5 Steps to Smoother Mornings with Kids

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One. Get yourself ready FIRST so you can be available to help them if/when they need it.

Two. Set clear expectations the night before for what needs to happen in the morning (or print out a list!) Kate at Naptime Kitchen has a cute printable that works for little kids.

Three. Keep breakfast options to a minimum (we typically allow our kids to choose between two things, busy mornings are not the time that we can be short-order cooks!)

Four. Plan for a 10-minute buffer because it’s usually necessary.

Five. Look for the pain points and adjust the next day.

In my family, I’ve learned that the boys don’t like to get dressed immediately when they get out of bed. They prefer to come downstairs in a robe or a blanket to eat their breakfast and then get dressed afterward. If it were me, I’d prefer to get dressed first BUT since they’re showing me a different tendency, we learn to adjust to them and allow for enough time after breakfast to send them up to get dressed. Emily, on the other hand, usually likes to get up and dressed right away but we also know that she will, without a doubt, have a few outfit changes as the day goes on!

There are a few simple tasks that they have to do in the morning (make their beds, brush their teeth) but any other chores are left until later in the day or after school if it’s during the school year.

There is nothing I hate more than running late, and I don’t want my kids to start their days with the stress of rushing around, grabbing things, etc. before they head off to school. I remember days like that as a kid and I hated it. If there is anything I can prep the night before, I do it. It’s a way I can care for them that may seem so tiny, but it leads to a smoother and easier morning.

It’s really all about getting into a rhythm and sticking with it!

How do you start your days with your kids? Do you have any tips to share for creating a smooth morning?