How to Balance Jewelry

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I love jewelry. I typically follow jewelry trends pretty closely and I have to say I’m pretty happy that bracelets have come back into style. I haven’t quite jumped on the wrap or beaded bracelet trend yet, but I love the delicate and dainty options.

My personal guideline when choosing my jewelry for the day is to balance the look with an 80/20 ratio.

For example, if “100%” is the maximum impact a piece of jewelry can give, and the necklace I’m wearing gives off about an 80% impact, I’m going to balance it with more understated earrings that only add 20% impact.

So a statement necklace is paired with more delicate earrings, while conversely, a delicate necklace can handle stronger statement earrings.

The only time I like to really layer up is if everything is delicate. I’ll happily layer a few necklaces on top of each other that are delicate, and add a watch with a smaller delicate bracelet as well.

I linked up a lot of my favorite jewelry below, simply click on the image to shop! My mom and sister also both own jewelry shops. You can shop at my sister’s online store, Elisabeth Ashlie, or shop at my Mom’s Etsy Shop, The Dotted Poppy!


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Kate Lately says · 08.16.19

Yes, yes and yes! I currently have on a statement gold necklace with tiny diamond studs. I love mixing jewelry to see what works and what is just too over the top.

K A T E L A T E L Y || fashion & lifestyle blog

Marta says · 08.16.19

I only pierced my ears a little bit over a year ago and it was only then I started to get more into jewelry and needless to say, I suck at styling it and balancing it out with my outfits. Your 100% tip is completely new to me and I’m definitely gonna try it, it’s genius, thank you so much.

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 08.16.19

Ooh, love your picks! Such great pieces you picked out – especially love the earrings you’re wearing in the first photo! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Page Miller says · 08.16.19

I think this exact same way! I do the same with clothes also.

Summer says · 08.16.19

Wait! Bracelets went out of style?

Kimberly FitzSimons says · 08.16.19

I love your pics. I also have a preference for dainty, classic pieces. Right now, I am loving the brand Missoma for layered jewelry and delicate rings.

Jessie says · 08.17.19

What would you say about a danity gold nose-hoop? I have a very thin hoop there that’s always in. Maybe that’s my 20%? I feel like I’m only allowed earrings OR a necklace because of it, regardless of their “impact.” Maybe I’m already fitting your model!

Dawn says · 08.22.19

Do you have issues with your layered necklaces tangling? I have tried a few layered necklaces and they always seem to tangle within an hour. Any tricks to prevent this?

Danielle says · 08.25.19

I love the dainty necklace you typically wear with your kids first initials on it. Where did you purchase it from?

eyeonjewels says · 10.25.19

Interesting article, I always paired statement necklace with more delicate earrings.

INXSKY Minimalist Jewelry says · 06.11.20

Love your selection.
Gold layering necklaces are so perfect for summer looks! A simple way to level up any outfits 😉