Smarty Pants

For those of you who have cats:

Is it just me or is the minute your cat decides to fall asleep in your lap (I mean, fall asleep. No more purring. It clicks off and they are a goner) is the minute you decide you need to get up?

In my household, the first cat was my idea. Okay, so I thought, “naturally, the cats will love me more than Justin since I was the one that wanted them in the first place…”.

Not so much. They love Justin. Don’t get me wrong, they love me too. But they really love Justin.

So anytime I get a lap snuggle, I cherish it. But, again, it’s always when I have to do something else!

Grits has set up camp on my lap while I’m working at the computer. Notice I have to hold his head for him. High maintenance.

But I always needed to grab something as soon as he fell asleep. So I got a blanket for him and folded it on the floor. 
When I turned around to look at him, I saw he had gotten into it like a bed!
He’s a lot smarter than I give him credit for. 

Apparently he knows that too. Smarty pants.

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  1. says

    awwww that’s too cute! I have the exact same situation with my cat, and my roommates cat for some reason! They dont give either of us the time of day but flock to my boyfriend! Talk about biting the hand that feeds you… sheesh.

    A Sweet Release

  2. says

    Kate,, that is soo cute. Currently the fosters are the only ones that request lap time. The others just stare at you from the floor.
    They all love my daughter

  3. says

    My husband doesnt like cats, but when he got married he surprised me with a kitten.. now the cat is 3 years old, and def. loves him more than me… A lot more! I’m jealous that you have a lap cat though, my cat only sits on my lap when I force him :)

  4. says

    I started checking your blog for the hair tutorials you do, but I have to tell you: you and your cats have officially won me over! I seriously thought I was the only sane person who loves her cat this much, ha! We just have one right now, but there’s a place down the street from us that has cat adoptions every weekend, my husband and I always have to stop in: “just to look.”

  5. says

    awwww what a cutie! My kitties do the same thing.. crawl on lap, fall fast asleep, and then the oven timer goes off or I get hungry. I always feel bad but stuff has to get done lol!

  6. says

    LOL – yes, they love to burrow into things, don’t they. Cracks me up where they end up. We had a large rug delivered and nearly lost one of the boys inside the tube, lol. Very cute.

  7. says

    I know exactly what you mean! For me at least, it’s so rare that my cat actually wants to sit on my lap I usually end up just staying put for a few minutes and enjoying the kitty-love.

    p.s. I just found your blog through a Pinterest hair tutorial. Keep it up!

  8. Dana says

    I’m not a cat person, and more so because I’m allergic to them, but my friend has several that she tries to keep away from me when I visit due to the allergy. I also try to keep away from them…..and apparently being “stand-offish” is the equivalent to flirting in cat language. Her cats LOVE me bc I ignore them. Not sure what Justin is “saying” in his cat language but maybe that’s why they took to him.

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