Holiday Gift Guide for Guys

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My husband Justin and I were coming up with creative gift ideas for men over the Thanksgiving holiday but I never got around to creating the guide for you!

I finally rounded up our top picks, and Justin has a few words to share about some of the items!

Stance socks are his favorite socks. He told me that he dubbed them his lucky socks because he feels on top of the world in them. They are the official sock of the NBA, if that would matter to your man. Anytime Justin has something significant happening in his life, he wears his Stance socks. In fact, he wore Stance socks to his first day of work, and then wore them on the day he quit as well!

Justin also get into shaving with a safety razor a few years ago. If you know him in real life you would know he goes FULL ON into a new hobby when he finds one. He suggests a safety razor if you want to shave like your grandpa, and a straight razor if you want to shave like your great-grandpa.

The favorite tool around our house is this Gyroscopic DeWalt drill. Don’t forget to buy the bits for it! It’s so easy to use and much less bulky than hauling around a huge drill.

The rest of the items are just ideas for guys, from fathers to adult sons. If you have younger sons, you may want to check out my kids gift guide!

p.s. This long robe looks perfect for COLD winter mornings, and pretty earrings for a holiday party.


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 11.28.17

Guys are so hard to buy gifts for! Thank you for the guide, super grateful! 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Kim says · 11.28.17

I had no idea about those socks! This is a great gift guide!

Kim .. EXTENDED black friday!