How to Style your Bangs (and apply Aquage Uplifting Foam!)

The most common request for a video tutorial has been a “how to style your bangs” and “how to apply aquage uplifting foam”. So, I complied both of those requests into one video! 

::cue Hallelujah chorus::

But something bigger is happening in this video. Something huge. Something my friends and family have complained about for years. It goes something like this. . .

“Kateeee….why haven’t we ever seen your hair wet?”

“Kaaaaaaaaate! Your hair is perfect every day. I hate you”

“Are you wearing a wig?”

So to put an end to all the wig rumors, and complaints that you never see my hair wet, I give you the following video.

Here I will show you how to apply Aquage Uplifting Foam. Then I will blow dry upside down. And then I’ll return to show you how I style my bangs with a flat iron! I hope you can learn something from it, and please don’t use it as blackmail. 😉

(youtube obviously chooses the most awkward screen shots possible. :) )
Side swept bangs.
(Like the earrings? Buy them here!)
how to style your bangs with aquage

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and your bangs cooperate!


  1. says

    Kate – great tutorial! Question, how long does it take you to style your hair? My hair is so thick and I like a styled and polished look but it can take SO LONG!

  2. says

    I am having my stylist get me some aquage foam this week! I can’t wait! So I went through and got I got my hair cut/highlighed like yours last week but my cheapo products aren’t cutting it for the bounce and hold. Thanks so much for all of your tips! I still have a throw down with my blow dryer every morning…when I’m done blow drying upside down my stupid bangs stand straight up. hahahahaha

  3. says

    Love your blog!! I so wish you could fix my hair for me :) Thank you for doing the videos! I am such a visual learner and it helps sooo much!!! If I email you a picture of my hair can you suggest a cut/style for me? I have SUPER thick hair and need some advice :)

  4. says

    ok i’m gonna try the aquage! nothing has worked before (hello, flat hair!), so hopefully this does the trick. and some new highlights wouldn’t hurt, i bet =)

    • Amy says

      Hi Kate,
      Can you tell me what hairspray you’re using, please? Thanks.

      And thanks for the hair videos. Btw, love your hair and you’re adorable!

  5. says

    I would love to send you a pic of my hair too and can you tell me a great style to use?? Also, I have been using Matrix uplifting spray is that the same idea as aquage?? I haven’t been able to find it!

  6. says

    I LOVE your blog and turorials!! I am currently growing out a horrendous super short cut, so I can’t really do some of your styles (darn!!!) but I am learning some tricks that I hope will make the awful growing out process easier :). I’ve always gotten that wing when styling my bangs, and now I know how to do them the right way! Thanks so much!!!!

  7. says

    love this. thanks! would love to see some tutorials using a flat iron – how to straighten correctly and also how to curl with a flat iron. and even just a good tutorial on a good blow out would be awesome. :)

  8. says

    Loving your blog–keep the tutorials coming!! I bought the aquage and have been wondering how much/best way to apply. I’m with Erin and would love to see a flat iron and how to curl with flat iron video.

  9. ChrisE says

    Just stumbled across your blog and quickly added to to my google reader. Love the hair tutorials! So many hair videos I have found online are for long hair or thick hair… I think I have a very similar hair type to yours and love the professional advice!!

  10. says

    I seriously wished you were my hair stylist. Your knowledge and technique are awesome. I have similar hair to yours (lots of fine hair) and it’s colored the same. I plan on showing a pic to my future stylist! Thanks so much for your tutorials!

  11. says

    I think that you can choose the picture that shows up on YouTube. When I worked as a social media marketing person I uploaded a lot of videos and there was usually a spot when you upload where you could pick between a couple pictures as an option for the intro.

    I’m really low maintenance with my hair (I brush it in the morning) but your videos are so good that I’m seriously contemplating a flat iron to get that look!

  12. Anonymous says

    iam kinda embarassed to ask this, but i am wondering how tall you are and what pant size. i think you the ‘perfect’ size and i am trying to lose a few pounds! LOL
    Also, do u know how many pintrests you have? ALl my friends have *thee* hair picture pinned and i keep saying, don’t ya dare cut your hair, thats mine hahaha

  13. says

    Anonymous: wow. you literally just made my jaw drop. nicest.comment.ever. I love you. :)

    I range anywhere from 4-8, depending on the cut of the jeans. I just bought some J. Crew jeans that are FANTASTIC and they are a 29 waist, flare, but I had them hemmed a 1/2 inch and now they fit perfectly!
    I *hate* tight and low cut jeans.
    I have some trouser jeans that are 4’s because they are a looser cut.

