April Birchbox

It’s Birchbox time!
This month the focus was on natural products. I haven’t done a lot of research into natural products so I was excited to receive some in the mail that were already chosen for me!

Love the minty nail color from Zoya! The name is “Bevin”.

I’m looking forward to trying that oil-free moisturizer from Juice Beauty. And the perfume from Harvey Prince smells very fresh.

These face towelettes smell very nice. Not strong like some others! And they are very soft and feel great on my skin.

Some great travel size soap!

The only thing I wish this box had was makeup! But nonetheless, the natural skin care was (and will be) fun to experiment with!

Have you gotten your April Birchbox yet?


  1. says

    Ooo! I like your mint colored polish…mine was a light tan and when I tried it, it looked like I had no nails because it is the same color as my skin :( I agree about the face towelettes – not to harsh of a smell, and make your face feel clean! I am saving them to take camping this summer :)

    • Maddy says

      I got the light tan this month too! Agree with you that the color was too close to the tone of my skin just didn’t flatter at all. Even the BF didn’t like it and he rarely has an opinion

  2. Kelsi says

    I got the Zoya polish also and have received do many compliments on the color. I love it! Also love the facial wipes. They smell so good!

  3. Leanne says

    Uggh! This was my first birchbox and I received NONE of the items you’ve shown. I did get a nail polish but it’s electric orange and I’ll never wear it. One of my items was a perfume sample that i could get for free! It was very discouraging to this first timer!

    • says

      I would wait a couple months and see what you think. Some months are better than others but it’s always good to try new things. You never know what you will like.

    • Anonymous says

      I was disappointed too… And my free sample perfume was shattered, so glass was all in my box. Hopefully it’ll get better- this was my first one too.

    • says

      I too got totally different stuff, this my first box…not sure what to think of the “samples” they are paltry to say the least. I got Hollywood fashion tape, a card sample of still eye shadow, viva la juicy perfume, shu uemura oil?!? And Befine skin care pack of 3 washes ,2 moisturizers. No polish or cute travel bar soap. I got better samples working at Clinique. I’ll stick it out for two more hopefully I’ll get some real samples next time. :0/

    • Anonymous says

      This was my first box too and I got the same stuff as Sara@isass. Hopefully it gets better! My shu uemura oil was empty whenever I received it! Kind of disappointed because the box didn’t feel worth even the $10

    • says

      @Leanne – I got a neon orange polish last month called “lava lamp” and have gotten TONS of compliments on it…I never would have guessed!! My suggestion, try it on!! As for everyone else, give it some time, and change up your profile – it may help. Also, if you get a broken sample- email them!! I did once, and they sent me replacements in less than a week!! :-)

    • Anonymous says

      @Anonymous~call Birchbox and let them know about your broken perfume! One month my box was missing an item that was listed and they were SO nice and apologetic and sent the item out right away!

    • says

      If you don’t like the next couple of month samples, try switching up your beauty profile. They send you samples according to that. I put classic for mine, and so far I really like the samples I have been sent.

    • Leanne says

      Thanks for all your input, everyone! I’ll stick it out a while longer and I’ll look into adjusting my profile as well. Oddly enough, my email from birchbox this morning was on how to use neon polishes!:)

    • Leanne says

      Thanks for all your input, everyone! I’ll stick it out a while longer and I’ll look into adjusting my profile as well. Oddly enough, my email from birchbox this morning was on how to use neon polishes!:)

    • Lindsey Martins says

      @Sara-I got the same exact kit as you. It was my first month too, totally disappointed…also, the samples of Befine moisturizer they sent me? EXPIRED IN 2009!! Birchbox is aware of the problem and is adding 100 pts to everyone’s acct that received the expired goods, but it’s still disappointing. Especially when I see what great stuff you got in your kit! :(

    • says

      @Lindsey – I got the exact same box, and I too had the expired moisturizer. It’s pretty bad that it expired in 2009…that’s a little ridiculous. This was my first Birchbox and I was extremely disappointed with it. I know I should wait a few times to see, but I don’t see how our box is equivalent to others when we pay the same price. Hopefully Birchbox will step up their game…otherwise, they will lose me!

