Non-beauty Favorites from 2017

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Tomorrow’s post (and video!) is all about my beauty favorites from the year. I’m covering everything from hair to nails, but today I wanted to share some of my non-beauty favorites from the year with you!

It’s hard to reflect back to the beginning of 2017 and try to remember the things I was loving, so I’ll admit a lot of these things were discovered in the latter half of the year. But they are good and if you want to start 2018 with a bang, any of these items will surely be your favorites as well!

Dyson Animal V8 cordless vaccum – I tried a Neato vacuum, which is one of those circular ones that drives around on the floor by itself, but it doesn’t work very well with rugs so I ended up returning it. Many of my followers on Instagram suggested this Dyson vacuum for quick, easy and powerful vacuuming, and dang they were right. I love this vacuum. The suction is more powerful than any other vacuum I’ve owned. I love that it’s cordless too! This was a wise home purchase for us with the kids and cats and general dust around the house, and I couldn’t recommend it enough.

Madewell tote bag – My sister introduced me to this tote bag and it’s fantastic. I have a smaller Madewell tote, and before this design their only other tote size was larger than what I wanted. I love the front pocket, the simple design, and the color of the leather. I use this purse organizer inside which makes it even better!

Sam Edelman boots – I used to only wear dark brown boots, but I found myself looking for some lighter brown casual boots this fall. These popped up in my search and after reading so many rave reviews I had to give them a try! They run narrow, so I needed to order wide for them to fit comfortably (I’ve never had to order wide in my footwear before), and after I got the right size they were perfect. Honestly, it’s one of the only boots I’ve worn all fall and winter.

Citrus Juicer w/ pulp control – The boys and I love to make fresh orange juice but I was getting tired of slicing all the skin off of them in order to throw them into our juicer. I looked for an electric juicer on Amazon and when I found this one for under $25 I immediately ordered it. It works so well, gets every last drop of juice out of the orange, and the kids love to help!

Aerie undies and bralettes – I tried their bralettes first, and during a great sale around Thanksgiving, I picked up 10 pairs of their underwear to give them a shot as well. As it turns out, they’re my new favorite and I’m phasing out all my other underwear to replace it with my picks from Aerie!

The Home Edit on Instagram – This was a fun discovery of the year. I can’t remember how I found them, but I find their InstaStories entertaining and I love seeing photos of perfectly organized pantry’s and closets on my Instagram feed. I’ll never be able to live that way, but it’s fun to see how the other half lives!

Marco Polo App – A friend shared this app with me several months ago, and since then my group of girlfriends have started to regularly chat with each other on Marco Polo in our group chat. It’s a fun way to stay in close contact on a regular basis, and I love that it’s video chats instead of just text messages. You can also replay the videos in 2x the speed which is my favorite way to listen.

Madewell Road Tripper Jeans – I miss wearing these jeans, though I’m happily in maternity pants! These were the most comfortable jeans I’ve purchased in a long time. They hold their shape well, the wash is perfect, and I’m hoping they will still be available next fall when I’m wearing regular jeans again.

The Loopy Case – Ever since I upgraded to a “plus” size phone, I found it a little cumbersome to hold. The loopy case makes holding it so much easier, and I often find myself just slipping my pinkie in the loop to carry the phone either upstairs or downstairs when my arms are otherwise full.

Make sure you check back tomorrow for my 2017 beauty favorites!


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 12.28.17

I love the look of the tote bag, as well as the boots! Checking them out now 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Erinn says · 12.28.17

I love those boots! I’ve only recently branched out to dark brown boots, before I would only wear black!

DG says · 12.28.17

Are those the Dr. Scholl slip-on shoes? I took your recommendation awhile ago and have since ordered two more pair. They are so comfortable!!! And cute!!

Ashley says · 12.28.17

Yes, I would love to know what shoes are pictured. So cute!

Melissa says · 12.28.17

One of my daughters wears the Aerie underwear and bralettes. They are great prices IF you get them on sale, but do not hold up well at all! Maybe it’s more “trendy” to wear them, but Hanes still does the best job with quality.

Leah says · 12.28.17

Love aerie underwear!
One of the girls working in the store where I live once gave me the tip to not dry them in the dryer. Washing them in a lingerie bag and hanging them to dry has helped my aerie underwear made of lace last a lot longer!

Kay Nguyen says · 12.28.17

Love the bralletes and the phone case! Thanks for sharing <3

Erin says · 12.28.17

HI! I’m also pregnant and am wondering what maternity pants you like other than the active maternity leggings? I ordered those and can’t wait till they arrive tomorrow!

Peggy Murphy says · 12.28.17

I’d love the details on the white slip on shoes. Love the phone case. My phone is now always hanging from my finger. Thanks for all the great suggestions!

Yolanda says · 12.28.17

Is there a way to sign up for email delivery of your posts? I follow you on Facebook and Instagram, but I would also like email. Thanks!

Adriele says · 12.29.17

I am a sucker for some good recommendations! I just ordered the bralette, undies, Loopy case, AND the tote!!! Whew!

We have a Neato vac and loved it at the last house, but we didn’t have any rugs. New home will be completed next month, so I’m going to try Nigel out (Nigel the Neato… lol), but if he can’t cut it, we’ll get the Dyson! (Did you mention how long a charge lasts, in your opinion? The internet has a bajillion opinions about that.)

Thanks girl!


Lindsey says · 12.29.17

Thanks to you I have the Loopy phone case, which I love, and I just got the Madewell tote bag for Christmas and I love it too! It’s the perfect medium size! Love you and your blog! 🙂

Kara says · 12.30.17

Oooh these are GREAT! I love posts like this.

So intrigued by the bralettes – first, do you find that they hold up (in reference to the commenter who said that they don’t); and second, when do you wear them? And third (sorry), do you find that they offer any/enough support?

One (two!) of my “best of’s” for 2017 are your blog and your Instagram Stories!

Laurie says · 01.16.18

Thanks for the tip on the Aerie undies! I have looking FOREVER (it seems) for a replacement for the Victoria’s Secret high waist bikinis, and I believe this is it. Just ordered 7 pairs for $29.50. Awesome sale!