    Anyway, I think I’m about 5’5”ish. And I’m not quite bold enough to type my weight out on here. . .!!

    Seriously though, thanks for your sweet comment!

    • says

      I was so glad to read that question, I had wondered EXACTLY the same thing and was too shy to ask! Seriously, it’s because you look good without being too skinny. But now I know I DO need to lose a few lbs!!

      Thanks for your blog – I’m learning and loving it, pity I can’t get most of your recommendations as I’m in the UK

  14. says

    I absolutely ADORE you. You are too precious…and I can’t thank you enough for the video tutorials. They have seriously changed my life (ok…my hair’s life. but that’s part of my life right?) Haha! :) Anyways, I was just wondering how I would describe your haircut to my hairdresser? I am in desperate need of something different…my hair is all one length & extremely boring. Also wanted to tell you, I love your style! Thanks again!

  15. says

    You have changed my hair life too!!!! LOVE the tutorials… Please keep them coming. You have the best tips!! I have a question for you though… My hair is about your length but really thick. I’ve been doing the bouncy curled under and I love it…. Until a few hours in and I lose all the body on top but its still pretty voluminous on the sides… Ends up a little triangular. Any tips on how I can avoid that?
    Thanks again!!

  16. Anonymous says

    You are so cute!!!! I found you on Pinterest (of course :) and just adore following your blog and pins! And your hair is what my hair wants to be when it grows up. If I lived ANYWHERE near you (I’m in California), I would love to get my hair done by you! Gorgeous!

  17. says

    Great job Kate! Not only the how to part, but being transparent to your readers by having wet hair :)

    I may send you an emailed pic to see what you think i could do with my hair!

  18. says

    I LOVE your tutorials! You are so cute! You make me want to cut my hair…… but I am too nervous because I don’t have a hairstylist and I don’t trust anyone to hack it off! I grew it out for my wedding and I want to donate it. I think I might have to give it a couple more inches! But I love your hairstyle!! Can you come cut my hair :)

  19. Kristen says

    Thank you thank you thank you for this tutorial!!! I’ve been living with the winged bangs for YEARS. I figured it was just the way my hair is, i styled them his morning like you showed and I’m finally loving my bangs!!!
    You are now my favorite blog, keep the tutorials coming!!!!

  20. alex says

    I love all of your hair styles! I am going to get my hair cut like yours today!!! My hair is long (almost under my boob) and thick so its too heavy to hold hair styles!!! Looking forward to it :)

  21. says

    Hi Kate! Thanks so much for all of your tutorials! I came across your site on Pinterest, and I’m so addicted! I love all of your tips and tricks :) I know that you’re super busy, but whenever you have a sec, I’d love if you could give a quick tutorial on how to do a simple “bumped ponytail”. Something like this:
    It seems so easy, but I have tried and tried to do it but to no avail…. any help would be great! Thanks so much and keep up all the cute stuff! :)

  22. says

    Your hair always looks awesome! Thanks for the great video. I’m going to have to get some Aquage. Just wondering – how long does it usually take you to do your hair from start to finish? I have so much hair and it takes me so long!

  23. says

    Thank you so much for sharing. I love your tutorials. I was just wondering how to apply the aquage and how much- I never seem to use the right amount of products. I was wondering wear you tend to shop b/c I am in need of some new clothes. I know you mentioned J Crew but do you have any other stores you buy the shirts and scarves you show on your blog?

  24. says

    I stumbled upon a picture of one of your hairstyles on PInterest and I’ve learnd so much from your tutorials/videos! Thanks for taking the time to show us how to style our own hair!!! I purchased all the hair products and I love them. The only one I can’t find is the Aquage Uplifing Foam!! Where can you find that product?

    Again, thanks! Keep the videos coming!


