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I hit pan on a few of my favorite shades from the Naked Basics palette and when I went to the store to replace it I passed by the Buxom display. I often overlook this brand but I can’t really explain why that is. I saw a handful of neutral eyeshadows that caught my eye and then realized I had the option to “build my own palette” with this brand. Instead of buying another small Naked Basics palette, I decided to build my own with Buxom shadows and have more control over the shadow selection.

I tried to mirror the Naked Basics palette as best I could since I used those shadows so often, but I skipped adding a black eyeshadow into the palette since I never really used that shade!

Below are the shades I selected. I’ve since used this palette very regularly and am pleased with the quality of the eyeshadows and how well they blend!

Star Treatment (matte hazelnut, Silk Sheets (chai luster), Mink Magnet (metallic bronze), Cashmere Craving (matte almond), Haute Couture (metallic java), Gimme Gorgeous (matte camel)

Being able to customize your own palette gives you full control over what you want in your eyeshadows. I’d recommend choosing colors that can blend together to give you options, but also make sure you stay within a similar tone. My palette falls pretty solidly in the neutral category, with a bit of warmth. Most skin tones can pull off warm shades in eyeshadow so if you aren’t sure which direction to go, I’d stay on the warmer side!

In the photo below I’m wearing Gimme Gorgeous all over the lid, Star Treatment in the crease and outer corner, and Cashmere Craving along the browbone.

If you are looking to create your own palette like I did, you’ll want this empty palette with room for 6 eyeshadows. If you just see one eyeshadow that will do the trick for you, you can also purchase an empty palette with room for 1 eyeshadow!

P.S. If you are interested in fine-tuning your eyeshadow blending skills, watch this video!


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Becky says · 08.09.19

Yes!!!! Yes!!!! Yes!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 08.09.19

I really like the idea of choosing your own colours for an eyeshadow palette. Thanks for this! 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Marta says · 08.09.19

I think it’s awesome that we can build an eyeshadow palette as we often end up not using all the shades in pre-made palettes. Those colours look super pretty and look amazing on your skin.

Makila Lors says · 08.09.19

So good to know. Is the Buxom palette as long lasting as the Naked palette? I have tried other eyeshadows and have not been happy with their staying power like Urban Decay.

Kate says · 08.19.19

Yes I would say so. The shadows blend really nicely!

Eleanor says · 08.09.19

What a fantastic idea…no more unwanted colours. Can I ask how your hair looks so much thicker now than in the eyeshadow blending tutorial? Hints/tips for thickening. Thank you 😁

Melinda M. says · 08.09.19

Perfect! I also love the small Naked Basics and never use the black. I’ll have to check this out!

Sharon says · 08.09.19

Kate, I signed up to get your blog posts and have received 1. I can’t imagine why I don’t receive them regularly
Thanks Sharon
PS zLove you on Instagram

Kate says · 08.09.19

Sharon I’m sorry! I think something isn’t functioning correctly with my RSS feed. I’ll look into it asap!

Clare Mitchell says · 09.04.19

I also stopped receiving the blog posts and really miss them. I follow you on Instagram which is fun but I am really interested in the more meaty topics in the blog.

Summer says · 08.10.19

I always thought Buxom was part of the Bare Minerals line, for some reason 🤷🏻‍♀️ Then I figured out it was it’s own brand. I pass it over too, except for the plumping lip gloss, which is fantastic! I’m going to check out more of their products!

Kate says · 08.10.19

I feel like maybe it started as a sister to that brand?

Meyrilu says · 08.10.19

I looove this colors, such a beautiful combination, simple, classic and amazing. I like how natural you look, I want to recreate that look for my everyday makeup.

Norene says · 08.10.19

Great idea! Can you share the cost of this palette, please? Thanks so much!!

Leah says · 08.11.19

Love this! I just got back from Ulta and realized I ended up with 2 satin seductions. I guess I really liked it. This is such a great product, thank you for sharing!

Mel says · 08.16.19

Love Buxom! Fave part is being able to refill the one shadow that’s out without buying a whole new pallet. They do blend very well.

Christin says · 12.31.19

What is the fallout from these shadows? I have the Urban Decay 3 pallet and I don’t like it for several reasons, but especially bc of the fallout.

Amanda says · 06.15.20

On point & precise♥

Kelly says · 07.29.20

How do you know what colours to select for eyeshadow, Eyeliner, foundation, contour, bronzer?