Flat Ironed Straight

The flat iron has an ability to polish almost any hair texture into a smooth, sleek style.  Although lately, flat ironing is happening less and less as I have been enjoying my hair curly!

Here are a few factors to consider:
1. My hair is naturally straight. If you have curly hair, you can follow the same method, it just might take you a little longer.
2. I have a high quality flat iron (GHD 1 inch), that can be purchased through salon’s or online.
3. If you have longer or shorter hair than me, you might get a different finished look, but you can still use the same method I use!

See this post to learn what products I use daily (and what I used for this style).

Flat Ironed Straight

My outfit–Shirt: Martin and Osa (closed), Jeans: Target Fall 2011, Jewelry: Elisabeth Ashlie Jewelry

If you don’t have a GHD Flat Iron, still give this a try! If you aren’t able to get it as smooth, or straight, you may need to add a smoothing product, like this one, or invest in a better flat iron.


  1. says

    What I would like to know, is…..how the HECK do you get so much volume? Do you just like tease the you know what’s out of it?! I can’t get my hair to look THAT good! I straight iron almost EVERY day! Please HELP!!

  2. says

    Thank you so much! I LOVE all of your videos, and even with something like this (which I do every single day) you have still managed to teach me some new stuff, so thank you!

    • Jeanna says

      I just bought a high end flat iron from a beauty supply store..and it has heat temperature settings. The default setting is 360 degrees, but that seems to not always work. How high can I turn it up and not burn my hair?

  3. says

    Your tutorials have made my hair look sooo much better! I feel like you’re sitting on my shoulder helping me style my hair each morning :) One question- after I tease, my hair tends to look more helmet-y than piece-y. I’m blaming it on my hairspray… what do you use?

  4. Anonymous says

    Hi Kate!
    So I really want that Redskin smoothing serum, but I’m in Wilmington and my hair stylist is in Raleigh… is buying it off of Amazon just as bad as getting it at a store in town (I read that blog of yours!)

    Maybe I should just try a salon around here and see if they sell it?

  5. says

    Thanks for another great tutorial, I can’t wait to try it! You’ve mentioned before that you blow dry your hair upside down, do you blow dry it all the way dry that way? Do you ever round brush your hair? I can’t seem to break the round brushing habit.

  6. Bridget says

    After i blow dry my hair it is lik a huge poof ball[it’s curly and holds a lot of water, that’s the best way i can describe my hair]. So i us chi silk infusion to make it smooth and not a gigantic poof. But its kind of greasy. Would Redken Real Control Slim Supreme be the same type of product? only better and less greasy?

  7. Anonymous says

    Kate, I’m so inspired by your videos! I have thick curly hair that I never do anything with except put mousse in and let it dry.Thanks to you, I have cut it about your length and started straightening it. I’m having a lot of trouble with the part and the bangs. Can you help me with that. My part needs serious help! Thanks girl

  8. says

    I just want to say you are a God send! Watching your tuturials has been a life saver! I have ‘wavy’ hair and trying to straighten it in the Kansas humidity is a killer! NOw I know what products to use…helps a ton!

  9. says

    Love this look! Maybe you could get a friend who has shorter hair and do a tutorial on her. My hair style is similar to yours, but shorter lengths.

  10. says

    Hi Kate, can you recommend a decent flat iron that maybe isn’t as much as the GHD? Not sure I want to make that big of an investment just yet, but wouldn’t mind trying this out.

    • Jennifer Arnsto says

      Hi Diane, I know its late but if someone is reading this blog, just wanted to help to find cheaper ones with good quality. Im fine with my FHI and I may recommend it. btw i found this website useful, comparing flat irons with prices. http://www.beautilab.com/

  11. says

    How do you use your flat iron at the roots, but not have the crease? Every time that I use the flat iron at my roots I seem to make a crease or dent. Is there a way to fix it?

  12. says

    Your hair teases like nobody’s business! Love it as always.

    I did another one of your styles today.

    Got the Kenra PINK at Ulta yesterday with a coupon. Deal.

    The weather lately here in the Triangle has been hair divine. Rain comes tomorrow…

  13. says

    I just spent a big portion of my evening watching a bunch of your tutorials. I am excited to do my hair tomorrow!

    (I’m a little concerned because my hair is very thick. No need for extra volume here!)