  25. says

    I am not very good at beauty-related tasks and, in fact, buy Alamay make up just because it shows me exactly how to apply it to my face on the back of the package. So I really love these tutorials you do! They’re so practical and easy to follow, even for a beauty-challenged girl like me! Thanks for sharing on a level even I can understand! :)

  26. says

    Kate you probably had no idea that so many women out there would find such basic tutorials a life changing thing but SERIOUSLY. I feel like I never learned how to do my hair and always admired the girls I knew who always had gorgeous hair and wondered “how do they do it??”. I asked sometimes and they would TELL me but I have to SEE it and to see it on someone with the same kind of hair (my girlfriends tend to have thick dark amazing LONG hair). I’ve mentioned before in another comment my hair seems to be pretty identical to yours although I think I must have a bit more of it (it is very fine though) because when I did the curled look on Sunday it took me an extra layer or two than it seemed to take you to get to all of it. I SO liked it and I’m not even using all your products yet! I’ve been using Biolage Color Care (for my highlights and cause I LOVE the scent) and just drugstore mousse/hairspray and I intend to gradually change over to your recommendations as I use the old stuff up. Your comments on the Aquage foam inspired me to dig in my cabinet until I found my bottle of Matrix Amplify root lifter. I hadn’t really known what to do with it before but my hair lady recommended it for body. She is amazing at cutting my hair the way I want but hers is much different than mine so styling is not something she has been super helpful on. Your blog is my missing link!! This bang tutorial was seriously a eureka moment because I know I’ve tried to flat iron my bangs before but they didn’t seem to work. NOW I know how to do it and I have successfully done it two mornings in a row!! It’s made so much of a difference just having that figured out. I’m a nanny and tend to slack off on my hair because I have to be up and at work so early (and I’m just going to be home with the kids all day) but your tutorials SO make me want to do more with my hair. I look forward to the weekends to try more things out. :) I’m going to try the bouncy curled under on Friday and hopefully the french twist on curled hair Saturday, who knows what I will pick for Sunday??? :) I wish I’d taken a pic Sunday but maybe I’ll try to take some this weekend and I’m going to post to my blog and link back to you. You ROCK. Okay so sorry for the epic long comment but maybe you know just how very very very much I appreciate you now??? Maybe!

  27. says

    Kate just found your blog and I love it. Your tutorials are sooooo helpful. I do have one question. My hair texture is med to thick- It has a little bit of a wave. What products do you recommend using on a daily basis? Would you still rec aquage for thick hair?thanks!

  28. Mary-Margaret says

    Thank you so much for your hair tutorials. They have ALL been so helpful!! I finally learned the proper way to curl my hair with a curling iron. Thanks!

  29. says

    This was a fantastic tutorial, but all of them have been. The little tips you give have really made a difference in styling my hair. I love how you pointed out in one post that you need to use styling products. I never would and always wondered why my hair looked bad 30 minutes after I did it. Thanks again!

  30. says

    You are so cute! I went to cosmetology school and have my license, I just never went into the field. Your videos still help me, even when I know how to do all that stuff! Thanks for the inspiration!

  31. says

    Just a thought, but you should become a distributor for the Aquage and sell it on your blog since so many people want to buy it because of you but don’t know where to buy it. :)

  32. Dana says

    Hi Kate! Thanks so much for this video! I use the Aquage Straightning Ultragel to tame my once-straight-but-now-curly hair, but I need volume! I definitely want to try the foam!
    Also, here’s a tutorial for the youtube thumbnail dilemma:

  33. Jessica says

    Just curious if you put anything else in your hair before you blow dry besides Aquage as far as for your ends. I know if I don’t put anything in I get a massive fuzz ball of a mess. Or maybe it’s just the way I’m blow drying.

  34. Dani says

    Kate, thanks so much for the bangs tutorial!! I have a couple of questions… first you mentioned having your hair in a towel and then combing out with your fingers. Do you not comb you hair after you shower or after you take it down from the towel?
    Second, when you are blow drying your hair upside down do you use a brush or just the dryer and your fingers? When I blow dry upside my hair looks a mess and my bangs and the little baby hairs stick up everywhere.
    Finally, I noticed someone asked if you would offer a style suggestion if they sent you a pic… would you mind doing that for me as well. I am trying to decide whether to continue growing my long hair or chop it all back off. But I have no idea what style if I cut it.

  35. says

    Love love love your blog and tutorials! I’m featuring you on my blog! Thanks for linking up with us and come grab a button!


  36. says

    Dani: No, I don’t comb it. I can run my fingers through it to “comb” it out. And yes, I use a brush. Aim the blow dryer in the direction of the hair (so toward the ground, not toward your scalp) and brush through it as you go! Once your hair is dry, you can flip back up and blow the baby hairs down.

