How to Trim Your Own Bangs

How to Trim Your Own Bangs:
One day they are perfect, the next day that won’t cooperate. The mystery that is Bangs.
So here is a tutorial for trimming your own bangs! Be VERY careful. Only take tiny little snips as you go.
I wish you cooperative bangs and great hair days!



  1. says

    Hi Kate, Your youtube clip appears to be set to private. Thanks for posting and I absolutely look forward to attempting to cut my own bangs.

  2. says

    You have no idea how much time and effort spent going to the hairdresser every 2 weeks you have just saved me! I tried to do it once and of course did exactly what you said NOT to do with straight across bangs. This lead to a trip to my very upset hairdresser about 20 minutes later. I’ll give this a try and let you know how it turns out! Thanks!!

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    Hey Kate, I just wanna say that you’ve really inspired me to style my hair more. Lately I’ve been getting really lazy and just throwing it up in a messy bun every day, but now that I’ve been reading through your blog, I definitely have a new motivation to have cute hair. :-) I subscribed to your blog (found it through Pinterest, since everyone was posting that cute hair picture) and I can’t wait to read more! (You’ve also made me seriously consider cutting my hair, haha)

    ~Joanna @ Southern Daisy

  4. Anonymous says

    I’d love to see how you style your bangs. I absolutely love yours and struggle with mine every morning. Love your site and your tutorials! – Rhonda

  5. Anonymous says

    Kate, I love your blog. I’m getting my hair cut similar to your style later in the week. I’m wondering how I should describe the kind of bang I’m looking for. Every single time I’ve ever asked for a “long, swoopy bang,” I end up with a chunk of hair that has no style or swoop – and that is just shorter than the rest of my hair! I need some lingo that my stylist will get. I appreciate any help you can give me.


  6. says

    Sarah: go for words like “angled, soft, side swept” and start with them at the top of your cheek and go shorter if necessary! Good luck! Oh and bring a photo of bangs you like! :)

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    Kate, this is so helpful! I love your blog! I used to never leave my house without perfect hair, but about 6 years ago I was diagnosed with a autoimmune disorder that affected my thyroid. I lost a lot of hair! The only good thing is I had very thick hair to begin with, but I lost my of it in my bangs area. I pretty much “gave up” on my hair and just started wearing a headband so I wouldn’t have to deal with the loss. You had me curling my hair this morning, buying new hair products and feeling good for the first time in 6 years. My hair did so much for me and I feel that coming back! Thanks for this site! You are a life saver.

  8. says

    Just found your blog through Pinterest and I am so glad I did! I LOVE all of the hair tutorials! Thank you! :) Also – I moved to NC recently and can’t believe fall doesn’t come til November! So yes, I will definitely be finding some cold Starbucks still even though I am craving those cool days and hot drinks!

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    Kate, love this video. That’s exactly how my stylist told me to trim in case of EMERGENCY – I really can pop in any time for a trim and her salon is across the street. But you know, there are “those days”.
    OH and I had half up success! It was those magic bobby pins. The drugstore ones are going in the trash. NO comparison.

  10. Kelly says

    Hi, Kate. I just found your blog, and I love it!

    I tried this and my bangs are–voila!– good as new. :)

    You might have already said this someplace else on your blog, but do you wash your hair everyday?

  11. says

    You are so brave! How are you so fearless? Maybe I’m just scarred for life because my mother cut my bangs freakishly short and crooked when I was about six. It took them a year to grow out long enough to be cut normally again. Not kidding! Lol.

  12. Ashley says

    Thank you so much for this. I always have that in between hair cuts that I wish my bangs were shorter but not necessarily the rest of my hair. I have admitadly tried to do them myself before and not very succesful. So I usually just try to deal with my bangs until its time for my next appt. So I am sooo thrilled that you have shared the right way to do it.

  13. says

    Thank you, thank you!! Now I know what I did wrong the last time I trimmed my daughters bangs and she was NOT happy. We’ll see if she’ll let me try again. :) I’m your newest follower, too.

    Kimberly @ The Brown Eyes Have It

  14. says

    I love your hair! My hair is a couple inches past my shoulders. If I wanted to get your look, would I need to get it cut in the elongated bob or will your style techniques work on my hair too? I am going to buy the hair products you use. Your hair is absolutely Beautiful!! Move to Louisville so you can be my new hairdresser! 😉

  15. says

    Thanks so much for the tips on trimming my bangs. I’m also trying to do mine and then I botch them! After watching your video, I am confident I can do my own! I’m your newest follower. Thanks again!