    • Anonymous says

      Hi, if all you first-timers read the website, the first box you receive is a welcome box. Hardly anyone receives an amazing welcome box. Fill out your profiles and wait it out a little while. Birchbox says themselves you wont love EVERYTHING you get.

  4. Anonymous says

    I received the juice moisturizer and a pretty purple nail polish, but no towelettes or perfume. I did get a hair mask product (can’t remember the name) and I love the smell but I’m not sure it did much to help my hair. Also got some little laundry pods and I liked those. This is my second Birchbox, they are fun.

  5. Anonymous says

    This is my second Birch Box and I got completely different items. Kinda bummed to find out not everyone gets the same stuff. I like your box much more than mine. Might be time to say bye to Birch Box. :-/

  6. says

    I tried to sign up for Birchbox and they said they would email me?! I’m confused…… I thought you could just sign up, pay each month, or for the year and start receiving it…:/ I want to start getting Birchbox but don’t understand why it’s so difficult to sign up…:(

  7. says

    I got a purple Zoya polish, but I used some Birchbox points to order the Bevin! Got some other goodies too with the points – a teasing brush and tinted lip treatment. I started using Birchbox after seeing your posts! Love it!

  8. Anonymous says

    My box was different as well. I did get the same nail polish. It is different style for my but I did get compliments on the color when I was out. My perfume sample was Taylor Swift Wonderstruck. It has a light scent. I havn’t tried it yet. The other items in my box were Willa lavender face wipes, hair oil of some type and JR Watkins nail salve. My nail salve melted a bit in shipping and had the tissue paper stained up with it. I was a little dissappointed with this box (my second). I’m thinking I’ll let my membership go one more month and then cancel if there isn’t something a little more fun in the May box.

  9. Anonymous says

    See above****** I was not correct, I didn’t get a hair oil this month, I got the Drops trial of laundry detergent.

  10. Jen says

    I got a different green nailpolish. I bit brighter than I would normally use. I will likely try it on my toes or do a water marble with it on my finger nails. This was my first birchbox and I was pretty happy with what I got. (All different from what you have.) I’m wearing my perfume sample today (Juicy something or other) and I like the moisturizer I got. Haven’t tried anything else yet. Oh, and I got double sided tape to hold my clothes in place. LOL I will NEVER use those…

  11. Anonymous says

    Got my first one! I also got a minty green polish called “Age of Aquarius” – love it! And some wonder face cleansers/moisturizers, double sided tape to keep my shirt/dress in place, and a great smelling perfume from Juicy … really liked my first box!

  12. Bethany says

    I got tottaly different stuff but I loved mine! I got a lipgloss/chapstick, a large package of a couple scrubs and moisturizers, the Taylor Swift perfume [very nice actually], the cuticle/foot balm [love it!] and another scrub/moisturizer set.

  13. says

    I got the purple polish like some of the others. I love purple so it was a great color for me. I also got the hair mask some have mentioned. I dont think it did much for me, but it was still fun to try. I love the Birchboxes and look forward to receiving them every month! I found out about them from you. So thank you thank you!

  14. says

    After I saw your post about Birch Box a few months ago, the first thing I did was search for a similar company that ships to Canada and found Luxe Box! Best 12 dollars I spend every month :) So anxious to get my April box after seeing all your goodies!


    • Anonymous says

      You do a small profile on the site and they somewhat base it on your own skin type, hair, ethnicity, etc… Be prepared there is a waiting list. I waited for like 3 months before being able to sign up.

    • Anonymous says

      If you call Birchbox instead of e-mailing, they’ll let you sign up over the phone…or at least they did for me! :)

  15. says

    I don’t get a birchbox, but I do like to get updates on what you get. I like how you said you are researching more natural products. Any recommendations for a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner for dry hair?

    • Bethany says

      I’ve started using Oraganix shampoo and conditioner. I use the tea tree oil one for my dry scalp and alternate it with the coconut milk one for moisturizing my strands. They smell great and they aren’t terribly expensive.

    • says

      Check on Sephora for ideas, they list these really well. I’ve been using Ojon shampoo and conditioner for dry/colored hair and am loving it after two months.

