Navy is the New Black. Atleast Last Night it was.

Recently I attended a family friends’ wedding, and I spent the day preparing the bride and her bridesmaids by doing hair and a little bit of makeup! Then afterwards I had about 30 minutes to throw myself together, snap a few group shots of the gals, and head off to the ceremony!
My sis had me do a little 1/2 updo

We were getting a little wild because we were running around trying to get ready as fast as we could!

The lovely lady on the left is Sam. Then my sis. Then me.

There’s my mom! She’s the “giver of the creativity gene”!
So after these photos were taken, we were driving to the ceremony. I looked down at my dress and panicked. 
Oh my goodness my dress is navy blue.
This whole time I though it was black and I was wearing black shoes. This had never happen to me before! I even wrestled with the idea of going back to my parents house after the ceremony and getting some different shoes.
But my sister quickly reminded me that if I could be fooled for months that I had purchased a “black” dress, then everyone today at the wedding would not notice either. Plus there was going to be a girl there in a white dress and it’s kind of her day so I didn’t really matter. 
The bride enjoyed her day and we wished them years and years of love and happiness!


  1. Rachel says

    Hi Kate! I found your blog through pinterest and I am so happy I did. You have great tutorials. I’m going to try to curl my hair tonight. Thanks and keep the great posts coming!

  2. says

    I also found your blog through Pinterest (I see I’m not the only one!) and I love all your posts… you’re so cute! Love the hair tutorials and product recommendations. Keep up the good work!

  3. Kaitlin says

    I think you can be forgiven on the basis that your dress is so super cute to begin with! I would love to know where you got it…

  4. Lauren says

    I love your hair tutorials! My hair is much more thick and is longer than yours. How did your friend Sam get those gorgeous curls?

  5. Anonymous says

    Kate: I have been letting my hair grow out because I wasn’t real sure what I wanted to do with it. My sister had me check out your blog and I am so glad she did! I am calling my hair dresser tomorrow! You and your hair are gorgeous! I love your blog…can’t wait to try out some of the up do’s! Thanks!

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