  16. Meredith Wimberly says

    I’ve NEVER had someone cut my bangs and me be happy with them..until after I watched this video- and I did them myself! The faith, creativity and joy of you and your sisters blog is inspiring :)

  17. Anonymous says

    Kate, I just found your blog and love it. I have never been able to do anything with my hair. It looks good at home and then I go outside it does what it wants. It frizzes. Help

  18. Anonymous says

    Amazing!!! Thanks so MUCH!!! I didn’t want to go to the hair-styler yet.. Now I can hold off even longer!! Thank you!!

  19. says

    I stumbled across your blog today and I think I watched every hair video you have on here. Needless to say the dishes are still not done and the laundry is still unfolded, but I learned the mystery of cutting bangs:) I love this post and your blog! Keep up the great work!
    –Your Newest Fan :)

  20. says

    you are awesome! thank you so much for posting all of these videos! i want to try all of these things now because my hair is your length and i never knew i could do so much with it! thank you! i can’t wait to see more! :)


  21. says

    THANK YOU for this tutorial! I am always giving my bangs a little trim and this really helped me with the side sweep! I was totally doing it wrong…. :)
    My daughter thanks you too bc I am trimming her bangs today. Now, there will be no sighs of “well that’s just great mom… you over corrected and took too much off!” ha!

  22. says

    Not sure what I’ve been doing to my hair but with the winter and a recent highlighting job my bangs were looking very icky on the ends. I really couldn’t get to my hairstylist for a little longer so I decided to see if I could use this to trim a bit of the split ends off and et voila it worked just enough to make them look SO much better!! I’m going to get my hair cut this week, we’ll see if she notices I messed with them… 😀

  23. Anonymous says

    thanks!! great tip!!! Hey and did anyone ever tell you that you kind of look like the waitress from Always Sunny in Philadelphia?

  24. says

    Kate, I’m just wondering why you only take 3/4 of your bangs out to trim? Why do you not trim all of the bangs? I only trust myself when it comes to my bangs (hairstylists usually disappoint) and the other part of the bangs has to be trimmed sometime, right?

  25. Anonymous says

    Can you do a video on how to style/blowdry your swoop bangs? I have a hard time with mine and my hair stylist can always make them look better than I can. Any tips?

  26. says

    Kate, I wanted to let you know that I have used this tutorial for the better! I went for a haircut this past Saturday and have had to modify how it looks a little each day. Yesterday I decided that the hairdresser didn’t take as much as I would have liked for my bangs. I watched the video, pulled more of my hair over and hoped for the best! It looks great! Thank you so much for the tips!

  27. Anonymous says

    I would also like to know why you only take 3/4 of your bang to trim. I would love to see how you trim the rest of your bang to crown area to give it the layered look that’s not too short looking and blends with the rest of your hair. I have had such a hard time figuring out how much hair should go into the bang area and when I tell my hairstylist side swept bangs I usually only get that very front section and it doesn’t blend well with the rest of my layers. Any help you can provide showing how you trim the top section (where you part or how we should tell where our bangs should start) or all of your layers would be so helpful. And, do you ever using thinning shears to make your layers blend better?

  28. says

    Thank you so much for this! I do have one follow up question: What if my bangs have been grown out for a while and are past my chin. Can I cut them straight across until they get to a workable length and then use the technique shown in your video or should I just use that technique until I get them to the appropriate length I want?

  29. Anonymous says

    Kate…I have my bangs layered for volume. Do you have a tutoral for layering bangs for volume, without making them looking 80ish?

  30. Anonymous says

    Kate , all of the blow drying and flat ironing get s my hair looking really yucky on the ends. I deep condition and use very good products, do you have any advice ? Am I the only person with this issue , I never see anyone else’s hair fried looking , please help

  31. says

    I love your blog!! You have beautiful hair. I wish you were near me so you could do my hair. I followed your bang tutorial to trim my bangs and they are perfect! Thanks for making pretty hair look easy.

  32. says

    Hi Kate, thank you for all your sharings! I watched this video as well as how to straighten your hair, but do you have one on how to style or straighten your bangs? Cause my bangs are exactly like yours but I’m trying to find out how to best straighten them.

