“Messy” Ponytail

“Messy” Ponytail

Here is an example of the “undone” ponytail that I’ve mentioned before. My hair was styled curly (if you want to know how watch the video!) and finished with hairspray. Then, as the day passed it sort of relaxed and “fell” a bit. I grabbed a small clear hairband and loosely grabbed my hair behind my ears. I only wrapped the hairband once. In order to achieve lift at the crown, slowly loosen hair from the hair band until you have reached the desired lift.
The key here is loose. . .you can always pin, or spray, back any other pieces that fall!

Comment with any questions!


  1. says

    Hi Becky! I use the small clear bands that you can find at Target, Walgreens, etc. I’m pretty sure I also bought some in the Dollar section at Target recently too!

  2. says

    Hi Kate! I absolutely love your hair tutorials. I feel like I am horrible with anything other than curling my hair(natural curls) or straightening it. I have just recently started to try different things with my hair that I see and love. Your tutorials make it super easy and simple. I love that you even put tutorials up for the simplest of things like how to wear a headband! Awesome! Keep up the good work!


  3. Anonymous says

    How do you keep from ripping your hair when your take those clear bands out? They are terrible on my hair. PLEASE do a tutorial on how you tied that scarf next! Love it!

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    Hi Kate! I know you said to post questions in the general hair questions but for some reason it’s not showing that I can post there. My question is: Is there anything I can do to make my hair grow faster? I recently received a hair cut from you know where. Any suggestions??

  5. says

    Chelsea: Thanks for letting me know! I had comments turned off on that page by mistake!

    Have you heard of Biotin? It’s a vitamin that will make your hair stronger, but maybe not grow faster. : /

  6. Anonymous says

    I cant find the video for the messy ponytail, but I love that you have easy to follow tutorials! My hair is boring and I never know how to do anything with it. Thanks!!

  7. Briana says

    Wow who would have thought my little girls hair ties would fix my boring pony tail :) Thanks for the tut, I’m lovin it!

  8. Meghan Brueggemann says

    I’ve been reading all the hair techniques on your blog and I LOVE them! My hair is probably 3 or 4 inches longer than yours, and there is ALOT of it. I’ve been playing with teasing it and hairspraying it, but I can’t seem to get the lift I need at the crown of my head. My hair is so dang heavy! I’ve seen your recommendations for products, but I live in kind of a rural area in Missouri, and I’m on a pretty tight budget…are there any cheaper alternatives to your favorite “lift” products? Something I would be able to pick up at Walmart? Love your blog!!

  9. Pam Pearce says

    That’s a great question Meghan and I’d love to know the answer to that. I did find Aquage on Amazon & ordered some & can’t to try it! I too can not always splurge but I do know that quality products do make a huge difference, but also use drug store brands as well. Hopefully Kate will be able to give us a few tips on this! 😉

  10. Anonymous says

    Hey Kate! I LOVE your “undone” pony tail look. But I have Very WEIRD hair and need a little advice. My hair is somewhat naturally curly but I straightened it daily. Is it possible to acheive the “undone” look with straight hair?
    ~thanks! Jennifer

  11. says

    Hey girls…I know I’m not Kate, but I do know what y’all mean by not bein able to spurge all the time!! Just wanted to let u know that I use TRESemme 24 Hour Body Root Boosting Spray, from Wal-mart, to achieve my volume! It’s only $4 to $5 for an 8 ounce bottle and I get great results with it!! Hope this helps you ladies out!!

  12. says

    I so totally love your tutorials! They’ve given me inspiration to try more messy updos. Mine turns out differently though because my hair is long…it falls about mid-back. Any suggestions for how to do a good messy pony or any other kind of updo for long hair? Thanks!! Laura

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