The Restoring Blow Out, Part 2

A Stacked Twist Tutorial


So I’m a few weeks out from my initial consult and blow out at Salon Kroma with Living Proof products.

Like I mentioned in the original post, I assumed she would recommend Restore Conditioner, which she did, and was happy that she suggested I mix it with the Full Shampoo!

I can genuinely tell a difference in the fullness of my hair. And I love that the Restore Conditioner isn’t a greasy, heavy conditioner. My hair still feels light, but also really well nourished. I can typically tell how well a condiditoner works based on how my ends look after I blow it dry. If they are frayed and rough, the conditioner didn’t do it’s job. If they are smooth but also clean feeling, that is a mark of a good conditioner in my book!


Of the styling products Jen recommended, the Flex Shaping Hairspray has become an absolute favorite! I’m typically a firm hold kind of gal, but this Flex Shaping Hairspray is great for undone hair, or times when you just need a bit of hold while you are pulling your hair back. If you hate hairspray, but you want to use a bit so your hair doesn’t completely fall, that is what I’d recommend.

The biggest change I noticed is still being able to achieve volume, while also making sure my hair is really well conditioned. In the past I would sacrifice a bit of volume and fullness for extra nourishment on my dry ends, but I didn’t need to with these products.

If you can’t go get a blow out, or talk to a stylist about the products, you can browse online by using the selector tool. It’s a really easy-to-use guide that will pick products for you based on your hair needs!

I think it’s cool how transparent they are about the science behind their products. I love learning about that stuff since I’m so particular about how a product feels and acts on my hair (or a client’s hair when I was behind the chair).

p.s. this is a fun video to watch. I love real life experiences and I can also vouch for how amazing this Perfect hair Day Dry Shampoo is.

This post is created in collaboration with Living Proof via Collectively. All opinions are my own! Read part 1 here!


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Patti says · 12.01.15

I just picked up the dry shampoo based on that video. I tried it yesterday morning and while I wouldn’t say my hair looked freshly washed you definitely couldn’t tell I have just finished a 60 minute sweaty workout. By far the best dry shampoo I’ve tried!

Kim says · 12.01.15

Your hair looks beautiful! Sounds like a great experience with those products 🙂

Kim .. Black Friday haul & GIVEAWAY!!

Noel M says · 12.01.15

Your hair looks great! After trying these products, are they replacing anything in your current line-up? I think that you use Pureology currently like I do, so I’m super curious!

Selena says · 12.01.15

I just tried the selector tool and it was super fun and from what I’ve read about each of the products recommended for me, they seem like just what I need! Thanks for adding a link to that!

Lisa says · 12.01.15

So is this an invisible spray? I have naturally wavy hair, so I don’t brush it except in the shower. I’ve only used store-brand dry shampoos and have to rub my hair to get rid of the white dust, but it doesn’t always come out, so I some days I look really old!

Beth says · 12.01.15

I am also loving the Perfect Hair Day dry shampoo. It works great & not too smelly. HOWEVER, in addition, I picked up the new Aveda Dry Shampoo – and it smells GREAT!!! Like other Aveda products. The learning curve is a bit difficult – because it’s a squeeze bottle & not an aerosol can – but I went online & watched the video to help figure it out. I can’t stop repeating HOW AWESOME IT SMELLS. try it….try it!!!

Tracy says · 12.01.15

I get a blowout once a week and my stylist has been using clear yet moisturizing products from the Pureology line. It’s not only helped retained moisture but also keeps the buildup at bay. As for volume I take the top 3rd of my hair and clip it high on top of my head when I sleep. Instant volume in the morning.

Jennifer says · 12.01.15

I recently purchased a sample size of the Restore Conditioner based on you trying it a few weeks ago. Did you find you had to use it a few times before you noticed results? I’ve only used it once but my hair (especially my ends) did not feel smooth and silky and in fact my hair felt rough and dry. I typically use Pureology curl shampoo and hydrating conditioner (very naturally curly hair). I know not all products work the same for others so I was just curious if you noticed instant results. Thank you! Love your blog!

Kate says · 12.01.15

Yeah, it did take a few times. It’s not as softening as Pureology Hydrate so I can totally see how you experienced the difference. What I like about Restore is that it leaves zero weight on my hair. If your hair is quite dry, you may need something more softening like Hydrate!

Jennifer says · 12.02.15

Thanks for the input! I will give it a few more tries!

Erica says · 12.29.15

This was my experience, too — my hair was noticeably dryer after using it, more coarse and almost bristle-y at the ends. After a few tries, I’m returning it. I was so excited to try Restore! It’s just not the right one for my hair. The one thing I did really like is how it brought out my natural wave. They threw in a free bottle of Straight, which I tried on a lark but it left my hair feeling like coated straw.

My hair’s in good shape, it’s just the longer it gets the thirstier it is and I’m always looking for something with even more hydration. Right now I alternate between Redken All Soft (for healing) and Wella Brilliance (for slip) so I’ll go back to those and keep trying.

Evelina says · 12.01.15

I need to try this! I struggle with volume too and usually resort to teasing, which I’m not the greatest at lol!

Sarah says · 12.02.15

I like the Living Proof line, but my issue with them is that it is so hard to figure out the order in which you should apply the products. I’ve asked at Sephora and the salesperson just said to go with whatever felt best. I’ve searched online, too, and it is hard to find definitive answers. Specifically, I’m wondering if I should apply Prime before or after the leave in treatment.

Jessica says · 12.23.15

You will want to use prime first. Think of prime like the primer for a wall or foundation. Sometimes I just use prime by itself 🙂 hope that was helpful

Shayla says · 12.02.15

Those products sound amazing!!! I was just wondering what kinds of things you would suggest to help in growing out hair. How to get it long and keeping it healthy. Any suggestions would be amazing:) thanks!