Making Caramels with Mom

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When I think of my childhood around the holidays, I always picture mom at the stove making caramels.

She shared a little more about where the recipe came from on the video we made together. You can click here to watch it!

While the ingredients and process is quite straight forward, it’s vital that you pay attention to the temperature of the caramels are your cooking them. My mom is a 248 degree caramel maker, and I like them a bit better at 247 (they’re softer). A digital thermometer that you can clip onto your pot is essential, you can shop for it right here.

Click here for the recipe!


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Sherry says · 12.08.21

This was such a great video and awesome that you have captured this memory of actually making the caramels on video……next you need to do one with Luke helping you make them, since he is the aspiring chef in the family at the moment. Anything with condensed milk is a win in my book !! Happy Holidays to you and your families. (also loved hearing your Mom’s little accent in there)

Lydia says · 12.09.21

Why corn syru???

Looking for caramel recipes without corn syrup…

Thank you

Kate says · 12.09.21

The recipe calls for it!

Chandler says · 12.09.21

These look delicious! As a mom of two small girls, I am wanting to start traditions with them that can be carried down from generation to generation. This looks like an extra sweet tradition that I would love to start and teach to them as they get older. 🤍

Catherine says · 12.09.21

How do you serve/gift these? Do you wrap them individually?

Julie Tindel says · 12.09.21

Wax paper wraps. If you clink the link to the recipe; she has a link to precut wrappers on Amazon.

Caitlyn Morgan says · 12.15.21

When I clicked the wrapper link, it was cellophane wrapper but I agree it looks like wax paper in her photos. Does anyone else have a different link? Also, photos looked like the dish is 8×8 but link goes to 11×7. I ordered all the links she provided, can anyone share info on wrappers and pan??

Karen says · 12.09.21

How long do these caramels keep for? I’m thinking of bringing them to Christmas, and wasn’t sure if I should make them next weekend or if that’s too far away. Thanks!

Kate says · 12.10.21

Roughly two weeks but the fresher they are, the better 🙂

Amber says · 12.10.21

I made these yesterday. Delicious! I learned a few things while watching your live. That was fun. I was wondering if you use salted or unsalted butter when making these?

Kate says · 12.10.21

I use salted butter!

Megan Persson says · 12.10.21

How long can you store them? Refrigerated or room temperature?

Rachel says · 12.12.21

I made these last night and I’m sorry I did. They are fantastic! I used butter to grease the pan and had a little trouble getting them out. Do you suggest butter or spray when making them?

Karol says · 12.17.21

Made these today, thank you for sharing sweet moments with your mom!

Reply says · 12.16.23

Kate- I have a started a tradition making your caramels fort he last 3-4 years. I had a boyfriend in high school whose mom made the same caramels and they were divine and I aspired to make them one day. I’m now known for Christmas deliveries of homemade caramels and molasses cookies with raspberries (just like my mom) I look up your recipe every year and so fortunate to found my holiday niche:) Merry Christmas xxxxx

Kate says · 12.19.23

I love this!!! I am so glad!