    • Emily:) says

      She does actually have one on here that I watched last night and tried it this morning and it was sooo easy! I have the same bangs as her and I had no problem at all :)

  33. Jubette says

    I found your video tutorial
    In Pinterest after watching and how well you explain I felt confident enough to cut my own bangs!! It was great and the best is that I had awesome results!! Thank you so much and God bless !!!

  34. Emily:) says

    Hi Kate, I love your tutorials! My hair is the same length as yours and I could never do anything with it but now I have so many ways to fix it cute! I get up and fix my hair for work and always leave the house with great looking hair and I even get compliments! Thanks so much! :) -Emily

  35. Maria.Catherine says

    Fairy Hair Godmother: I absolutly loved this video! ‘Or your hair stylist will kill you!!’ BAHAHAHAH :) You inspire me… lots :)

  36. says

    thank you, thank you, thank you <3
    i can’t tell thank you enough… i was starting to feel miserable with my bangs, they are straight and i hate when someone cuts them straight (just like you said NOT to) because it doesnt look good on my face… so i got courage and start snipping them as you said in video… and it turned out just fine for the first time! with a little practice i will become master of bangs :) thank you :*

  37. Anonymous says

    omg i love your blog . what kind of haircut do you have ?? is it anangled bob or just a one length ?? cuz that how i want my hair .


  38. Anonymous says

    Hi Kate i love your blog but could you tell what i can do with my bangs so they want always be i my face and frizy

  39. Jenn says

    I came across your website on Pinterest last night and trimmed my banges…I love them…now if you could only tell me how to trim my 3 y/o daughters banges so they don’t look so chopped up (partly because she won’t sit still and I keep taking much off). I can’t see paying to take her to the salon just yet for fear they will want to trim all of her hair! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! You are amazing! :)

  40. Anonymous says

    Just discovered your blog and I love it!! I am almost 55 years old but I love to be stylish and have long hair. Your hair tutorials are amazing. Thanks for showing your style for all ages!!

  41. Anonymous says

    I have just found my new favorite blog thanks sooo much ! My hair cut is like yours or at least it is when i leave the salon , now I’ll be able to keep it up and have new ways to wear it also . I also love your style and that you are a real woman with a real shape , also just like me .I try and dress similar to you from what I can tell but I get lost somwhere .I love all the cuteness of your style very classy , elagant and stylish with out showing too much . love love love this blog thank u for showing us your great style :))))))

  42. Anonymous says

    Kate, thanks so much for posting this video! With all my travel lately, I wasn’t able to get in for a bang trim between haircuts. I trimmed them tonight and they will work until I get to next week’s appointment. You rock!


  43. says

    I LOVE YOUR BLOG!! SO many cute ideas! I can’t wait to start trying some of them! :) I didn’t know you could wear your hair SO many ways!! Look forward to following! :)

  44. Anonymous says

    I just cut my own bangs the night before last and yesterday, got so many compliments! Thank you for this tutorial! :)

  45. says

    When I was a teenager I used to cut my bangs.. but I would do it really wrong! I saw this yesterday and decided to give it a try.. I actually cut about 3 inches off because they were too long ( it’s been 3 months since I’ve been to the hairdresser because I’m growing it out!) This technique worked really well!

  46. Anonymous says

    Do you have any suggestions for bangs and cowlicks? Thanks to my Dad, I have 2 on each side of the crown which is why I never attempted to cut my own bangs, BUT it is so expensive! I believe I will try your tip because of course I was cutting side to side and looked like a 5 year old! I will be trying!!! Thanks for the great blog, glad I found you!!!

  47. says

    i should of seen this video BEFORE i made the mistake to cut them in a “straight” angle! that explains my ugly short bangs.. but thanks for the video.. i will defiantly keep it in mind..

  48. Joyce says

    Hi! I found your blog after desperately realizing that I don’t know how to style my hair!
    Great video I think I’ll do this right before I have to get a haircut so that if I mess up my hairstylist can fix it! Hehe :) I was just wondering, what kind of scissors are you using? Can we use regular scissors to trim our bangs? Thank you so much! It’s also been encouraging to run into another Christian!

  49. Michelle Smith says

    I’m wondering how you would describe your bangs to a hair stylist? I always say I want long bangs but they never quite turn out like yours and that is what I am shooting for. I get the long bang but then the top seems like it’s own section and totally separate – not sure how to make it all go together like yours.

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