  14. says

    Hi Kate, I love all your hair styling tips and would like to know where I could find Aquage Uplifting Foam? I live in Atlanta and have been looking, but no luck so far in finding it. Right now I use Kenra Boosting Spray-Foam and I would like to try something different.

  15. says

    I am one of those quick, try to run my flat iron through huge sections of hair people you talk about in this video. And I wondered why my hair never looked right? 😉

    So, yesterday I followed this tutorial and guess what? I had a rockin’ hair day!! Thank you, thank you!

  16. says

    How does you hair manage to stay looking so healthy without breakage even though you use a flat iron or curling iron all the time? Is it b/c of the products you use? And do you really notice a difference in this style vs the bouncy curled under when it is humid? Either one for me would fall flat. Those are my natural wavy days!

    • says

      Try taking biotin. I purchase it at GNC. I’m 47 years old and color my hair once a month. I use a high watt blow dryer ( one and only Brazilian tech keratin blow dryer… <3!!). I wash, blow out and curl or flat iron my hair every single day. Since taking the biotin my hair has become softer, silkier and I am losing less of it down the drain! It’s not expensive and definitely worth trying!!

  17. says

    I just discovered your blog and I am so glad I did! I have watched several of your tutorials and they are fantastic and they have helped me so much already! The best thing I have learned is about Aquage. What a fantastic product! Thanks for all of your help!

  18. says

    Kate love the blog by the way. I have a question, I have started looking into getting some Aquage and it’s not easy to find! I have found a few places that carry it but I have more thin and fine hair will Aquage be good for my kind of hair or will it just weight it down too much?


  19. says

    Sorry- I don’t think I made my question clear. Do the products you use daily keep your hair from getting damaged/breaking even though you flat iron or curl your hair every day? My hair is also blonde and kind of fine, so I find that if I curl it or flat iron it every day that my hair seems to break. I am starting to use the products you use, so should I expect my hair to be able to handle the styling a little better?

  20. says

    Nicole: Yes, they keep my hair strong and conditioned so it won’t break! Every texture is different, so I would think that these products will help keep your hair strong and healthy, but if your hair is finer and more susceptible to damage, you may need to add a deep conditioner or heat protector to your routine!

  21. says

    Kate….loving your blog (and your hair, of course). I’m curious (and I apologize if you’ve already answered this same question)….how would you describe your hair type? Mine is very fine but I have plenty of it. When your hair is styled, it looks plentiful and thick but in this flat-ironing tutorial, it looks similar to mine and I was just curious.

    My Aquage just came in the mail today….I’m so excited. (They should be sending you a commission check, by the way. : ))

  22. Deb says

    Kate: Love, love, love your tutorials and pictures. My hair looks so much better since I started using the Aquage. I can see why you love it! (My hair is blonde, and very similar to yours, but no bangs!) I’m hoping with practice I can get some of these hairstyles to work for me.
    Thanks!!!! Can’t wait to see what tutorial you post next!

  23. says

    I just found your blog last night! I think you’re going to be my hair guru from now on :-) I have fine stick straight hair, similar to you, and I always thought I should stay away from flat irons, but it seems to really help you with lift at the roots and volume. Can you recommend a “beginner” flat iron that may not cost as much as the GHD? I see that CHI is not recommended.. so just wondering! Thanks so much!

  24. says

    Stacey: try a Cricket. They are not nearly as powerful as a GHD, but you may get a similar effect to my hair with it. Keep the receipt and return it if you don’t like it!

  25. says

    One more questions – have you reviewed/tried the InStyler rotating iron? My friend swears by it, and since I’m looking for more of a lift/volume from a flat iron, she suggested the InStyler. I’m a little leary though of some of the reviews I’ve read online – it’s 50/50 love/hate, so I’m just not sure if I want to spend the money on it, and instead just go for the GHD. ANy thoughts?

  26. says

    Oh my word. I stumbled upon your blog last night after perusing Pinterest, and found this tutorial. I’m growing out a short style, so it’s just now getting to my shoulders, and I have some wonky layers to work with. I watched the tutorial and did everything you said to do this morning, and viola! My hair looks AMAZING! Seriously. It’s never looked like this. Thank you!!

    P.S. I didn’t have any root lifter, so I used Michael O’Rourke “Get a Lift” volume spray at my roots as you did with your Aquage. It worked great!