    And yes! send a photo!

  37. says

    Thank you so much for the video tutorial!!! I have a love/hate relationship with my bangs. Your tutorial gives me hope that it can be a love/love relationship! And I’m definitely gonna have to check out the Aquage. Thank you!!!!

    PS – I’m a new follower and I’m off to spend some quality time watching some of your other tutorials :)

  38. KelbY says

    When you curled your hair for this tutorial did you use the same technique as the “how to curl your hair” Under your other hair tutorials ?

  39. Anonymous says

    I am so glad I found your blog through Pinterest! Thank you so much for sharing so much great info, I’ve already watched several tutorials and am looking forward to watching the rest! The problem I have after I blow dry my hair (upside down) my hair has a large crease in it. About 1 inch out from the scalp and it’s pretty much all of my hair. The only way I can get it out is to flat iron my hair but then my hair is so flat. Do you have any advice for me, please??

  40. Anonymous says

    Shamefully I decided after visiting my stylists to do my own bangs….attempting a side swept soft approach….ahem….well they didn’t turn out horrible but I have had a hard time styling them. THANK YOU so much for sharing your tutorials on the how to for both trimming bangs and then styling them. 😉 I think you may have saved my life. I also love all the tutorials on the updos from casual to elegant. Thanks again!!

  41. says

    Ok, I might be lazy but I didn’t want to read allll the comments to find the answer to my question :)

    Is there a cheaper substitute for Aquage Uplifting Foam?

    I LOVE your tutorials and blog, you have such good style!

  42. says

    Hi Kate, I tracked down some Aquage locally and followed your video. It was really sticky, sticky to the point that I re-washed my hair. Am I doing something wrong or using too much? Any advice would be really appreciated. :)

  43. says

    I am so stoked about this tutorial too! I’ve had these bangs that my lady gave me a few months back. They look great when I leave her but I have no idea what to do with them when I get them home. NOW I KNOW! Such a “small thing” but so good to know! Thank you a ton for this tutorial.

  44. Amanda says

    Love your videos. I have been using the Big Sexy Spray Foam and I love it, but thinking I need to find the Aquage for more hold. I would love to know what type of hair dryer you use. I despise mine, and I usually Have to buy a new one every 8 months or so, which can be a pain!

  45. Michele says

    Have you ever washed and applied aquage and dried your hair the night before and then curled in morning. With 2 kids I normally shower at night, to help save time in the mornings. Was wondering if my hair would still turn out? Also have you ever tried the Sally beauty store generic brand of aquage? I want to try aquage but saw that sally sells their off brand for about 3.99 for an 8 oz

  46. Meagan says

    I love your tutorials! And I am looking forward to trying them very soon! I have a question though- I find my hair gets very oily very fast- will the aquage make it look oily, or will it kind of stop the process from happening so quickly? Thanks!

  47. Anonymous says

    Hi Kate,

    I have been trying all of your tutorials and it has been so helpful. I know that you have posted your haircut along with pictures, but I think my biggest problem is my bangs. Can you describe how yours are cut so I can explain to my stylist? For a while mine were really heavy and kept falling forward and I feel like they are very choppy when I try to blend them into my hair on the side. Do you have any advice on how I can explain to have them cut? You are so great thank you for everything!

  48. says

    Hi Kate! I came across your blog yesterday on Pinterest and immediately added it to my favorites! I love the hair tutorials and all the tips, I tried several of them out today (I think I still need to practice, haha). I did have a question for you though, how would you compare Aquage to Redken’s Guts? I used that today and while I got more of a lift than I usually have I hated how sticky my hair felts all day.

  49. Linda McD says

    Hi, Kate! I’m not in the habit of using hairspray, so I have a ‘hairspray’ question for you. After you have styled and sprayed your hair in the morning, do you ever brush it during the day? If it gets blown or messed up, how do you fix it? Thanks!

  50. Mikala says

    I just found a salon in my area that sells aquage and went straight there to get it! I can’t wait to try it tomorrow.. I hope it works well!

  51. says

    I think I may be having the same problem as Emily from above. I tried the Aquage for the first time today and I think I really did use too much. It was very difficult to brush as I blow dried and felt very oily. Now about 5 hours after I styled my hair, my crown is pretty flat. Should I just try to use a little less next time?

