Today, we are going paint-balling. Whose bright idea was this? Mine. Trying to celebrate my husbands birthday in a way he would enjoy. I didn’t even consider the pain that we have yet to endure when a huge pod of paint comes shooting our way. Wish I would have considered that more. . .

While there may be tears, stinging, throbbing, and maybe some blood spill, there will also be laughing and competition. Two things we all enjoy a bit.

I also need to share a post from another blog regarding an awesome screen saver. Not sure why I love it so much, but I just do.

So while we are out shooting each other, you download this screen saver and watch the time pass. 


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    Why would we just download this screen saver and watch the time pass, let us know when next time you will go paintballing and where so I could probably come there and shoot you with my new tippmann Paintball gun on you for this unlogical post :p

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