  16. says

    I did get my Birchbox, and I wasn’t in love with this month’s! I LOVE the nail polish you got, but that wasn’t part of my box, bummer! I always love makeup samples, so I agree, I would have liked some in this month’s box!

  17. says

    Many of you ladies didnt get makeup in your box (but I didnt get nail polish) but I did get a small moisturizer,primer,foundation, and spf in 1 makeup. I wore it the other day- seemed a bit thick, but overall I like it.

  18. says

    I got the same nail polish and was pretty impressed with how long it stayed on with no chips. I also love the color.

  19. Heather K says

    I got a great Revolution organics Beauty Balm stick. Its bright pink which works great on my cheeks right now, and will be an awesome lip color with a tan!

  20. says

    I received the YesTo Blueberries towelettes in my BirchBox. Within 30 seconds of using them, my entire face turned red and tingly. Within a couple minutes, I noticed some swelling. I washed my face with my regular cleanser, and the redness/swelling went away within a couple hours. I’m usually pretty happy with the products I receive, but that one quickly ended up in the trash.

    • Anonymous says

      Have had the same reaction when using the yes to products. I was disappointed when I opened my box & seen those.

  21. Anonymous says

    I got Atelier perfume, Marula oil (facial), firming night cream, the facial towelettes, and Zoya nail polish in Farah (tan). Not to bad. this was my second box.

  22. says

    Ok- you totally got way better stuff than I did! I gave my whole box to my 15 yr old because there was nothing useful in it for me!! Some pangea products, taylor swift perfume…thats about it! I just edited my profile so maybe they will start sending products that are better suited for me!!

  23. says

    Be Warned!!! I got the Pangea Organics Eye Cream in my last Birchbox, and despite it being organic (or maybe that was the reason) I had a severe allergic reaction to it and spent a week battling swollen rash covered eyes. Not fun. If you have sensitive skin, I would suggest testing it some of the products on another part of your skin before applying to your face.

    • says

      I got the eye cream this month. I didn’t have a bad reaction (although it felt like it never sunk in and just sat on top–no amount of tapping can infiltrate my bags, apparently). I wasn’t impressed with it at all, and I tried it religiously for like a week. I hate those tear open packages… stuff dries out too fast. And that stuff never worked!

  24. says

    This was my first Birchbox! Soooo excited! I received a Color Club turquoise nail polish that I’m not sure I will wear but my 5 year old LOVES it so that’s a winner for me!! Also received Jurlique Herbal Night Recovery Cream which is fantastic; Kerastase Elixir Ultime (oil for hair) that I haven’t tried yet; and Juicy Couture – Viva la Juicy perfume sample that I really like. Can’t wait to see what comes next month. Thanks so much for introducing me to Birchbox!! :)

    • says

      Ahh I love that color nail polish. I want to buy it so bad but keep forgetting when pay day rolls around! I use the kerastase and I love it. It smoothed my little grizzlies and it doesn’t make my hair look or feel greasy. It’s shiny. And smooth. Also I’ve noticed that my hair seems healthier with continued use.

  25. says

    I received the same color polish, but everything else was different. Ive tried the Juice Beauty before, and it feels a bit heavy on my skin-I hope it works for you! I posted what mine had, but no reviews yet!

  26. Anonymous says

    Yaaa!! I got my first birch box yesterday and was so excited!! I got a wonderful facial scrub that left my skin silky smooth!! Facial lotion with spf for when going outside or beach. 2 sample perfumes, Stila smokey eye sample pallet which I’m wearing today but toned it down for a ‘day look’..and then Hollywood Tape which is genius for when a shirt doesn’t button right or a piece of jewelry won’t lay right or even hem a pair of pants. Love the color of your nail polish! Can’t wait to get a polish in a box…hopefully it will be soon :)

    Liz McNeil

  27. says

    I got totally different things in my Birchbox too!!!! The Orofluido hair oil is AMAZING!!!! I used it yesterday morning and my hair is still really soft today! I got the bonus tea bags, a body scrub, Vapour Elixir Gloss, and the Befine Skin Care….. i didnt like the fact that it was runny but the mint felt wonderful on my face!!!!!

