DIY Painted Bowls

Hair fix: no more flat bangs


My sister was visiting last week and as soon as I stumbled upon this cute DIY on Pinterest, I knew she would be the perfect person to enjoy doing it with me.

We’re both crafty but it’s been a little while since we’ve sat at a table working on something together. It reminded me of when we started Elisabeth Ashlie Jewelry. We had come across necklaces that we both liked at Target and thought, “we could totally make that”, so we went to Michael’s, bought supplies, and created jewelry until about 3:00 in the morning.

Since then she’s taken over the business entirely! She seeks out unique findings and really has an eye for creating simple but pretty jewelry.

I have fond memories of the summer when we started Elisabeth Ashlie, so I was really looking forward so sitting down to craft with her again.


We timed the crafting to begin at the start of David’s nap so as soon as he was asleep we jumped into it!



I loved just sitting and chatting with her. There was plenty of laughing which meant our dots were a little uneven, but it was so pleasant to simply work with our hands and catch up. She used to live down the street from me, but thankfully now it’s a quick trip to see on another.


We were both pleased with out they turned out. They are perfect little bowls for jewelry, bobby pins, paper clips, or any other little thing that needs a place.






If you would like to see the simple steps to recreating this DIY, click here for directions. We found that finishing off the edges with a gold sharpie really made a huge difference in how “complete” the bowls looked.

*Ours were not a glossy finish & were prone to scratching! We thought about finishing them with a clear coat of spray paint, but weren’t sure if that would help at all. Any advice?


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Jessica Baker says · 05.13.14

I really like those bowls, now I really want to do somethin crafty! I hope you had a fabulous time with your sister.

Divya says · 05.13.14

I like your somehow a tad bit more! They seem coordinated in a way and very pretty! You chose such cute colors!

The Conscience Fund

Melissa Monachino says · 05.13.14

Beautiful bowls! What is the nailpolish you are wearing? Great spring shade.

Bethany says · 05.13.14

Maybe a coat of polyurethane spray would help seal and waterproof…? Or you could painted with modge podge. Sealing them would just make cleaning the bowls easier if they got dusty or something.

Amanda Zagloba says · 05.13.14

Gorgeous! The bowls looked like they were shiny before you started painting them which means they already had a top glaze so paint won’t stick to that unless you put a primer over it first to cover it up. You’ll have to put a clear top coat all over the painted area of the bowls to keep the paint from coming off. :o)

Lee Wilson says · 05.13.14

If you are ever looking for another simple craft – and a way to repurpose something – I painted a lot of my old BirchBox boxes the other day. They already have a chevron lining that is super cute and with a little paint on the outside it made them much more attractive to hold jewelry, pens, hair-ties, etc.!

Tracee Easton says · 11.13.14

What a great idea!!

Shelley says · 05.13.14

Where did you purchase your bowls?

Becka says · 05.13.14

Cute craft! You could try a light coat of Mod Podge. You can buy different finishes. That is what I use on coasters I make with white tiles and sharpie paint pens. So far the design has not scratched off.

Pink Elephant Blog (Alex) says · 05.13.14

These are absolutely gorgeous! Definitely trying this!!

Alex | PinkElephantBlog

Jill says · 05.13.14

I think they’re adorable! I’m curious as to where you got your bowls?

Mary Ellen says · 05.13.14

I’m not sure about the acrylic version of those paints but I know the Enamel ones have directions on the bottle for “baking” the finished products to bind the paint when you’re done. I did this with stemless wine glasses and enamel paint (Hobby Lobby), followed the directions exactly and the wine glasses are still perfectly painted after lots of use and many washes in the dishwasher! Just be aware that these are NOT food-safe paints so they need to be on the outside of glassware that you will use for eating/drinking. Hope that helps!

Andrea Worley says · 05.13.14

those are so pretty!! looks like a fun thing to do with girl friends for the evening! great job!

Brittany says · 05.13.14

Kate, I love your nail polish here! What brand/color is it? It looks similar to the Bobbi Brown Nectar, which, to much dismay, I have been unable to get my hands on, as it appears to be sold out anywhere I look. I’d love to find a close match.