  52. Rita says

    Kate, thank you so much for this tutorial. I have been struggling with my bangs the last few months. Couldn’t quite get the hang of flat ironing them. I now know what I was doing wrong! I did this yesterday and my bangs were amazing! Thank you again!

  53. says

    Thank you , thank you, thank you for the Aquage Uplifting foam tutorial! I have used it in the past, improperly I might I would have it sprayed on the walls, floors ears, everywhere. Now I’m excited to try it the correct way!

  54. Amanda says

    I just found you through Pinterest and have been watching tutorials for hours now. Your hair color and cut is very similar to mine! I am so excited to try some styles! I have a wonderful stylist, but never knew how to do my hair when I got home, or what products to use, so my hair ends up looking pretty darn boring. Thank you so much! I will share your blog for sure!

  55. says

    Thank you for posting this! I saw it on Pintrest last week, and even though I still need some practice, my bangs looked cute all weekend! Also, I have been a little afraid of uplifting foams, I have a lot of hair, but it lies flat on top of my head… maybe I’ll get over that now! I’m a Pintrest voyeur- on the waiting list. Would love to be invited if you can!

  56. Anonymous says

    I’m so glad I stumbled across your blog!! I can’t wait to try these styles on me and my two daughters. What type of flat iron do you recommend?? Keep up the awesome work!!

  57. says

    Hi Kate! Thank you for this tutorial, my bangs are quite unruly. I also love the lift/wave your hair has from Aquage – but I looked the product up and it’s quite expensive. Do you know of a similar product with a lower price point?

  58. MJ says

    Hi Kate, thanks for all your tutorials. They make me feel I can actually do something with my hair too! My main question is whether you can recommend any organic/natural products for my very straight, fine hair (I have a lot of it). I am a nursing mom and try to be mindful of exposing myself to chemicals, yet I would LOVE some volume and perhaps some color!

  59. says

    @maryspargur: They may not work for your hair type. Otherwise, you can try spraying more hairspray than you usually would to help keep them from laying on your forehead and inevitably getting oily.

  60. says

    Hi Kate! I was wondering what I would tell my hair stylist for cutting bangs like yours. My hair is starting to grow out and I need a little pick-me-up! Thanks! :)

  61. Taylor says

    love your blog! I have hair your length and never thought i could do anything different with it! thanks so much and keep posting :))

  62. Lisa says

    I’m so glad I found your hair and blog posted on Pinterest! I love your hair, makeup, etc. You’re so pretty! :-) I’ve never been too good at doing my hair and I’ve tried some half up styles from your blog and they looked pretty good with some lift. I’ve never been a teaser with my hair because it’s kinda thin, kinda wavy and a little frizzy if I just leave it. I usually always flat iron my hair and its so flat at the top! I’m gonna try some of that uplifting aquage foam you mention and I’m gonna get some side swept bangs to try out! Thanks again for all the tutorials and hope I can get my hair looking decent one of these days. Sure wish I lived by you so you could be my stylist! Oh, can I send you a pic of my current hair to see if you have any suggestions? Thanks so much!

  63. Angie Borden says

    I’m seriously thinking about cutting my hair as short as yours but was scared about having to think of cute styles for it UNTIL I found your blog! Thank you so much for all your wonderful styles and tips! I will be cutting my hair!

  64. Samantha A says

    Kate, love your hair videos! I have thin, fine hair and I have a question about blow drying. Do you use a round brush at all when you are drying??

  65. says

    I was just wondering how often you have to buy a can of the aquage? You use quite a bit in the video and with it being a bit pricey I was just wondering how long it lasts.

  66. says

    Hi Kate! Thanks so much for all of your tutorials (I just recently stumbled upon your blog and it is a hair-saver! I check it every day now!) Do you have any tips for bangs that separate? I haven’t used the Aquage yet, but I always use a volumizing mousse before blow drying and then finish with a strong hold hair spray. But then my side swept bangs always separate :-( I have fine hair as well so I figured it might just be the nature of the beast.

    Another question: How would you suggest styling bangs if I prefer not to use a hot iron? I’m trying to do less damage to my hair lately and usually blow dry my bangs held vertically with a round brush, but I do get that wing that you mentioned, and then they usually just end up falling into my face a few hours later. Any suggestions?

  67. says

    I’m having the same problem as one of the other gals. I have lots of fine hair but my bangs are such a problem. I also keep them side swept and longer. Is there are trick to styling thin bangs?