  27. says

    Stacey: I’m skeptical of the InStyler. I think it is kind of limiting. If you want a good flat iron, GHD is the way to go! Or Cricket–for something less expensive!

  28. says

    Does teasing break/damage your hair? Is it difficult to comb out afterwards? I love the tousled/teased look but I’m afraid it’ll make my hair a knotted mess (it’s long but layered)

  29. Anonymous says

    Hi Kate! I posted this question, now I cant find it or figure out what page it was on…so here goes again…
    I wash my hair at night and sleep with it wet/damp, then blow dry and flat iron in the mornings.
    When should I apply Aquage? at night? or rewet in the AM and apply it in the mornings???

    {Mom of 2}

  30. says

    Thank you for all of the great tutorials you do! They are amazing and you have inspired me and have given me the knowledge to do more then a ponytail! My husband and I thank you ;p

  31. Jessica L. says

    I would also like to know if you think applying the aquage at night would work. If I blow-dry afterwards and then maybe blow dry for a couple minutes in the morning to reactivate the product, do you think it would be effective. I know the only way to know is try but I wasn’t sure if you have ever attempted this?

    I just found your blog by accident really, but I’m addicted! :) I live in NC and have family in Raleigh so that makes it even more interesting! :) Thanks for your hard work keeping this blog going, I am really enjoying learning new tricks!

  32. Kelly Vaught says

    Thank you so much! I wear a ponytail every day and have for years. I just didn’t know what to do with it. Now, I do and so excited to try this!

  33. Kelly Vaught says

    I just went and did this! I used my daughter’s one inch CHI iron and it worked fine. Where I was going wrong was straightening straight down, instead of to the side or up….huge difference! Thank you for taking time to do these videos. I watched several and pinned them on Pinterest.Com.

  34. Kelly Vaught says

    btw…I just read above about the CHI iron. I’ll never buy another. My daughter is on her third one and only reason being, we took back the other two after they broke and the store replaced them! I had saved the boxes. You are right, they do not last.

  35. Stephanie says

    This has been such a huge help for my hair! i tried it today and it looks amazing. no need to tease a ton anymore. thanks!

  36. Anonymous says

    First of all I love your Blog. I have never read a blog before and I have spent days on yours. LOL. My question is – do you wash your hair everyday? I wash mine every other day to keep it from getting too dry. I worry that if I use the Aquage, my hair will be hard to deal with on the day that I do not wash it. Any thoughts?

  37. says

    @Anonymous: Yes, I do wash everyday. I use a LOT of product so I need a fresh start every morning. You may actually like aquage the 2nd day. . .it could give some great texture!

  38. says

    I am AMAZED at how great you are at doing your hair!! I have superfine naturally curly hair and right now LOTS of growing back from having children…so I tend to keep my hair short as I have a tough time getting it to look cute when it grows out. But I would die to have beautiful mid-length or longer hair like yours. I am wondering if you have come across people who just simply need to keep their hair shorter to get the volume to look attractive, or whether your hairstyling techniques would work for everybody?

  39. Anonymous says

    Love your blogs! Do you use the Aquage every day, even if you are flat ironing? I have only found one salon locally that sells the aquage. Could you tell me what an average price on what you pay where you live? Also where would I purchase a ghd? thanks so much :-)

  40. Anonymous says

    Thank you so much for all the videos. I watched flat iron straight last night and applied just a few of the tricks this morning (I was in a time crunch) and couldn’t believe the difference in my hair. I had realized lately that I was making so many mistakes when I fixed my hair every day, but I didn’t know what to change. I’ve learned so many new tricks already, and I envision many more good hair days in the future. Thank you for the time and effort you put into these videos – I certainly appreciate it!!

  41. says

    Thank you so much for this blog Kate you have changed the way I do my hair – for all styles! I read the entry about how to curl your hair with a curling tong and went and ordered the 1″ instead of the 1 1/4″…do you think I will get similar results?

    We don’t have Aquage here in Australia but another volumising mousse I bought works wonders…how did I not know this earlier?? Thank you so much you are a gem!

  42. Libby says

    I have a lot of very thick hair, about your same cut but about 3 inches longer. I tried doing this about a week ago, and it looked pretty good, but definitely as much awesome volume as you get.

    So, then I went to Sephora and invested in a GHD (I got the New Wave model). It’s magical. Oh my gosh. The best thing to happen to my hair. I also got Living Proof heat protectant, and it’s super.

