3 Curling Iron Mistakes You Might Be Making

My skin goes through stages of being totally fine, and then suddenly being struck down with a few blemishes. It’s generally normal to dry, but I do find that if I try too many things too fast, that will usually upset it.

And that makes it hard to be a beauty blogger–there are so many things I want to try!

I have found a nice little system of multi-masking, though, that really helps keep my skin in check. Do you know what multi-masking is? It’s basically using different masks on various parts of your face based on need. It actually makes a LOT more sense to me that being stuck with only one mask. If your forehead is super dry, but your chin is oily, shouldn’t you use different products on those parts? Yes, yes you should. So, multi-mask!


On my forehead and chin, I apply Origins Clear Improvements mask. This is a great mask for ridding your skin of impurities that cause blemishes.

And on my nose area, going outward, I apply Caudalie Purifiying Mask. This clears up my pores and is a bit more aggressive than the Origins mask. It’s fragrant, which is nice, but since it’s a hard working mask, I really keep it confined to any problem areas. And don’t go near your eyes with it!


I usually apply masks in the evening, but on this day Justin had taken the boys out for the morning so I threw these masks on while I did laundry. It felt great, actually, to do it in the morning and I felt like my skin just breathed easier all day!

If you have dry skin, I had great results with this mask from Clinique, and would highly recommend it!


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Andrina says · 10.21.16

I need to check this out! Have you tried any of the Korean sheet masks that are popular right now? I’d be interested in your thoughts!

Nicole says · 10.21.16

I need a rec for a nice face lotion and face cream if you have one. I have mostly normal skin like you, but in colder months it needs a bit more hydration. I’ve been using Alba Botanica Even Advanced SPF 15 face lotion and it’s fine, just looking to branch out. I’m in my late 30’s so I’m beginning to wonder if I need to do more than just wash my face with my usual bar soap (Biggs and Featherbelle – try it out!) and then moisturize with a thin coat of that face lotion!

Carolyn says · 10.21.16

Just curious what you put on your face after masking? I always find my face to be extremely absorbent afterwards, so I don’t want to use a really heavy moisturizer that is going to un-do all of the cleansing I just accomplished with the mask. Suggestions?

Kimberly says · 10.21.16

I’m curious too. And how often do you mask?

Kate says · 10.21.16

I try for once a week!

Kate says · 10.21.16

I typically reach for a serum, either my No7 serum or an Origins one I like!

Stacy says · 10.21.16

Which No 7 do you use? And do you use tthere mmoisturizer as well

Alyssa says · 10.21.16

I need to try this. I too find that my skin feels so much better when I do a mask once a week. I’ve been loving the black and red ones from L’Oreal. They work great and they’re so cost effective.

Blush & Pearls says · 10.21.16

The Caudalie mask sounds great – I need some pore refining action here. Cute pic too!

Angela / Blush & Pearls

Sandy says · 10.21.16

I love this idea Kate you are so smart! (Note: nothing on the cheeks…uhun!)

Elizabeth says · 10.21.16

Not a bad idea! This is my first time hearing of multi-masking. I’ll give it a try.

Alicia says · 10.21.16

Oops, you are right, we have various parts of our face, and using only one mask can not suitable. I never thinking about it until read your post, great ideas! I will try it.

Mel says · 10.21.16

I love this!! I have to multi-task. My skin is sooo problematic and each area has different requirements!!

Mel |

Salvador says · 10.22.16

Oh wow, I don’t actually mask quite often.. but I should do it more often and apply these tips & recommendations. Thanks for sharing!

Sarah Chavis says · 10.23.16

Kate, I can totally relate to having really good spells with my skin and then my skin go nuts for no reason. Ironically my teen years with my skin was normal then I hit the beginning of my 20’s and I was like really? This was supposed to happen like 10 years ago.

I went to a series of dermatologists over a course of 5 years. They would put me on medicine and I wouldn’t break out for like a year, but I felt my skin was soon dry. Let me just say those dermatologist never said anything to me about a daily moisturizing process.

My skin was a little nuts this summer. I hated it!!!! I then had the idea of making an appointment at a medspa with a ethestician and had such a wonderful experience. She told me more about my skin then any dermatologist I have ever gone too. I highly recommend it. She figured out a skin routine that would help my skin out according to my skin type. I naturally have mixed skin (oily/dry). I have been using Dermatlogica you can find it at Ulta. I looove it so much, it’s pricey but so worth it!!

Have you ever had a facial done by an ethestician for a facial?

**Sorry for the book I wrote you**

April Jo says · 11.04.16

I just tried Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask that was in my Birch box last month. After just 2 tries, it is now my FAVORITE mask. My skin truly glows after I use it! And I agree, doing it in the morning just kinda sets the mood for a wonderful “face day!” So that is something I am also considering changing in my routine.