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As it turns out, setting up the house is taking up a great deal of my time. I’m enjoying it immensely but am also starting to crave a bit of normalcy back in my life.

The kids are having a lot of fun in their new spaces. I was a little worried about Emily’s sleep getting disturbed but she’s been doing so well with all the changes.

Luke and David had a sleepover in Luke’s room earlier this week since my parents were sleeping in David’s bed. Because of that, Luke slept on his old mattress which was formerly on his toddler bed at the old house. I think he was reminded about how comfortable it was because he requested to sleep on it again the next night, even though his new twin bed was available for him! It wasn’t a problem to do so, so Luke slept on his old mattress on the floor in his new room. It was sweet to peek in on him through the monitor and know that he was happy as ever to be sleeping on his favorite bed.

I’ll give him a little time to see if he warms up to the new bed before putting his old mattress away. He’s going from a firm crib mattress to a very soft foam mattress so I can completely understand that it is a bit of an adjustment!

David is very proud of his bathroom and has shown a great deal of responsibility since moving in. He can turn on the water in his shower by himself, brush his teeth independently, and takes care of his own dirty clothes as well. He did most of these things at the old house, but it’s sweet to see him take ownership of his new space and be proud to do some “big boy” stuff in there.

I’m hoping to get back to work on Friday and work on blog content! I’ve been jotting down topics I want to cover here and I just need some time to sit down and type it out! Thanks for your patience in the meantime, and for all your excitement and decor tips on Instagram!


While I have you, here are a few home things that I’ve either mentioned on Instagram or have my eye on!

This is such a pretty runner. I love that it’s a busy pattern so hopefully it won’t show dirt!

This is the rug under my vanity, pictured above! And here is a similar ottoman. The vanity table is sold out.

These are very similar to the pendants hanging over my kitchen island. And here is another similar, slightly larger option!

While browsing Amazon for towel rods and other home essentials, I happened to add this tank to my cart. I have loved the z supply t-shirts so I wanted to give the tanks a try! I’ll let you know if it’s good! It seems like a similar option to the Madewell whisper tanks, just with a more relaxed fit and longer hem!

If you’re interested in a bit more reading, I wrote a post about a few things I bought online due to social media ads, and this post is similar to that!


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 07.10.19

Take al the time you need! Moving is a huge task. Can’t wait to see your new home! 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Shannon Mahaney says · 07.10.19

Enjoy this time settling into your new home! We will be here for you when you’re ready!

Rachel says · 07.11.19

Are, or have, the boys been sharing a room? We are right on the verge of moving our 2yo into the same room as our 4.5yo. Both girls. The older is super excited about it, the younger has no idea what’s coming but knows the second twin in sister’s room is “hers”. She’s constantly saying “my bed!”. We just haven’t bit the bullet yet, not knowing how it’ll work out. They both have the same sleep schedule, night and wake routines, and sleep through the night. Would love any tips!

Kate says · 07.11.19

They will sleep in the same room occasionally but we find that they wake each other up extra early when they do that. So for now we are keeping them separate!

Natalie says · 07.14.19

We’ve still got stuff to buy and do in our own home but I love taking time with it, as each piece of art or purchase is put in the home, it makes me fall in love with it all over again!

Bev says · 07.22.19

Please will you do a video tour of your new home!?? I’m dying to see the pool and outdoor spaces!!

Courtney says · 12.02.19

Where did you get the rug in Emily’s room? Or, where can I find something similar?

Roni says · 11.23.20

Could you tell me where you purchased your desk? This is what I have been searching for over the past year,

Kate says · 11.24.20

Yes, it’s from IKEA!