Today, I was cleaning up outside when a snake slithered inches away from my toes. As I recollect, the snake gets larger and larger, and the distance between us gets smaller and smaller.
One thing that hasn’t changed? Thankfulness that I have a manly man to come home and get that snake out of here. I also told him to hang it on our fence to scare the other snakes. Have you heard that myth before? I totally believe it.

Actual Snake Size:
(no that is not my hand. Are you CRAZY? I would never pick up a snake. And my fingers are way cuter.)
Size of Snake in my Mind: 
Not a huge difference or anything. . .


  1. Anonymous says

    I found the exact same tiny snake this weekend on my back porch! And that’s exactly what I thought too….all he’s going to do it get HUGE!! LOL I really hate killing even the tiniest animals and bugs, but snakes are totally different for me! I’ve never heard that myth before, but it sounds good to me… LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all your blogs!!

  2. says

    Lol. This post made me chuckle. That is so me – but to top it off, I would have then proceeded to have a nightmare that very night about the MONSTER snake. It happens every time I see one (a real one or when my husband flips to the horrible movie “Snakes On A Plane). Keep up your blogging – love it!

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