Personal Goals for 2020

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Since we have started a new decade at the beginning of 2020, instead of just a brand new year, it seems that more people than usual are making bucket lists, setting goals, and doing some planning on what they hope the next 10 years look like for their life.

I love the start of the new year and setting goals! I know myself well enough to set short term, small goals that I know I can accomplish when I’m focused instead of setting larger, grander plans that may seem totally unattainable. I need a few wins along the way to keep me going!

So in thinking about what I want for myself and my life this year, I divided it into two categories: Personal and Business. I’ll share a few things on those lists below!

Personal Goals

My friend Kathleen told me that she recently made a very specific effort to create margin in her life to be able to spend time with friends, help others if they need it, and more things along those lines. As someone who has very little margin, admittedly by choice, I admired her ability to do that. In thinking about how I can do the same, I realized that I would need to truly schedule margin into my week. And if it isn’t on the calendar or the to-do list, I will very easily fill it with a work-related task.

The line between my personal life and my work is almost non-existent. I’m grateful for that in a lot of ways, but I can also very easily slip into work-mode at any given moment.

So my goal this year is to look ahead at my schedule and make sure I have some planned time of *absolutely nothing* so I can be available if a last-minute need comes up. Being able to make a meal for a friend in need, or host a playdate to get some quality time with a girlfriend, are two things I want to do more of in that “margin” time this year.

Another personal goal is to read more! Amanda gave me a “book of the month” subscription and I have a new book sitting on my bedside table. I used to love to read but with all the other things in my life, reading gets pushed to the bottom of the list. It’s something that is only for *me*, and as an Enneagram 3, that can feel like a waste of time when I could be doing something else to contribute to my success in other areas (motherhood, work, cooking, home organization, etc).

Business Goals

Blogging has changed so much, and while I love the evolution of the industry, I need to better adapt to what kind of content followers and readers are looking for. I broke down my 6 main channels I’m creating for (Blog, Instagram Feed, Instagram Stories, IGTV, Facebook, Youtube) and brainstormed some ideas of what to share, and how to share it, on each platform. As the sole content creator, there is a great deal of pressure to create interesting, on-brand content for so many places on the internet, so I’m focused this year and doing the right thing for each channel based on what it’s used for.

For example, IGTV is a great place for quick tutorials and demo’s. Youtube is a better place for long-form videos and videos that require a lot of links if I’m talking about products. Links don’t work well on Instagram, so I’ll keep link-heavy content on the web! I really love going live on Facebook, and those always get great engagement and feedback, so I’ll be doing more of those!

Beyond that, I’ve had this dream since Luke was a tiny baby that I’m feeling more ready to take on than ever, so 2020 may be the year I take the next step down that path.

I’m feeling more content and happy in my life than ever, and there is so much to look forward to this year!


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Kerry says · 01.08.20

What’s the dream you’ve had since Luke was little?

Shelby says · 01.08.20

I’m so curious about this too!!!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 01.08.20

These all sound like really reasonable goals. Thanks for sharing and I know you’ll achieve them all! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Kim says · 01.08.20

Thank you for sharing your goals! In regards to your reading goal, I am a very busy mom like you, and a few years ago I started reading for about 20 minutes before I go to bed. I find it clears my mind of everything I had going on that day and helps me relax so I can easily fall asleep. Good Luck!

Cara says · 01.08.20

Thank you for sharing your goals! It’s inspiring and contagious to hear healthy goals. I too have a goal to do more reading and just started with Tony Dungy’s Uncommon Life. Great daily devotion! Also, I love your tradition to take a husband/wife trip and set goals for the coming year. I shared something similar in my most recent post and encouraged others to check out your past suggestions.

Kaitlyn B says · 01.09.20

I had the same goal last year of reading a book a month but the last half the year I really fell off the wagon of reading. I’m hoping I can reach the same goal this year!
Can’t wait to hear about and follow the path of your big dream!

Jennifer says · 01.09.20

Thanks your sharing your goals. The monthly book subscription sounds like a great idea.

Andrea says · 01.10.20

Thanks for sharing your goals! A goal of mine is also to read more this year. Life is so busy it gets difficult to find the time!