Coffee and Grits (and I’m not talking about breakfast)

Our cat Grits is a rescue kitty who we adopted from Alley Cats and Angels. They are the best in the area! We’ve adopted 3 cats from them, but our first cat Biscuit died from a rare disease that she acquired when she was a kitten called FIP. From the minute she was diagnosed, to the day she passed away, I cried almost every day. But I’m so glad we adopted her in the first place because we were able to love her and give her a nice home for a year! And she helped my husband learn to like cats.

We adopted Gravy so Biscuit could have a friend. And they were best friends. Or dating? Who ever knows? They were called Biscuit and Gravy! They were made for each other.

We knew we wanted to get another kitten after Biscuit left us, both for our enjoyment and for Gravy to have a friend. 

That’s when Grits came into our lives. Justin was interested in trying to find a Siamese-like cat for us and it turns out that Alley Cats and Angels had just what we were looking for! He’s a Flamepoint Siamese Mix.

Grits has been. . .how should we say it. . .an entertainer?

He’s playful and wild, but then he’ll curl up in my lap and fall asleep. He’s extremely “talkative” and always wants to be around people. He really is a pretty darn good cat. 
Until Friday. 
I was rushing around like a maniac, which happens to be most mornings, and I was just finishing up in the bathroom.
The Scene: flat iron, curling iron, makeup bag, cup of coffee, iphone, clips, comb, hairspray. All on the counter.
Grits, wanting to be as close to me as he possibly could, jumped from the floor into my coffee cup. It was an accident of course, and frankly it scared him more than me! {the coffee was not hot} So he took off running, and I was left with a mess so overwhelming I just stared at it.
Then I saw it. The liquid had made it’s way to my iphone. I snatched the phone and started shaking it upside down. The music I had been listening to went off. Bad sign. I called my husband, and it looked like my ringtone was working, but I couldn’t hear text messages or the person on the other end. Keyboard clicks and lock sounds were gone, along with my ipod or any other music playing source. 
I wrapped some toilet paper around a bobby pin and jammed it into the headphone jack to soak up the liquid. Then I placed it in a bag of rice and prayed that my phone would recover. 
Well it didn’t. All day I would check it, but there would be no change.
Fast Forward to that evening. I’m totally stressed because I don’t want to purchase a new iphone. But I need an iphone because I accept credit cards on it. Uhg! What to do!
While we were getting ready for bed, Justin grabbed my phone and started to look at it. I left the room and went to check emails. Then I heard it.
The sweet sound of success!
My ipod was playing! Music to my ears! Both literally, and figuratively. 
Here’s what he figured out. There was a wad of toilet paper jammed in the headphone jack from where I was cleaning so the phone thought headphones were plugged in. { I know phones don’t actually think , but they kind of do, don’t they? } I love being married to an engineer.
So that explained why some noise was coming through, and the other things weren’t audible! 
I immediately hugged him and thanked him over and over. Then I found Grits and forgave him. :)
My husband saved my phone, and a $600.00 replacement, and my day.
So to all you fellow iphone-ers. Cherish your functioning phone! And don’t set your coffee cup next to your phone when you have a cat. 


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    So lucky your phone is alive! I dropped my iPhone on Sunday and the screen cracked down to the motherboard. But these phones are resiliant, mine is still working too!

    Also, I wanted to say that I like reading someone else talk about their cats too! haha.. I’m not a crazy cat lady but sometimes you just have to tell a story or two about what the cat did. I think it’s super cute you had/have a Biscuit and Gravy. We had/have an Adam and Eve, but Eve passed away a few weeks ago. She was young too, some sort of infectious blood disease. Anyways, I don’t know what we would name a new kitty though. Maybe Steve?

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    So this same thing happened to my computer. My headphones were plugged in and someone knocked it off the table right onto the side, the headphones snapped off inside my computer. So I pulled them out and thought all was okay! But now my computer won’t play sound at all and I’m dying here without my music! I’ve tried bobby pins, toothpicks, everything! But my computer still thinks headphones are plugged in!

    Glad to hear about the saved iphone though :)

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    Glad you didn’t have to get a new phone!!!!

    Never a dull moment with kitties :) We had two big fat grey ones until recently. The things they would get into…sheesh! My favorite mess to clean up: when they were kittens they dug all the dirt out of a potted plant onto my beige (rental apartment) carpet. THen they knocked an opened can of Big Red soda on to the dirt. 😛 Oh how I miss them :)

    I’ve actually dropped my iPhone into chocolate cupcake icing, as i was trying to text and frost cupcakes at the same time. I no longer do that…

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    That is so good that it started working again. I dropped mine in a toilet (no I was not talking on it in the potty, it was in my back pocket and slipped out). I tried rice and a hair dryer, but to no avail. It died. I have since learned my lesson and never use the ladies room with my phone in a back pocket. :)

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    Hey – Just FYI – there are apps you can buy for other smart phones (android phones at least) that will let you accept credit cards, too. Square is one of them.

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    Your cat sounds just like mine! My kitty Jax is an 8 month old black and white Siamese mix. He goes from being cuddly to crazy instantly and is quite the talker, he loves people too!

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    I just found your blog through Pinterest last night and keep sneaking on here in my down time to check it out. I swear I have your cat’s brother. Woofie is a maniac but super people orientated and just yesterday morning, took off with the only bobby pin I could find. Seriously, where do those things go when they aren’t on my head?!?!?! Anyway, he promptly dropped my only bobby pin down the heater vent and I didn’t have the time to find tools to tear the vent apart to find the pin. Ugh! Anyway Woof was a rescue too and is also a flame point. I’ve grown up with Siamese cats also have a slightly neurotic bobtail Siamese named Bax as Woofie’s friend and even he can’t stand Woof half the time. I’ve been thinking that we just got a “special” cat but apparently this is a flame point trait! Anyway, I love your blog and now I love your cat!

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