  28. says

    This is my second Birchbox and while I am a Mary Kay consultant so I will not ever switch from those products (ya’ll know what I’m talking about when you find something that works, you don’t dare mess with it on your face!), I love experimenting with other products like the ones I received this month for the other parts of my body. I did try the blueberry facial cloths just to see, and while they did the job, they were not quite as strong as I would have liked. I LOVED my nude nail color I received, and I haven’t busted out the perfume yet. Thank you for recommending such a fun surprise once-a-month in my mailbox!

  29. says

    I just got my Birchbox too! I had the face towelettes, which I love. I think I may buy the full-size pack. Unfortunately, the nail polish I received was the color of a dead body. Bleh. Would have much preferred the minty green!

  30. says

    Your Birchbox was much better than mine! This was only my second box, but I didn’t get any of the great products you did except for the facial wipes :(

  31. Anonymous says

    Love the Yes to Blueberries facial wipes! I use them every night and the Yes to Carrots face wash in the morning. My sister has struggled with acne for years and this line was the first that really made a difference in her skin (even getting rid of redness in acne scars) and we love that it is natural!!!!!!

  32. says

    This was my first box & I was excited to receive a light pink polish my 4 & 2 yo can wear since they love to be like mommy. I got a piece of ribbon that my oldest found & immediately wanted in her hair. She also loved the perfume. It was fun to open the package with her. I don’t remember a profile, so I need to check my account. Thanks for that piece of info.

  33. Anonymous says

    My box was completely different. I got an exfoliating face wash, face moisturizer, lip balm, Taylor swift perfume, & a couple types of French tea! I loved the box this month!!

  34. says

    This was my first box & I was excited to receive a light pink polish my 4 & 2 yo can wear since they love to be like mommy. I got a piece of ribbon that my oldest found & immediately wanted in her hair. She also loved the perfume. It was fun to open the package with her. I don’t remember a profile, so I need to check my account. Thanks for that piece of info.

  35. says

    I *love* getting my Birch Box each month! I have gotten an extra one before that had some great products by Vichy (Birchbox sent me an e-mail asking if I would be interested and I said ‘OF COURSE!’). This month, I got the packet of Be Fine face scrub and moisturizer, Wonderstruck perfume by Taylor Swift, some awesome J.R. Watkins peppermint foot salve, a huge tube of organic chapstick by Pangea, as well as eye cream and face scrub from Pangea. The only box I didn’t care for was when I opted for the Teen Vogue one. I know there were some ladies that said they were disappointed by their first Birchbox. Give it time! Getting my Birchbox is like an instant ‘pick-me-up’! Love it and I have you, Kate, to thank for getting me hooked!

  36. says

    I got the exact same stuff you did! I used the zoya nail polish already and got lots of compliments on it! I love the blueberry towelettes and the juice beauty moisturizer. I’m with you though about wanting more makeup!

  37. says

    This was my 2nd box and not as exciting as my frist but I’m sure that’s how it is. Fun part is anticipating what all will be in there. I got the same polish you did (not my color though :(), Lavender face wipes, Taylor Swift perfume sample (I think this was my only love in this box), some tea bags, a nail and cuticle balm and some laundry detergent packs! I’m hoping they go off my profile next time so there is more stuff I can use! It’s fun hearing what everyone else is got though!

  38. says

    i am hoping that my {first} birchbox is waiting on me when i get home from vacation. cannot wait!! yours looks good… i love that nail polish color!

  39. says

    Ever since I got Juice Beauty’s blemish clearing cleanser in my Birchbox last month and loved it, I’ve wanted to try their other products. Hope to see a post on how the moisturizer is =)

  40. says

    I just received my second Birchbox, so much fun! I did not receive nail polish but I received a Tarte Lipsurgence in Peaceful. It looks like a full size version and it’s very pretty. I also received the laundry drops, a perfume sample and the Juice Beauty moisturizer. Overall, I was happy with it although I’ve really wanted to try Bevin!

  41. says

    I’m still waiting for my birchbox! :( My friend that lives near me got hers on Monday and had similar products. I’m so sad and check the mail box at least twice a day. Pathetic I know!

