DIY centerpiece

My mom is the master of centerpieces. I have never seen a centerpiece that could even compete in a competition with hers. They are perfection.

I, however, missed out on that skill. I usually sit down at the table, stare at the center, and see nothing.

Thanks to a successful vase painting project recently, I was inspired to create my very own centerpiece from things I had around the house.

All I used was a bottle from a healthy lunch, 2 marinara sauce bottles, and some candles from IKEA. I love IKEA.

The only things that were purchased directly for this project were the flowers (on clearance at Target for 1.99) {I love Target}, and the placemat (from Target, also very cheap).

I had leftover spray paint from other projects so I just used that.

So go make a lasagna and keep the leftover bottles for a new centerpiece. And if you don’t have little candles like I do, go to the Dollar Store, buy some cheap-y votive holders and spray paint those too!


  1. Anonymous says

    I bought these same flowers and spray painted some old milk bottles for my bedroom! I love them. And it’s so easy and not matchy matchy.

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