Hey! I’m Kate, wife to Justin and mom to David and Luke. My family and I live in Raleigh, North Carolina with our two cats, Grits + Gravy.

My blog is best known for the video hair tutorials that I started in 2011. After working as a hairstylist for many years, I originally made them for my clients to reference. On a whim, I pinned a few of them to Pinterest and I quickly learned that they were a helpful resource to many people! In 2013, just before the birth of my first son David, I closed my hair studio and decided to maintain the blog and be a stay-at home-mom. When David was just a few months old, Justin and I learned we were expecting Luke!

Although the content may focus on superficial things, I don’t believe that that is where self-worth comes from. I’m a Christian and am so thankful to have a relationship with the Lord. We attend a great church in the area called The Summit. Our life is incredibly full and wonderful, and I’m so grateful to have a community online to share it with!