    I started using JuiceBeauty because I had a sale coupon code on the site. I love it so much, except that moisturizer. It’s good, but it’s too much for my skin. I thought I’d need extra moisturizer because I had dry skin all winter but once I stopped using harsh cleansers and toners, I only need the JuiceBeauty cleanser and blemish clearing serum. So my moisturizer is just sitting on the shelf.

  42. Anonymous says

    I got the same exact stuff :) the nail polish was my fav. QVC now has a beauty tube with some GREAT items…its pricey 30.00 (u can cancel at any time)…but my first tube had an eye color and lip color that sell for 24.00 each on their own…looking forward to my next tube!

  43. says

    Kate, can you post what profile settings you have for your box? I also got some pretty different stuff this month and I’m wondering if it’s a setting I could change.

  44. says

    I signed up for Birchbox a week or two ago and I’m on the waiting list. Any idea of how long the waiting list is? I can’t wait to start getting these every month!

  45. says

    I loved my box this month! No nail polish, but I did get a $28 body exfoliating mitt that is awesome. A pretty decent size tinted moisturizer that I like, the Juice moisturizer, the little bar of soap and a perfume sample. This is my 3rd box and the only one I didn’t love was the 1st one, but I got the extra Vichy box that month so I was still really happy.

  46. says

    I got mine– Totally different. Wonderstruck perfume, Watkins salve, Dropps laundry detergent, Alima lip balm in rhubarb, and Jurlique moisture replenishing cream. It’s so odd to see how different things are for everyone. I wanted the Say Yes to Blueberries, but I’ll have to pick some up at Walgreens. :-) Makeup would be fun.

    • says

      These are the products I got too. That Jurlique cream is intense, it’ll be great for winter when my skin gets really dry. I used the Dropps today…but how can you tell if an odorless detergent works?? Haha I really liked this month’s box. Last month was a major bust. I don’t know if you got the granola last month, but the granola had spilled all over the box and made everything grossly oily.

  47. says

    I didn’t get even one single identical item and this was by far my LEAST favorite Birchbox. I’ve been totally disappointed lately…I hope it picks up soon!

  48. says

    Wow it’s interesting to see how different everyone’s boxes are. I got the same mini cleansing bar and juice beauty moisturizer as Kate but everything else was different. Sadly no nail polish :-( but got Atelier Cologne which has a light orange scent -not really a fan though. I also got Pur Minerals 4-in-1 Tinted moisturizer which I’m in love with super light weight and makes me feel extra soft. As well as a Microdermitt Body scrubbing mitt which will looks awesome.

  49. Erin says

    I am in love with my April Birchbox! I got the same nail polish and painted my nails the night I got it! Love it!!

  50. Traci says

    It is so interesting to see the things that everyone got. I didn’t get the nail polish, but I did get a microdermamitt body mitt and dropps laundry detergent. LOL!

  51. Anonymous says

    I have been a Birchbox customer since December and I have to say this is my favorite box yet! There was a lovely French perfume, face cleanser and moisturizer, tea, body oil, and lip/eye/cheek tint! I think that for only $10 a month it is worth it even if you don’t like every box, it is just like trying out a new restaurant every month :)

  52. says

    My Birchbox had the Atelier Cologne sample, a sample of salt scrub that looked odd because it was loose in a big jar but I tried it and love the smell. It is Dirt..salt scrub with lemon leaf, shea and raspberry seeds. I also received the Juice Beauty moisturize sample and a full size lip crayon by Tarte. The Lifestyle extra was Dropps, laundry detergent. I really enjoy reading what everyone else receives, our next step is to trade.

  53. says

    I know this was from your last birchbox, but I saw that you got a beauty blender. Do you know if the cheap ones (5$ at ulta – i’m not sure of the brand) work just as well? I can’t justify spending $20 on a sponge even thought I really want it. It just isn’t in my budget right now. But I love that you can dampen it so that it doesn’t look as cakey.