  68. says

    OMG love this! I love bangs but I always had the wings and the reject hair and never knew what to do with them. I’m going to use your bang tutorial now and trim my bangs and give this style a go. THANK YOU so much!!

  69. says

    thank you so much for your hair tutorials! i have hair that is about the same length and texture and i never thought i could do so many cute things with it! :)

  70. Cindy says

    I am finally inspired to try some new things with my hair :) I seem to have trouble getting a good part w/ my bangs…could you show us a tutorial on how exactly you blow dry you hair? Do you part it before or after it’s wet? How do you part it, comb? fingers? Is it always parted in the same place? A tutorial would be awesome b/c I always struggle to get a part w/o a kink- yours looks perfect!

  71. says

    Love this video! My hair seems to be very similar to yours….fine hair that can look thick (but its all an allusion) LOL! I struggle with mine falling flat through the day…I like to keep it longer (past my shoulders, but not “long”) I have been thinking of investing in a straight iron (I’ve been using a fat curling iron) any suggestions on brand/type? BTW I too am a HUGE Aquage fan! Best stuff ever!!!

  72. kayla says

    Is there something else other than that aquage uplifting foam that will give the same effect? and i must say im with your friends and family on the “your hair always looks so good” quote! I need a full week of you in person to teach me! :)

  73. says

    You are my new best friend!!! I have medium weight hair that I’ve NEVER been able to give lift to. It is always flat, flat, flat. I have tried ratting my hair at the roots but hate that is causes so much tangling. I can’t wait to try aquage. I’ve never even heard of the stuff but seeing your tutorial gives me hope that my hair will now see fuller days! I can’t wait to start trying your hairstyles too! They are GORGEOUS!!!

  74. Anonymous says

    Priceless! I’ve been using the Aquage Foam for years and have found nothing that works as well. I just learned from watching your clip that I haven’t been putting it in my hair correctly. I’d always just sprayed a pile of foam in my hand and then worked it in the hair. I will definitely be trying your technique. And I can’t wait to use your technique for my bangs. Thank you!! (

  75. Elizabeth says

    Love your hairstyling tutorials and your scarves, particularly the grey one in the pics for this tutorial. Will you share where you bought it? Thanks!

  76. says

    I am cutting my hair today, and I have been watching all of your tutorials. You are absolutely gorgeous, and I hope my hair looks as good as yours! Thank you so much for being an inspiration!

  77. says

    Well you have me convinced! Aquage is awesome! From someone with a lot of fine hair, you are really giving me ideas of new things to do to my hair. Thanks for the HOW TO tutorials! I have to say you hair is beautiful and I am quite jealous because never seems to cooperate quite as well as yours!

  78. Anonymous says

    I just cut 8 inches off my hair so it would be your length…and loving every minute of it! Next up is the Aquage foam as I am not so good at the back-combing. My mom is a life long hairstylist and turned me on to your blog. We both love you! Thanks for all the inspiration :)

  79. Lily says

    How did you curl your hair after you blew dry it? I have strawberry blonde THICK hair and this is how I want it soo bad. This is just goregous!

  80. Lindsay says

    Kate!! … you are AWESOME! I just love all of your tutorials! I can’t stop watching them because I just can’t believe how easy you make it look! I can’t wait to try some of your tips!! I suck at even just blow-drying my hair! Would you mind maybe doing a tutorial on blow drying your hair?? I would LOVE that! Thanks for everything, you are adorable!!

  81. says

    Love these tutorials!! Do you have any thoughts on where one might buy aquage in Canada? Im so stoked to try this stuff but I live in a smaller city and I dont think our supplier carries that brand.

  82. says

    Argh. I found out from Aquage customer service that they do not distribute in Canada. Do you have any other suggestions for similar products that may work somewhat as good as the aquage?? Im bummed I cant get it here :(

  83. says

    I love your hair style and all of the looks you can do with it. I have never done anything with my hair, because I have no clue on watt to do with it. So i am completely changing my hair, and I was wondering how a person should go about doing that. How do you know what style to get it cut, type of bangs, color, high-lighs/low-lights, so that it actually looks good when going in to have your hair done. I really want to change my hair, but I don’t want to get something that I will hate or that looks horribly bad on me.

