I got the mail today and thought to myself, “wow we have a lot of mail”.

Then I got inside and sorted it.

There was one piece of mail that was a usual.

EVERYTHING else was from law offices soliciting business.

There were almost 20 pieces of mail in there! Half were crumpled from our mail man stuffing it in our mailbox.
And I definitely had the realization that mail men (or mail people, whatever) probably ALWAYS know who just had an accident based on the massive amounts of pamphlets from law offices they have to cram in a mailbox on a random friday.
And then I thought that mail people really do know a lot about you. They see the magazines you subscribe to, how often you get Netflix dvd’s, if you get BirchBoxes. . .
And then I decided that I’ll wave to him when I see him now, since we are practically friends.


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    When I was planning our wedding…I stopped into the post office one day and got asked by the postmaster (who was a complete stranger) ‘when I was getting married’. I had such a weird look on my face trying to figure out how she knew I was planning a wedding. Her response, ‘I see all your RSVP’s that come in!’ They know us better than we know!

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