    I do think I want to try this with aquage, though. I usually use a leave in conditioner or moroccan oil because my ends get dry, but I want to see it with a serious root pumper-upper.

  43. says

    Loved the video thanks so much. I have been trying to master this style and am not getting much lift. I will try your technique and hope for “higher” success!

  44. says

    This is wonderful! and makes me feel so much better about myself..LOL I just started using a straightening iron a few months ago and just LOVE the look. I HATED my hair before. But, b/c I have a terrific hairdresser :P, she taught me how to straighten my hair. I will NEVER go back to what I had. So easy to maintain and I’m grateful b/c I wanted a “longer” look anyways. This worked perfectly for me! Your tutorial is awesome!! I’ve learned some new tricks and I really appreciate you going to the trouble of making these videos. God Bless you!!

  45. says

    Thanks so much for all of these tutorials! I stumbled onto your blog from a Pinterest post and wound up spending all afternoon watching them and trying them out on my own hair. Didn’t have any product but just getting the right ideas on which way to roll the sections around my face was a huge help. Looking forward to more :)


    @God’s Perfect Promises

  46. Melissa H from So. Fla. says

    Dear Kate – I just wanted to thank you for all the time and effort you put into making these videos. You’ve help me take my style to a whole new level. I did this Flat Iron Straight tutorial to a “T” and it worked out perfectly. Also, The Aquage Uplifting foam is God sent. I really can’t believe how much it helps your hair “stay” and not go flat. If someone is hesitant on trying it, I know salons sell it in sample sizes. It’s a must have in your style arsinal. :)

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  47. says

    I have the hugest need to get that Aquage uplifting foam now – I wonder if the company has noticed a spike in their sales :) Question about it – I watched the video on the Aquage website and was kind of shocked at how much they use. Can you tell me how much you usually use? They had just about covered the models head with it!

    Love your blog and videos – thank you for sharing your expertise.

  48. says

    Hi Kate, I absolutely love your hair! I am actually getting your same haircut. I have watched most of your tutorials and read the products you use. You mentioned that for fine/medium hair to use Aquage uplifting foam. I have thick brown hair and it is even thicker now because I am pregnant. However, my hair does not have much volume and is just plain dull. Would the Aquage work with my hair as well or would I need something different? Thanks so much!

  49. says

    Hi- I am addicted to you blog! I have very long hair and plan on getting a major cut soon, so your blog has come in handy. I haven’t been able to find the Aquage anywhere locally….do you have any recommendations for other products that work as well?

  50. says

    I think you just changed my life. I got bounce for the first time using my straight iron! Also–I love the Aquage foam. It’s been my fave one so far. I found all your stuff on Pinterest and am learning quite a bit. Thanks!!

  51. Becky says

    Hi Kate, my hair is long and kind of thick. How would I get the volume that you have? As I straighten my hair it basically goes flat even if I use the root pump spray (big sexy hair root pump) and I use a CHI flat iron.. What am I doing wrong? Is there anything I can do?

  52. Anonymous says

    Kate, what kind of hair cut do you have? It never fails no matter who I go to to get a haircut it turns out awful…. My layers are shorter then my bangs and I don’t even know how to explain it! It’s been a while but it’s not growing out any either and when they cut bangs for me they cut like way back into the rest of my hair? Any helpFul information?

  53. says

    Hi Kate!I love these videos.I haven’t been able to do anything with my hair since trying to let it grow out.For curly hair do you have any tips on how to make my hair actually straighten?I have been having a really hard time especially around my face due to “baby hair” as my stylist calls them.Lately they just want to stick straight out no matter how hard I try to blend them with the rest of my hair.Thanks!~Tori

    • says

      I would actually suggest Ovation Hair Care. You buy it online and it’s a little on the pricey side, but when my hair was falling out – price didn’t matter. It took about 2 months for me to notice a difference because all of a sudden I had a ton of 2″ baby hair standing straight up (yes, it was funny looking)! I take biotin daily and I had to quit prenatals bc they actually caused my hair to break (weird, huh?)! Eat a lot of protein, I realized once my diet was well balanced that helped a lot to! Good luck!

  54. Anonymous says

    Kate! Love your hair!!! I have a quick question: Do you use the aquage uplifting foam when your hair is wet (before you blow dry) or after it is dry (right before you style it)? THANKS!!!!

