Kitchen Canvas Tutorial

Inspired by a few different things I saw on Pinterest, this canvas is extremely simple to make and completely customizable! I was going for something to put in the kitchen, that was neutral and simple! 
1 Canvas, whatever size you want! I used 15 x 15
Wooden or cardboard letters from a craft store. (mine are from Michaels and cost $0.39 cents each
Hot glue gun
Spray paint
1. Assemble the letters on the canvas where you think you would like them. Move things around a bit, try new areas. (*NOTE-remember which words you picked out at the store. I completely forgot and had a leftover “s,t,l”. I still have no idea what I was trying to spell)
2. Once you decide on a final location, glue them down. A little hot glue goes a long way! 
3. Once completely set, take to a safe place to spray paint! Make sure you get it from all angles!
4. Let dry and enjoy!
Other ideas: You could write a little story for a baby room “Once upon a time there was a little girl and her name was. . .” and hang it above her bed. You could make smaller canvases with words like “love, peace, happiness” and prop them up on a table, you could put crafty words on there “create, color, texture, pattern” and hang it in a craft room…! The possibilities are endless!
What words would you use?


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    Love this!! I emailed several friends asking them to describe me in one word. I wanted to put it into an art form but wasn’t sure exactly how/what. This has really inspired me, Thanks!!

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    On another post you mentioned that you wanted to find a different print for the easel (in your entry way I believe). Maybe you could do another canvas project using the colors you want to accent and place it on the easel?

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    Just came across this post and was inspired by the same thing! That Pinterest…sure is cool! It’s a perfect idea for me. One of my sons is an artist and has tons of canvases sitting around that he may or may not use. So mom snagged a few and am on the hunt for the right inspirational words. I may even do this on some of the smaller canvases for holiday gifts for friends and family.

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