It was a happy day

Has anyone ever asked you “What would be your perfect day?”. Well I get asked that but I never think that will ever happen. Well, it did. And it happened to be on my birthday. Here’s what happened.
1. Got Starbucks. My new fav–Americano.
2. Cooked breakfast with my sister, and ate it with my mom and husband. AND my sister. That could have been awkward.
3. Laid in our “personal” pool on our patio. Picture red-neck + ghetto and you’ll get the image of what our patio looks like. Inflatable pool from walmart, dollar store lanterns, iPhone playing music, lemonade with umbrellas. It was great. AND really awkward when our neighbors came outside.
4. Get cleaned up and go out to dinner with family + friend. Just 1.
5. Make coasters. A project I’ve been meaning to do forever.
6. Head over to YoPop and get frozen yogurt. You get to create the masterpiece yourself. Couldn’t be more appropriate for me.

These coasters are easy to make and wonderfully customizable. 


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