Julie @ On the Dot Creations says · 05.13.14

These bowls are absolutely beautiful, Kate (and Lauren)! I love the color combinations, and of course — the polka dots! 🙂

Abby says · 05.13.14

This is such a cute idea! I’m definitely going to try this soon. Thanks for sharing, Kate! 🙂

xo Always, Abby

Laura says · 05.13.14

I have been looking for a cute idea to spruce up my coffee table for the spring and summer months. This is going on my weekend crafting list. So adorable!

The Suzie Lou Blog

AmieS says · 05.13.14

I recently did a DIY project like this, only my husband and I painted terra cotta pots for our flowers outside. We did spray them down with a clear laquer and it really added something to the look of the finished pot. They are smooth and shiny and I don’t have to worry about the water from the soil seeping through the pot to the outside and ruining the paint job. Not that you have to worry about that with your bowls, just a little extra comment if you ever decide to paint pots!

Laura says · 05.13.14

Love your designs! I have used Krylon Crystal Clear Acrylic Coating for other craft projects that needed sealing… seems to do the job. I’m sure it would work for this craft! It dries totally clear and glossy.

Peachygoods says · 05.13.14

I love to craft things myself. I really love the colors you’ve used.

Louise Corbally says · 05.13.14

Omg those are adorable!! I’ll have to have a go at them myself and I not the most crafy person hehe <3

Jennifer H says · 05.13.14

The acrylic paints shown in your pictures are not ceramic or enamel paints like specified in the original tutorial! Acrylic paint will wash/scrape right off of non porous surfaces like the bowls and glass. I’d clean the bowls and start over with ceramic paint that cures in the oven!

kressley says · 05.13.14

Such cute bowls! Martha Stewart makes a craft paint that you can bake in the oven after letting it cure for a couple of days. It isn’t food safe, but it would be perfect for uses it like this. Please be sure to update us if you find another solution for your current bowls!

Heather W. says · 05.13.14

Those are gorgeous! They look like something you would find at Anthropologie. I am curious if you used a certain type of bowl, or if a regular plain white bowl would work. Super cute!

Danielle says · 05.13.14

Love the idea of painting bowls! As to the clear coat your mentioned, I used to work for a sign company. We would clear coat everything we painted with a clear spray paint. It should be fine to spray the bowls with a clear spray. :o) Plus, it will protect the bowls from any water that may spray on them, or if you have to clean them. The acrylic may just wash off because they are water based. :o) Hope that helps! ( I just may need to try those myself! )

Trisha says · 05.13.14

Mod podge, minwax, clear acrylic spray paint or Annie Sloan wax would do the trick. Annie Sloan wax is also food safe and kid safe… So if David started chewing on the edge of the bowl you wouldn’t need to call poison control. Believe me it has crosse my mind a time or two when my toddler puts her mouth over the hairspray nozzle. 😀

Sarah M says · 05.13.14

These are adorable! What a fun way to catch up with your sis : ) And I like the idea of the gold sharpie…I wouldn’t have even thought of that and it really does finish them off! Great job girls!

Tammy says · 05.14.14

Such a fun craft ! Thanks for sharing 🙂

Mallorie Owens says · 05.14.14

Such a cute idea! Pinning this for later use, thanks for sharing! ♡

Christina says · 05.15.14

I decided to do a ton of DIY projects this summer and this is definitely one i’m looking to try!

Teresa says · 05.17.14

Oh my goodness, this is by far the cutest thing I have seen! Absolutely adorable and I can’t wait to try it out!!!

Thanks for sharing 🙂


Helena says · 05.17.14

Hey Kate! I just found your blog by Googling “ispy” and I’m so glad I did! This is such a cute blog post, and I’m definitely going to try it! Your son is super cute, too! Can’t wait to get to know you via the blogosphere! 🙂

Jennifer says · 05.27.14

Simply stunning! May I ask where you purchased the bowls? (Im sure I missed it in the post)