  55. says

    I love your blog! I watch all of your tutorials and I cannot get my hair to do any of that! Kudos to you and your gorgeous hair! You can absolutely tell you are making a blog difference, if you search aquage in amazon all of the other products you discuss come up! =D Thanks!

  56. Lauren says

    Hi i need to know how to get that crown “bump” that you do in the pony tail and just for wearing how down..my hair is super thick and super heavy..i mostly get hair cuts to thin out the bottom because its hard to even get a brush through it and drying takes so long that im to tired to actually fix my hair after lol..but any advice would be great your hair is amazing!

  57. Anonymous says

    I just tried this, and you just saved my hair!!! I was about to go and tell them to cut it all off. I had let it grow out and could not do anything with it. Thank you!!!

  58. Anonymous says

    Hi Kate!
    I love your blog and this tutorial; however, I have been encountering a problem with the flat iron. When I attempt to straighten near my roots I get a crease from the iron. Is there any way to avoid this?!

  59. Anonymous says

    Hi Kate!
    I love your blog and this tutorial; however, I have been encountering a problem with the flat iron. When I attempt to straighten near my roots I get a crease from the iron. Is there any way to avoid this?!

  60. says

    You are amazing! Thank you so much for helping me! You have even helped me get done quicker with my hair. Curling that took me an hour before now only takes me a half hour at max. I love the straight look too! Going to go try that right now. Have a good day!

  61. Anonymous says

    when i try to do the c motion on the ends, my hair kind of goes sideways… it doesnt curl under and it looks terrible.. my hair is longer and naturally very curly does that matter? or am I just doing it wrong? lol

  62. says

    I have THICK CURLY longer hair. I have a chi.. But i can never seem to straighten my hair the way i want it! My hair is very frizzy.. i let it air dry by its self… should i try and blow dry it? What product should i use? I love my hair straight i can just never get it to how i want it to be… what do you recommend? PLEASE HELP 😀


    • says

      I’m no professional, but I can recommend something from my experience. I have thick wavy/curly hair and I found that “straight sexy hair smooth and seal” by sexy hair works really well for helping me straighten my hair. It really helps take the work out for me. The only down side is it seems to hang in the air when you spray it. So I always spray it over by the shower and then walk over to my bathroom sink. Otherwise I feel like I’m in a cloud of product. I can’t remember how much it costs right now but I get the big bottle and it last me forever. I hope this helps. I know how it can be trying to find something good for stubborn curly hair.

  63. says

    Kate please put a link to ur tutorial on how u do ur bangs. I love ur cut. I always try to get mine cut that way but nobody seems to know what i’m talking about, do what do u tell ur hair dresser about ur bangs???

  64. Anonymous says

    Thank you so much for the help! I recently cut 6 inches of my hair off and am having trouble learning how to style it.

  65. says

    I need some advice. I have fine thin hair.. It is naturally curly and i oily.. I am needing styling tips for making my hair look more full and not using products that make it stiff. I like to straighten my hair a lot and i like to play in my hair through out the day right now my hair length is about 3 inches past my shoulders and I need a new cut an style I was wondering what you recomend for someone with this hair type..

  66. says

    The video tutorial for this is SO great! One question though…what do you suggest for people who wash their hair at night and style it the next morning? Should I still use the Aquage at night even though I let my hair air dry?

  67. says

    This is one of the few tutorias of yours that I’ve never watched, because I assumed that I didn’t need to! After watching it’s so helpful! Especially since I just cut my hair around the length that it is in this video!

  68. says

    I’ve been following you for over a year and just wanted to THANK YOU for helping me with styling my hair. I, like you, have very straight hair and it was short like yours so I feel we’ve been on the same hair journey in a way. But yes, thank you for all the style advice!

  69. lisha says

    Hi Kate i do hair my self and alot of tips i know but im always watching new videos for things to learn. And a suggestion i had was in allot of makeup artist videos they do dupes for high end products. I thought maybe you could do the same with some of your more expensive product like the aquage and kendra volume 25 cause face it some of us want it so bad but just can’t afford it.:) well let me know what you think. Thanks lisha

  70. Michelle says

    Love the video on straight hair with volume! I too fight the NC humidity. I’m in a wedding in May her theme is vintage. My question is do you have a suggestion for a vintage style with my hair about the same length as in this video? Thanks for the post I’m trying it today for bridesmaid dress shopping!

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