  84. says

    Love your blog I have never really done much beyond straightening my hair and I am excited to try some of the styles you show. You make it so easy to understand :-) I would also like to know if there is a product that you’d recommend instead of Aquage since shipping to Canada is over $20.

  85. says

    Just stumbled upon your blog and am in heaven. I’ve been looking through photos, friends photos, everything for help and inspiration for hair styles and ‘how to’s’ because I’m scared to chop my hair and get bangs. You rock! Thank you so much for putting this together!!

  86. Brittni says

    Kate, I don’t know what to do. I asked for side swept bangs, and the stylist basically cut my bangs as if they were straight across styled (i.e. way too short and super awkward looking when tried to put to the side). This was a “nice” salon and I feel like I paid a lot of money to have my hair messed up! I didn’t complain because it’s not like he can add 2 inches of hair back! It feels like I’m in a nightmare… I’m so embarrassed. Any tips on what to do with 1) the salon and 2) my bangs?

  87. says

    Kate, I had a question for you: What is the difference between the Aquage uplifting foam and (professional) mousse? I usually use Biolage mousse in my hair – would the Aquage make a big difference in the outcome? Thanks!

  88. Anonymous says

    Hi, Kate! I don’t know what to do with my unruly hair. I have THICK and very curly hair with bangs that have a mind of their own. I tried these tips this morning and my side-swept bangs just will not cooperate. So I thought to myself, maybe I need more hairspray? Wrong. My bangs are now too stiff for anything to be done with them. My hairstylist is basically the only person who knows that I have bangs because they’re so wild that I always pin them up or wear a headband. Please help me have bangs again!!!

  89. Carrie says

    Hi Kate, I adore you tutorials. I apologize if you have answered this elsewhere but what temperature do you use your flat iron?

  90. says

    I have a round face and normally wear my bangs to the side. Do you think that thin bangs across is too much for a round faced person??

  91. says

    Hey Kate –
    Thank you so much for this! I just got bangs about 2 weeks ago and for the first time, I’m actually able to style them properly. (The part where you say, “don’t hold the flat iron this way or it will stick out in a lick and poke out” was a total light-bulb moment.) Prior to this, I was tempted to pin my bangs out of my face all the time – now it actually looks sophisticated and I don’t want to kill myself from annoyance. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  92. says

    Thank you SO much for this tutorial, Kate! I just got my hair cut Friday and have long pieces in the front (not bangs, per se, just…chunklets?) that I’ve been struggling MIGHTILY to style properly. They end up looking very Melrose Place ’94. This technique of using the flat iron and pulling them straight down? Genius. My “chunklets” now look like awesomely stylish bangs thanks to you! I can’t thank you enough! I just discovered your blog via a picture of your hair posted to Pinterest and I’ve been lurking for a few weeks. GREAT site! One of my new favorites that I check out daily. Thanks for all you do!

  93. Anonymous says

    I love all your videos! And I’m too scared to use a flat iron I have supper supper thin oily hair so it never looks like yours…epically on my bangs because they don’t hold. But I was wondering if you could try it with a center part and show me how you would swoop your bangs would really help me in my struggle!

  94. Anonymous says

    Is there any product you suggest for thin hair to help look thicker?? Really need some help!! thanks :)

  95. Kristen Dormody says

    Hey Kate! I absolutely love your tutorials and am beyond delighted I discovered this blog!! I’m from Newfoundland, Canada, and I haven’t been able to find Aquage anywhere! I know it’s your favourite, but do you have any similar products I can look around for? I have medium-thick hair, which I find pulls my roots really flat, and would love some lift! Also, I tried blow drying upside down after watching this, and found it really screwed up my part and looked kind of silly with hair sticking off everywhere. Any additional tips or techniques for blow drying? Thanks so much!!

  96. says

    Thank you so much for this tutorial! I love having bangs but sometimes they have a mind of their own so I’m anxious to try this technique out. I found your blog through Pinterest and will definitely be subscribing!

  97. says

    Your site is so helpful, and I have not been able to find another site like it!!!! For this tutorial, I have a question. My hair is thick, thick and is about 4 inch longer then yours. my hair always seem to go flat, so I just want to make sure I get this uplifting foam application right. in the video you seem to put it in the ends of your hair when you are running your fingers through. is that more to help styling later or does that help with volume too? and should i do that? ALSO, I blow dry my hair upside down as well, but always seem to get some of those annoying short hairs sticking up right on top. is there a good way to get those to go down or away? thank you so much for your blog!!! :)

  98. Marmars says

    What is your system for blow drying? Do you brush through your hair while drying it or do you just dry it? If you just dry it, do you brush through it afterward (if so, head tipped over or straight up?)before you curl it? I haven’t tried yet but this could be a huge breakthrough for my hair! Thanks you!

