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As I’m getting older, I’m cherishing my friendships even more. More life experiences have been spent with dear friends in the last 10 years or so, than ever before! Part of that is all the changes in going from a single person, to married and then to having two kids. And another factor is not having family nearby (like, in the same state).

I’ve never really made a big deal out of Valentine’s Day. The most memorable one, though, was in middle school when someone anonymously put a huge box of chocolates in my locker. I was not expecting it, and instead of feeling flattered I felt deeply embarrassed and threw them in the trash as soon as I got home. I hated the attention! I used to be very shy as a kid, and it really wasn’t until I moved down to North Carolina that I kind of came out of my shell.

Anyway, here’s to hoping you have a nice Valentine’s Day however you celebrate it!

I thought I’d round up some options for easy gift ideas for your friends (or yourself!) if you do that sort of thing for this holiday!

  1. A zip pouch/clutch. In my mind, you can’t have enough of these. They are great for travel, for storing things in your car, for organizing a larger tote bag. I have so many different zip pouches that contain small things that I need to keep together. I love the tassels on this one from Fossil and you can even have it embossed for an extra touch. Can’t you just see this poolside in a tote bag this summer?
  2. Nail polish in a fun color. For your friend who either doesn’t wear nail polish, or likes to get a manicure at a nail salon instead, it never hurts to have a fun color stashed in your collection for a quick pedicure! Plus, you can personalize it by adding a note saying why you think she’d love whichever color you chose for her.
  3. A beauty product that you think she’d love. It’s hard to buy beauty products for friends, I totally get it. But I think that can actually be really fun AND you can always give a gift receipt if it isn’t just right. If you have a product that you can’t live without, why not gift it to her and tell her how much you think she’ll like it?
  4. Send something in the mail! I love SugarWish for a thoughtful and fun gift that couldn’t be easier to send. Also KnackShops creates the gift for you! I’ve had a great experience ordering flowers for The Bouqs and would highly recommend it!
  5. Give a Fuji Instax. I’m embarrassed to tell you how many people on my gift list got this camera for Christmas. It’s so fun, and it’s not something you’d necessarily buy for yourself, and it’s so much fun. Did I mention how fun it is?

All of these things are little thoughtful gestures, but if you don’t want to purchase anything you can always bake cookies or a sweet treat! I love making chocolate covered strawberries around this time of year. And these cookies are a huge crowd pleaser in my experience!

p.s. Fossil sent me the zip pouches as a gift.


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Christine K. says · 02.07.17

HI Kate.
I have been following you for years and love your posts (style, tutorials, etc)!
I am a Canadian subscriber and sometimes can’t access the links :(. But that’s okay.
Can you please tell me the colour(s) for the Essie polish in this post? I love love the darker one!
Keep up the great work.

Kate says · 02.07.17

Sure! The darker pink is Wife Goes On and the lighter shade is Chastity!

Elizabeth says · 02.07.17

I have been swooning over the Instax – may be time to finally purchase it. Too much for a gift for myself? Never!

Paige says · 02.07.17

That tassel clutch is amazing!


Jessica O says · 02.07.17

Love love love this post! Thank you so much. I’ve already been checking out the suggestions on #4. Also, I coach cheer and one of my girls has an Instastax camera and it is the coolest thing and seriously so much fun! 😉

Alexa says · 02.07.17

This is so cute! Loving the Zip Pouch !

Wendy says · 02.07.17

Cute ideas! K. Spade has some really cute bags/tassels/clutches/purses. Check it out:

Michele says · 02.07.17

No shame in the game of having given the same gift to multiple people for Christmas! You’re a busy mama…extra points if you ordered all of them on Amazon Prime on the same day (or, as I call it, taking a page from MY playbook!)

LesLeigh J. says · 02.08.17

That little pouch is so cute! Thanks for sharing!

Reply says · 02.25.17

Thank you so much. I’ve already been checking out the suggestions . Also, I coach cheer and one of my girls has an Instastax camera and it is the coolest thing and seriously so much fun!