    • Dana says

      I think they have one that comes with a small”ish” bottle of face wash or something…trying to remember off the top of my head. Anyway I think it was the same price as just the sponges. Might make it a little more worth your while if you got it that way instead. ;0)

  54. Tatiana says

    I just got my email to sign up for Birch Box! I looked into it after. I read your post about the March Birch Box! Can’t wait until next month!

  55. says

    I got all different stuff–TWO facial scrubs, a firming cream, a chapstick, and Wonderstruck. Oh and the eye cream. I wasn’t in love with anything–the firming cream was too heavy, the eye cream didn’t do anything, and the scrubs… were just scrubs. And I like the perfume, but I always save my perfume picks for birthday or Christmas lists so I won’t buy it. I do make a monthly post now about it–you know, no one ever comments, but then my work people all ask questions once I post. 😉 I think I need to tweak my profile–I’m thinking Birchbox thinks I’m an old lady!


  56. says

    I got the Yes to blueberries towelettes, J.R. Watkins foot repair salve, alima nourishing lip balm, Weleda firming night cream, and a Liv Grn perfume sample .

    Man, would I have loved that nail polish.

  57. says

    I did and it was my best so far but I think it is time to stop my subscription. I’ve spent $50 now and don’t feel like I’ve gained that.

    I’ll just keep learning from your faves! :-)

  58. says

    I got completely different stuff! I thought this box was quite good, unlike last month which was a big bummer for me. I have dry skin and cool coloring, so I get different stuff from you. I did get some makeup – a tinted lipbalm that is my new fave. I also got this amazing moisturizer from Jurlique. I got a Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift perfume sample, which I liked. Let’s see…trying to remember off the top of my head. Some unscented, clear laundry detergent. And a cuticle salve by J.R. Watkins which smells divine. So you see, lots of moisturizing products for my dry skin. :)

  59. Anonymous says

    I got different stuff too… Kerastase Elixir Kultime, herbal recovery night cream by Jurlique, a sample of Viva La Juicy, Show Stoppers (fashion tape), and a nail polish in a blue/green shade by Color Club. I think it’s called Age of Aquarius. :)

  60. Anonymous says

    For everyone who has only received 1 or 2 boxes and are disappointed, I say stick with it. I felt lukewarm about my first box but have liked each one better and better. I figure I am not going to love everything in each box, it would be impossible for Birchbox to figure out every customer’s exact likes. I like that I am sent things I would never think to buy, like the hair oil. I got sunscreen wipes last month and loved them for my kids.I am trying to talk several friends to subscribe so we can swap the things we don’t want (while drinking wine ha ha). This month I got the face scrub and moisturizers, nail polish, hair oil, face scrub mitt and perfume. I hate any perfume but liked everything else.
    Jamie R

  61. says

    Don’t you love those blueberry wipes? LOVE. Also love the polish – the perfect blue green for spring. I received the Wonderstruck perfume sample, the dropps detergent, and the wakins cuticle salve (which is great) too.

  62. Anonymous says

    there is no comparison between your box and the average person’s box. It’s clear that they are giving better, higher value items to people who they receive promotion from! I’ve been considering cancelling and this has made the decision for me.

  63. says

    I’ve been using Juice Beauty’s products for over two years. They are AMAZING! I can never go back to anything else. It is great for dry skin/dry climates.. they’re facial serums are THE best. So excited for you to try them out! I stumbled across them at a boutique in southern Orange County, and my mother in law bought me a sampler… so glad I walked into that shop!!

    I just stumbled across your blog a few months ago through Pinterest. It is like my total favorite :) I was doubly excited when I read about your relationship with Christ from your blog. Always great to meet a sister :) Congrats on your husbands acceptance to Duke; mine just got accepted in New York! Here we come east coast!

    Anyway, long comment! Thanks for this blog. It’s great!

  64. Maddy says

    I really like the Yogini perfume by Harvey Prince. I got a sample of it in my March birchbox and ordered the full-sized one. It has such a fresh scent, perfect for spring!

  65. Kaitlin Stevens says

    I use Juice Beauty products and they are amazing! They aren’t harsh and smell wonderful as well. The price is quite reasonable for the organic, gluten free products that are as good for the earth as they are for you!