  99. says

    I learned from you to use a lot of mousse, i was just using the size of an egg. I also wasn’t drying my hair completely when upside down. I had flat hair, parted in the middle. After using that procedure my hair has so much volume, looks great parted on the side. i got a LOT of compliments on my hair the last 2 days. Thanks so much for your tutorial!!! My hair is cut like yours and the same length so it looks a lot like yours,AWESOME. lol


  100. Brittney says

    So, quick question! How far down do your bangs go on your face when they are straight? On the video they look like there right under your nose, is that about right or are they a little bit longer? And also they look straight across, are they at a slight angle? Thanks!

  101. Anonymous says

    I am so glad I have found your blog. You really know how to work with your hair. Thank you so much for sharing so much information about your hair, cut, color, etc. I also think it’s amazing that you can spray hair spray right at your face without even blinking! You must be used to it.

  102. says

    love your hair tips! I couldn’t get this video to look ad to see how to put in the square uplifting foam, any chance I could find it somewhere else?


  103. says

    I just recently came across your blog. I am obsessed! I tried the Aquage root uplifting spray for the first time today. I think I’m in love! I had been looking for a way to add volume at the crown of my hair leaving it soft to the touch but without creating buildup. This product does all that. Thanks so much for the recommendation. It’s my new go to product :)

  104. says

    Kate: I have been stalking your blog for a couple of months because I was tired of my boring flat hair…I have super fine wavy hair, not extremely thick, but i have a ton of it and I straighten it daily…I’ve been trying some of the tips from your blog, but I can’t even tease my hair to get the lift…it won’t tease…I’m going to try the volume boost foam but do you have any other tips for how to get the lift…

  105. says

    The flat iron works perfectly for my bangs!
    I’ve had bangs years ago and was so annoyed about them that I grew them out again. About a year ago I had my hairstylist cut me bangs again. It wouldn’t work right, but when we cut them in the summer in a lightly different angle and it worked! But seriously, the flat iron is the easiest way to style them!

  106. Rylin says

    I love using your tutorials for my hair. I have a similar haircut but don’t have bangs. I love how your bangs look. How would I describe that cut to my hairdresser? Thanks!

  107. Kate says

    Hi Kate! Thanks helping out all the hair challenged folks like me. I love your hairstyle and your blog. I was wondering what texture your hair is naturally. My hair was always naturally curly but after my last son it turned more wavy. Wondering if your haircut might be a good choice. Thanks in advance for your reply!

  108. says

    Hmm is ɑnyone еlse experiencing prօblems with thе pictures oon this blog loading?
    I’m trying to figure oսt if its a problem on myy end or if it’s the blog.
    Any responses would be greatly appreciated.

  109. Kim says

    You have beautiful hair! I have similar styled bangs as you, but my hair is very fine and my bangs get greasy quickly. Any suggestions on product to prevent this?

  110. Carrie says

    Hello! I know these posts are old, are you still responding to comments? Love your style and cut. I always have difficulties going into the hair dresser and explaining how I want my hair cut. What do you tell them? If I am not specific, I end up with just a bobb. lol Thanks for putting all there out there to help amateurs like me! :)

  111. Erin says

    Thanks so much for ther tutorial! I have very fine hair, so this will help so much! I am that girl who keeps cutting her bangs shorter & shorter because I can’t figure out the swoop- I have been looking for helpful hints. Did you curl your hair with a straight iron, or curling iron? If a curling iron, what size did you use? Beautiful!

  112. Katey says

    Hi Kate! I’ve been using aquage for a few months now, but I still have some questions. Is it normally feel sticky when you begin blow drying? Also, if i put it in the back part of my hair, even after thoroughly drying, it feels gooey. Is this normal?

  113. Sandra says

    I, too, needed to see your hair wet because it always looks perfect! But now I am itching to see how you blow dry it. I know you say you ‘just flip it upside down’, but you should see what mine looks like after I do that!!! Where to go from there? Thanks for all the awesome tutorials. I totally use bobby pins the right way now!

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