before quitting to be a stay at home mom. I still do friends and family’s hair but I miss being in the salon and keeping up with the trends. Your blog may just help with that so I send you a GREAT BIG THANK YOU!!!

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    Love it! I’m going to have to head to the outlets in Mebane sometime soon – I was more than a little disappointed they were built after I left Chapel Hill!

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    I love those jeans on you! I went to Target yesterday and tried them on based how comfortable you said they were and boy were you right! I bought them and cant wait to wear them all the time!

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