  66. says

    This was my first box, and it was okay – I know not every one will be a home run, so I will keep the subscription. I received the BeFine cleanser/moisturizer (expired, which is a bummer, as I like BeFine products) Revolution Organics Glow in Bronzed (I thought it looked dark, but I liked it when I applied it) Atelier Cologne in Sanguine Orange (this was a dud for me. I wanted to like it, but it smells too masculine – I’ll like it better on my husband)the tea bags, and Olìe Biologique Huile Moderne Hair oil. A plus, though – I went to the Birchbox site and left feedback about the cologne and was given 20 points for my feedback!

  67. says

    This was my first birchbox. I don’t know much about natural products so I was excited to get some in mine. Love the nail polish color.

  68. says

    I got the same nailpolish as you did and I love it! I also got some all natural face scrub that was great. However, it was a little harsh for my skin. It did leave it very smooth though. So once a week is probably plenty!


  69. says

    Your box is WAAAY better than mine. The only thing in common was the nail polish. I got LAUNDRY DETERGENT. For real. That is NOT awesome. Sigh…I really hope it gets better because this was my 2nd disappointing box in a row.

    • Katie says

      Birchbox now has a waiting list? So THAT’S why the last few boxes have been so crappy… they must be trying to get some of us to drop out so that they can make room for the people on the waiting list.

    • says

      Um…why are you assuming that? I mean, wouldn’t they want to grow and keep older customers, just adding on new ones? I am on the list as well and have been for about a month. I just heard about them and wanted to sign up right away. Then, I heard about the Teen Vogue box and Tarte lip products are one of the top things on my list of want to try items. I’m just not willing to shell out $24 bucks without trying it first and I don’t live near a Sephora. So I’m jealous of the March box subscribers could elect to get. Seriously not crappy in my book, though it sounds like April may have been. I’ve heard May is supposed to be great, so I’m really afraid I won’t get an invite until next month. But it kind of annoys me that I signed up so long ago and they can’t add me on yet. Seems like they have had plenty of time to work things out to take on new customers. If I don’t get an invite for this box and it turns out to be great, I may not subscribe at all. And I actually ordered a few full size products from them *before* they even let me subscribe to the sample box. I saw a review about some teas that are good for your skin and I love tea anyway. Plus, I’d never heard of Zoya nail polish but saw rave reviews. I would have purchased these things anyway, but I’m also hoping my purchase will bump me up the list and get me an invite. I’ll admit–if it doesn’t help, I’ll be bitter. But I’ll direct my anger at Birchbox, not others who are just like me, just wanting to get a box. All in all, I would think and hope that they are trying to expand and just can’t do it fast enough to keep up with demand. I’m hoping the whole May 2012 Gossip Girl team up will enable them to take me on. If not, shame on Gossip Girl too!!!

  70. says

    I was so excited about my box. I got the Zoya nail polish in Farrah, and it is the PERFECT nude opague polish I have been looking for. I have bought about 17 other bottles looking for this color and they were either too sheer or too pink. I love the Yes to Carrots wipes, they were so gentle and worked really nicely. I also got the Marula oil which smelled like heaven and feels really nice on my skin. It was a lot better than my 1st box and if they keep sending killer nail polish, I am happy girl.

  71. says

    My Birchbox was much better this month! I also got the Bevin minty green nail polish and the blueberry face towelettes- love them bc I travel so much! I’m excited to try thebefine face wash and moisturizer. I also got Taylor Swift’s perfume sample and Lulu Organics hair powder/dry shampoo. Overall MUCH better than my box last month!

  72. says

    Ugh your box is was better than mine. I got out dated Moisturizer (they gave us points as a refund), tea bags, a very strong cologne, body oil, and a lip balm. Not nearly as exciting or as useful such as yours

  73. Chelsea Skeels says

    I went to the Birchbox website to sign up after seeing all of your awesome posts, but now I have to wait for a reservation? How does this work??

  74. Anonymous says

    After you sent in a request to sign up for Birchbox, how long did it take for them to send you an email allowing you to set up/pay for your subscription? I’ve been waiting for over a week now, so just curious as to how long it may take. Thanks!

    P.S. Your blog is amazing! My fav is the hair tutorial section. So helpful!

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